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  1. Td9 oil pressure issues

    did this start after you had the oil pump off? have you worked on any other part of the engine like head gasket? rebuild? could be head gasket on up side down covering oil gallery hole or dirt dabber built a nest in something stopping it up while apart. how long did you run it waiting for oil to get to valves usually takes a few minuets as it has to fill rocker shaft first before it comes out rocker arms more information needed to help us help you good luck russ
  2. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    if ya use soap for automatic dish washer it doesn't foam very much if at all fyi drain while still fairly warm {block and radiator} fill up with water and auto dish detergent next time you run it. usually takes bout three times unless its really grungy you will know when you've clean enough by color of the gunk draining out good luck russ
  3. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    check with CNH dealer they might be able to locate one being it was a safety feature russ
  4. Td6 pto

    Pto was used for many things winch, 540pto, belt pulley , aux hydraulics, backhoe, generator, ect... russ
  5. Running at max rpms

    I've had three all used to me 1st one a1740 case mechanical drive neighbor is still running it had d188 case engine has 12,000 hrs last time serviced by me other 2 were 1845's a B and C massive hydro failure on the C at 2,000 hrs. had to replace everything and rebuild all cylinders wash out all lines and tank was told by hydro shop that low rpms likely caused secondary pump to fail sending metal shards throughout system. food for thought cost me more than I paid for machine just to repair it $12,000. Just bought my fourth its a newholland lx565 used to me less than 1,000 hrs on second dash is down now waiting no new alternator to come in. $191.00 +shipping been great machine so far major culture shock trying to get used to ISO controls instead of H pattern as I've only used it maybe 10 hours so far russ
  6. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    go to eastwood .com and order a catalog as there have a fuel tank cleaner/sealer kit that actually works just follow the instructions they also have lots of body work tools and it a really good wish book for the restorer of fine antiques and junk lol good luck russ
  7. International cat day

    looks more like he's trying to choke that cat from the looks of all that carbon in the sky. russ
  8. 1949 TD9

    that as close as I could explain it decompression lever {gas to diesel switching lever} is on left and diesel throttle is center of dash starter lever is right side of dash next to choke push pull knob good luck russ
  9. Seal for td9

    probably find something at a hydraulic repair shop also as lots of Teflon /vi-ton seals used in hydraulics russ
  10. Reloading

    X2 I started reloading with a lee hand loader and a plastic mallet for a 45/70 Springfield trapdoor about 45 years ago and still got it and the rifle. but have graduated to a faster method now. usually just load for my own guns and a few family members and friends Missouri Mule is right start small time, no distractions, clean bench, and so on purchase a good reloading manual I now have several and a good scale to weigh the powder charge with better than factory accuracy and the ability to manufacture a custom super accurate load for your favorite shooting iron russ
  11. A lost trait...

    I've come to realize there are some things you cannot un see like green hair, and some tattoos, or lack of clothing a trip to Wal-Mart for another. I'm constantly on my son's case about eye contact and looking me in the face while talking to me as I don't hear as well as most any more {too much noise from machinery} and have learned to somewhat read lips and farcical expressions to understand what's being said especially women! {did I just say that out loud?} russ
  12. makes perfect sense my point if I had one was we were running a lot less horse power plus pulling an edger at what most saw blades of the day was rated for with out throwing bit and shanks every where russ

    seen one when I was a boy {mid 60's} a fellow sawmilling friend of dad's had one to move logs and packs of lumber around remember seeing the IH logo on it's side but that all I remember about it other than it did a fair job until it got muddy then couldn't steer it russ
  14. back when my father and grandfather were still running their sawmill we used a UD14 power unit and ran the engine flat out rpm on saw was 600rpm on a 54 inch saw on a 0 size Frick saw mill and a 00 carriage and 1 size edger spent many a day off bearing the edger with the governor only closing at lunch and 4:00 pm when it got shut down for the day but we ran vee belts as flat belts were so dangerous 3-3/4" to the edger and 6-3/4" belts on the main saw. and it was a portable mill also only wood on it was the saw box. russ
  15. TD6 Carburetor help

    welcome to the sickness lol. jensales , binder books , or ebay will probably be your best bet for service manual , operators , and parts manuals. usually these old carbs just need a good cleaning being shure to blow out all the passages and lubing the linkages also there is a flapper in the intake manifold that opens for gas operation and closes for diesel that needs to be free as it is spring operated also in the front of the manifold there is a switch that kills the ignition while operating in diesel mode. linkage also closes needle valve in the carburator so engine wont run all the gas out of the tank while running on diesel. simple but complicated right what kind of problem do you have with your carburator? russ