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  1. Guys he bought a new plow, 2 years of no snow coming.
  2. Creative thinking.... Wire winder makes a good winch... Post was 300 feet down the coulee, and heavy cedar.
  3. But horse folk are the smartest and best at everything just ask them....
  4. Ratchet, hold tighter, don't break faces... I'd be very Leary of any chain I did not know from the store...
  5. Olympic or home owner pool?
  6. As of 10 am it was 250,000 acres, 20 percent contained (350 square miles).... Its about 3 hours North of me... And 4 hours North East of Old binder guy... Just south of lake fort peck.
  7. Lodgepole fire 250,000 acres 20 percent contained. This was a new one. Sheep drive. Normally cow, but impressive to watch 2 guys one in less truck, one on atv and 2 dogs.
  8. Tannerite in a. Hole auger a hole deep as possible put binary in hole leave a pipe out for explosive xfer tamp sand back in, Leave pipe full of binary shoot, dig pool....
  9. Some people lose respect, like when they come up to you swearing at you for no reason, I personally don't care for row trucks and would go out of my way to save friends from having to use one, but would never confront one like that... good thinking with the retort mark.
  10. So this is 2 hours North of me, I think hay prices have went up 50 a ton in the last 2 days... From some anyway.... I am kicking around the idea of heading up and charging my normal rates up thier as there are many miles of fence obliterated.....
  11. Non violent, non lawyer way to clear out the you know anyone who needs a lot to teach drivers ed?
  12. Sigh, the weeds are still green, that's about Smokey today I'm getting a headache.... That's looking at the mountains southish.
  13. 95 here wind like a blast one hot exhaust away from a bad time.... Seems like I work more when it's hot...
  14. Sacralige....
  15. He is now at a rehab hospital. Update on Tim, he is slowly getting stronger. He has rehab everyday 6 days a week. He is giving the people at pipp hospital a rough time and picking on everyone. Like his normal self YAY! Please keep praying and once again thank you. Thanks for the prayers guys,