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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    What is the actual electric range?
  2. Farmers only

    Reminds me of my good friend and his wife she ordered desert his response was "I want a wife not a whale" she's not.... They are happly still married... It was not the first time for that line...
  3. fencing pictures

    True, but the gas in my welder cost the same all the time.... And I understand about the time vs money issues.
  4. fencing pictures

    Id charge. 5 dollars a completed post to do posts are 3.79 here.... $.36 cents scrap each and make 1.48 a post....
  5. Hauling Tractor or Truck

    Could you bring tool to replace harmonic ballancer there? It's a bolt on deal hour or 2 tops of guess....
  6. Hauling Tractor or Truck

    Winning idea here or you and a friend and a grocery getter...
  7. fencing pictures

    Never rots, you can drive steel in places you never dream of augering.... 26 is a good price. I like to clip the wire to the post a drill stem cut into a c shape 1/2 inch wide works good.... As do commercial clips....
  8. Firewood

    I handle on log length as much as possible... As far as hauling it to the house empty roundup shuttles with plastic removed would be excellent haulers.... Boxes from wood or steel would work too.... My current plan is to use a old grain bin to store wood get a elevator to push it in the top... No stacking I'm kinda lazy.....
  9. fencing pictures

    For braces I use a metal rod instead of brace wire, tho when welded neither are needed in my opinion.
  10. fencing pictures

    Yup its a shaver hd 10 yours looks like a 8 Best the tar out of a auger....way mine is set I can only do 10s but change bolts I could get another foot or so... The top seal is easy rest hammer on something, unbolt the top of cylinder allow to drop pull the cap off the o ring is 2 dollars or so, leave the top nuts loose on install helps with flex and not breaking the ram....$$$$
  11. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    I switch from cheap tsc oil, to Napa oil it's quieter and seems stronger in my dump truck.... Not hytran but better than tsc....
  12. fencing pictures

    Ugh another sick kid this stomach bug hits hard and fast...asked wife if we needed the tarp to put down for puke, she said no I guess she get to clean up, as you can tell I ooze compassion.... Funny story im on a Facebook page and a guy asked about roading a tractor 15 miles "experts" are convinced tires will be burnt off in 15 miles.... My response was drive and stop for coffee on the way...
  13. Hauling Tractor or Truck

    Weekend road trip I'd guess cheaper....
  14. Deer season opens today...

    Can get both but freezer can't handle both....I have room for 10 packages of meat, and elk taste better...
  15. Deer season opens today...

    My "deer" hunting got canceled by this.