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  1. Last leak on the 1066

    I will try to remember the pics. I forgot the name of the guy restoring a 1066 but he has a ton of utube videos about the restor he is doing. He has a couple where he pulls the valve apart. Nothing tricky. Thanks again GT&T.
  2. Last leak on the 1066

    Thanks for the tip. The tractor has excellent brakes but this leak has gotta go. I found a little on utube, looks simple.
  3. Last leak on the 1066

    I have fixed the leaking injection pump head, one axle, tranny brake shaft o ring, steering motor, hydraulic filter cover & I put the screw in adapter and a new seal on the lower pto shaft. The last leak is the Power Brake Valve. I see a kit listed, part # 71487C92. Is this a fairly simple tear apart, new orings and gaskets type deal? Thanks in advance.
  4. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    The guy had three and this one was the worst looker at first glance. The first thing I noticed that the front end was in excellent shape, no welds. She also ran excellent. I am on about my sixth pressure washing.
  5. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    Thanks for the info on the engine lookup. I actually found the pipe today. I don't see how it's going to fit but that will have to wait a bit, heading out of town. I found the whole kit with the valve cover used for $150 online. This is a 1971 gear drive tractor. Serial number 10109. I think it's the original engine.
  6. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    I just went to the Case IH parts site to look at the 1086 vent/ breather pipe. I can't find anything related to the engine??????
  7. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    The battery covers came from ASAP Tractor parts. They fit ok. I'm just not crazy about the whole design. What's wrong with a straight up and down design. I must be missing something. I found the batteries at a Tractor Supply that just opened so they were fresh. Hmmm...I think there was a 1086 where I was today getting the pto linkage. Road trip.
  8. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    Just a little progress update. New fenders and brackets. They need to move up one more hole to be even with the hood. New seat from Devon and I rebuilt the suspension. Leaks fixed....injection pump head, one axle, tranny brake shaft o ring, steering motor, hydraulic filter cover & I put the screw in adapter and a new seal on the lower pto shaft. New to me rear tires and rims. Found all the pto linkage today. I bought a new aftermarket grill as this one ahs been repaired but I am not happy with it. It's done nice but it is a bunch of square tubing and my new grill screen doesn't fit it. Anyone got a mint one to sell? The last pic is my vent hose. What was on these from the factory and where was it routed?
  9. Need advice with diesel leak on 1086

    I fixed my injection pump head leak last week on the 1066. Downloaded and printed the first 20 or so pages from the web. $39 pump kit. Not too bad of a job. With the advice from the previous posters went really well. Thanks guys.
  10. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    For what new square head bolts will cost you could probably buy an ultrasonic cleaner.
  11. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    Read your manual on how to attach your rim to the wheel center using the two different clamps mentioned above. If you don’t it will wobble bad.
  12. 656 injection pump

    If you can"t get the tool you can try this, it worked for me. Cut an aluminum soda can and get enough metal to wrap around the seals. Secure it with a ty wrap. Slide it in, cut the ty wrap and gently remove the aluminum.
  13. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    Are there any rv campgrounds around you? If there are drive thru them every now and then. If you see something interesting stop and look and see if it’s for sale. You probably won’t buy it that day but at least you don’t travel to just look at a truck. Those older gentlemen take care of there trucks and most have only pulled campers.
  14. Spring trip subsoiler

    This one is available with two shanks and it comes in RED. UNVERFERTH FARM 122 SPRING-CUSHIONED RESET Three different Zone-Builder subsoiler models to best suit your soil conditions: Model 132 with auto-reset shank that trips rearward and upward from a single pivot point for trouble-free use in rocky, hard soils. Trip pressure of 6,000 lbs. for consistent working depth Model 122 with spring-cushioned reset shank and cast-iron shank mounting feature 20" of vertical travel and 5,040 lbs. of point load Model 112 with shear-bolt protected shank with 7,500 lbs. of shear pressure for use in rock-free soils Straight-leg shank design creates a passageway that allows plant roots, soil moisture and nutrients to move freely into the subsoil with minimal surface soil disturbance Slices up to 20" deep to alleviate the deepest compaction 3/4" thick high-stress,forged-alloy shanks provide maximum strength and minimal disturbance Heat-treated, austempered 1-3/4" wide replaceable points dig through the hardpan Points feature raised-center, tapered design for less soil disturbance at higher speeds Hourglass-shaped, heat-treated cast invertible wearbars add to shank durability and subsurface soil fracturing Heavy-duty, double-frame all-welded construction with 6"x6" rearbar and 38" underframe clearance provides ideal residue flow Standard tool-free adjustable stabilizer wheels with stubble-resistant tires assure a consistent working depth Front-mounted swivel coulters with 1,500 lbs. of downpressure easily cut through the heaviest residue and features heavy-duty 6-bolt hubs with recessed endcaps and ride on a lip for increased durability Models available with 2-16 shanks with a powder-coat finish in choice of red or green
  15. Hitch in-a-ride

    Good score. I have one:( I found it on Craigslist at a junk shop and convinced the owner to ship it via Fastenal.