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  1. Beekeeping

    Our local apiary heads 2 hours North of you for almonds....
  2. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    Half inch cold roll, I get them in 20 foot panels for less than I can purchase raw material for.... Horizontals are 1.25 pipe 14 gauge... I avoid sucker rod whenever possible it does not take weld good.
  3. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    2 and 7/8 drill stem 8 foot half driven in the ground
  4. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    This will stop them....
  5. fencing pictures

    I haul 450 gallon of water 2x a week bad springs would not survive....
  6. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    That's sarcastic, sadistic me....reality is I'd do 4 wire and signs marking it....
  7. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    Does one wire at t posts every 100 constitute a fence or trap....
  8. fencing pictures

    I needed a worked great....little fast however....
  9. Pickup chains...who else uses em..

    Yup chained up and stuck is never fun....last winter I was stuck in a drift 45 degrees tires chained, a foot off the dirt...10 feet from clear road....shovelas for 30 minutes gave up walked 3 miles home to get the tractor, today was the second time I've needed them since I joined the elite club of IH owners, (different chain used when stuck).... Today was the 2nd time in the last 3 too bad...
  10. Pickup chains...who else uses em..

    I've got 3 Good ones and the fourth needs repaired cut down semi chains too...the cams are nice too no bungies to break...
  11. Had to break mine out to get up the hill to a customers house, rain thawed snow pack....sure are nice when needed...but I hate em....
  12. State Senator From Rural Nebraska Wants This

    How dare you use The kings water...
  13. fencing pictures

    Nope thought I had a file....wrong... Rained and warm last night. And 6 inches of snowpack don't go together customers drive gains 300 feet in the 1/4 mile chains were needed to get more time to get up the drive than finish....
  14. What is this??

    They park them on top the tallest hills they can here....