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  1. Mark?
  2. Southern belles...
  3. One of the hayhards of donated hay after the grass came back, it was more than enough, to get them through till the grass came back... Hey Tony 656 hydro l.p. maybe I need a trailer....
  4. Who is your brother in law? Stay tuned 656 hydro l.p. pics uploading to photobucket.
  5. Sorry wrong one....
  6. Was talking to one of the locals No need for hay this year, they don't know if they can use up all the donated hay before it rots, said convoy after convoy came to deliver hay, Fire burned right up to the town we asked if it burnt through town at all, they said one guy stayed up all night plowing circles around town and slowed the fire down enough to keep it out of town, I guess he took out some fences but kept the fire at bay, when asked said he said "I didn't do nothing"....
  7. Really soft soil, 10 inch blunt posts drove into the ground. Those creasote posts are nasty...
  8. Fire must a have been hot. store your top link out of the weather
  9. Leaning to the right troy my entry for best wife ever, Some advantage to wife not driving tractor Lots to do, still smells burnt when the wind is right. Locals are extremely grateful, needing lots of volunteers fellowship of Christian farmers and others have rvs available.
  10. Drive down is over, Will see what's going on in the morning....
  11. Loaded up and trucking...leaving from church today.
  12. Fairly new tech the quadzilla is dodge only, but it's a great. Platform, in my opinion harder in some aspects, but better in less shifting when heavy towing, that 3 to 2 shift is a b.
  13. KoO

    Shame I enjoyed his updates.
  14. Different world but my pickup is chipped This is some of the parameters the Bluetooth on the phone measure 15 Different things to watch.
  15. My address does not exist according to ups and FedEx, but after one delivery both get through both gates on time every time. Mail does not deliver a whopping 13 miles outside town here, and has fun every year changing requirements for proving rural address....