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  1. Better Weather Pictures

    Last ones
  2. Better Weather Pictures

    Here are more
  3. Better Weather Pictures

    Well we all like looking at pictures so I figured I would start a thread and want everyone to add there better weather pictures too. With the high here in central ohio only being about 20 today and snowing I cant wait for better weather to come! Mabe this will make it come faster lol
  4. LED replacement lights for 66 series

    Does anyone have any experience with the sealed beam LED lights that you can use to replace the old lights with in the 06 or 66 series? I've been looking at them at the local dealer and would love to do it. I just want something brighter. I do a lot of work at night since I have a full time day job. They seem to be really really bright and I like them a lot but the price is plenty high on them too. Do they make aftermarket ones that are a little easier on the pocketbook?
  5. HYDRO 100

    I will try and get some pics of it this weekend to show you guys. Its not bad shape but not the best looking either. It is a white stripe tractor. But I am hoping its just the flex plate, even the input shaft wouldn't be to bad.
  6. HYDRO 100

    So I have a really really good friend that has a pretty decent hydro 100 that has sat for the past few years. He said they were using it one day to mow hay and it just stopped. It ran just fine but has no steering wont move and no pto. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I'm thinking about possibly buying it but don't know what I can get into on it. Any ideas too on what would be a fair price for it as is? thanks, Zach