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  1. I was not sure what it had, mines a 65 I think, has the 06 stylegrill. Hence the question Mark after the word generator.
  2. Battery voltage running is 11.5, thinking generator bad where and how do I check voltage?
  3. Now to get a gradall to take the rest down, guy next door wanted 150 a hour to run his forklift, gradall is 200 a day, hmmm decisions.
  4. Finally some progress, Big old beams
  5. 127 if them.
  6. Im my own grandpa...
  7. Welcome home, thank for serving
  8. My thought on running it all inverter based, is long term cheaper, same system will run my house (we live in a smaller above garage apartment right now) in the future, And being able to do the quick little projects without generator. Also will autostart generator when battery reaches a present voltage.
  9. Hose and rubber here, same slogan.
  10. Around 16 to 24 battery for 1000 plus amp hours, will be multiple inverter setup, My goal is being able to tackle a 60 minute welding job without starting a engine. Larger jobs Will require a lot of generator, My current house inverter 4000 will run a cheap 110 bolt harbour freight job more than that welder will run itself.
  11. My thought on heat is a potable water system, that drains easy for the summer and tapping into domestic got water, its not kosher but it's a shop, basically the crude idea is a line voltage thermostat on a single heat circuit, obviously not perfect. Or complete but that's a ways off, Is air arc plasma cutting?
  12. I was thinking small compressor big tank for most work, I'm thinking something like Gas wh, In floor heat, "enginenerred" off that, Lots of outlets, Miller 210 or the like welder, Smaller plasma cutter,(hyperyherm 45ish) Small compressor, Hoist some day, Lots and lots of efficient lights Thinking 13,200 watt inverter (60 amp) I know I'll have limits with that amount of power, but I'm used to it. I want to run most of the time without needing to run a genset.
  13. I don't have that option, power is 60,000 dollars away.
  14. I recently aquired a 30x73 building it has metal on three sides, open on the 45th. I plan on enclosing a 30 x30 area for a work shop. Would like a large compresser, and a small wire feed welder, What I am wondering is how many kwh does your farm shop use, I am all solar power. So i am wondering how much power is used in your shop so I can size my system appropriately, I'm thinking around 700 kwh a month, Understanding there will be a backup, generator for large draws, and cloudy days. Thanks. Just need to tear it down to move it...