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  1. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Type in tractor after Steiner
  2. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    I pulled the trigger on the fenders, brackets and u bolts from Abeline. You can click on a details button for the fenders and see five or six actual pics. They look ok for what I need. The free shipping code worked also so that sealed the deal.
  3. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Thanks guys. Steiner is a ways from south Louisiana so shipping would be a killer. Abeline and Worthington are much closer to me. One more question. I am seeing two fender mounting plates. One is called a channel type and is more expensive. Anyone know what that's about?
  4. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    I was looking at the one's from Worthington Ag. I just signed up at Abeline for news letters and I get free shipping on my next order. Two fenders, brackets and u bolts add up to some weight! Abeline does say restoration quality whatever that means. Bitty are you happy with yours?
  5. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Anyone ever use any of the aftermarket fenders. I would like some opinions on quality. This is not for a restoration. I just like the look of a fender about a foot above the tire on a High Clear. I did some searches but didn't find anything. Down south where I live very few of the tractors came with fenders so finding them local is not yeilding anything. I haven't seen any used advertised so I am leaning aftermarket. One place has everthing I would need in primer for ~$700. I don't see many other options. If you don't want to offend any vendors by posting names a phone call would be appreciated. 225-206-444 three. Thanks.
  6. 56 and 66 series sloppy shifter rebuild

    Very nice. I need to do this on my new 1066. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  7. 1066 rear axles

    You are correct. Just put a ruler on mine. 3.25.
  8. 1066 rear axles

    I can measure for you when I get home tonight. Mine is an early one, 71 I think.
  9. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    They have a lot of hi clears around down here but most are pretty beat up. This one's sheetmetal is very straight.
  10. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    I actually plant a little tobacco. A variety called Perique. This tractor will pull a 10ft. offset disc, a three row hipper/row builder and be used to keep the weed pressure down when the tobacco is growing. The tobacco was harvested in July and I planted rr soybeans as a cover crop right after. They are about dead so I will come back with some crimson clover and I need to get this hoss going to get the ground ready for the clover. Mechanical items first and then probably some paint. I work full time so I am not going to tell you how litlle acreage I am fooling with but it's an awesome excuse to buy old tractors. I also have a 656 Hi Clear. I'll try to get some pics this weekend.
  11. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    Sorry about the neck bending pics.... I really don't think I will find any fenders locally. Anyone have a good experience with the aftermarket ones out there for sale?
  12. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    Just got this Saturday before last and went out of town that Sunday for a week. So far all I have had time to do is pull the seat and suspension off and do some pressure washing. New seat is here and the parts to rebuild the seat suspension will be here Thursday. I think I found a platform today. Hopefully get two batteries and build new cables this weekend. Going to need tires for sure. Starts right up and shifts nice but the shifters need work (loose).
  13. Valve lash

    Good deal!
  14. Valve lash

    Can you compare the pushrod length to the others? Someone may have swapped pushrods.