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  1. Spring s*** storms sure are pretty even if they are a pain in the rear
  2. This should be fun.
  3. Double post maybe bj can combine them...
  4. I had heard 4000 plus miles are gone. At 2 a foot that's 42 million in damage.
  5. My stainless.300 gets hot fast but it's a ultra light. I notice groups get bad after about 15 shots.
  6. Headed down in a month to go build fence. Free of charge for relief effort in a month. Im hoping grass will be back then.
  7. Well was playing around a bit seems to run cooler egt, and more boost. Worth it in my opinion do you have the iquad. About half a inch of rain last night and drizzles all day makes for fun welding.
  8. Here's your sign
  9. Yesterday was a learning curve of how right radius I can bend continuous fencing I think I found it. Pulling toward the pickup with a come along while lifting with loader and welding one time a helper would be nice.
  10. Newest update for adrenaline way more adjustments, more settings on the fuel map so smoother fueling, after 50 miles thinking a bigger fuel economy gain...
  11. Have you played with v2 Tuning yet?
  12. Ecvactor in lake Michigan.
  13. No more Mr nice guy... Tow em.
  14. My trailer was 18 and 5 but that is short, I extended it 2.5 feet and it's better if I could do over and afford new 30 foot hyd dovetail with those 10k super singles.
  15. These were cheap in a old guys woods...