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  1. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    Cost airfare, lodgeing, food and tractor of choice in a parade huh?
  2. titan 8500 generator

    Throw away units, can't find parts... Call center for help might as well only be open on days that don't end in y they work great then all the sudden nothing, at least my experience...hard to start the pull start too
  3. fencing pictures

    Finally got to drain the water truck.... Forgot how handy that little dump truck is....rain and snow tonight...
  4. fencing pictures

    First time in 3 months I could weld in grass and not start anything on fire, drought has improved some but still need more rain.... Of couse you can drive around it but...
  5. Mice

    Necessary evil got 4
  6. Americans are to bullheaded to change to metric, the rest of the world won't follow America....I guess we are at a impass... Some logicall fallacies but you get the drift.
  7. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    Grind it off, weld it outside... 6011 works on guard rail...stay in fresh air a fan or breeze helps...
  8. fencing pictures

    Fog in the Yellowstone river valley, but there is a wide spot where you can see the river in Clear conditions. this whole northwest USA sw Canada area needs dumped on with rain getting rain again, nice light soaking rain.... I used to love the idea of a Montana I love this open prairie...
  9. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    Deere has a cult following....second to the iPhone.
  10. fencing pictures

    Just Wyoming....if I get a map out 11 mountain ranges... I love my view even though there is a new wind farm in the distance....
  11. Another Mid- West Beauty,To retire in CA.

    Not anymore im sure it's polished by now
  12. fencing pictures

    I have a view again, not just Smokey haze first time in 8 weeks it's been this clear, Air is clear fire season isn't over by any means but is majorly slowed... Sorry I make you suffer through my view im kinda excited...
  13. Pole barn header

    Wider lean too on sides
  14. fencing pictures

    3 years ago today I got bit by a's terminal red tractor fever till the day I die..brought my tractor home... What was I thinking loading that far forward.... Last night was the fire woodstove fire of the year, normally I like that smell outside, this year it was bad I've smelled enough smoke...
  15. 12 fires in Montana

    There was im not 100 percent sure if this storm hit then they are way less fires too snow up high...