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  1. West Texas IH 1256

    Going to keep the hot box or remove it for a set of fenders? Not a bad looking machine, just sat outside a lot. If it is mechanically sound it should fit right in.
  2. What welders say

    That is probably the most often quoted one.
  3. The saying goes , A bad day of fishing is better then--

    I think I will just stick to the shallow that boat had a neon green wrap on it. Lucky people for sure.
  4. 1206 w/ 30 inch rubber

    Wheatland wheels?? Just a thought. Someone will know for sure.
  5. Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds Expansion

    Looking good there!
  6. 544 questions

    Looks Gold like Doc Evil said. Hopefully it works out for you if it hasn't already.
  7. Looking for an 826

    What part of the country are you in? Do you know the original dealership that sold it? I know things can end up a loooong way away from where it was originally sold by a general area can help also. Best of luck!
  8. 140 governor

    I would say that "confidence" was well placed. I am home today so I tried this and it seems to have more throttle response than ever and no more surging. THANK YOU sir! You can see by the screw driver how full of sludge that spring was (3/4 full from L-R) Removed, cleaned, and back together in 15-20min. A zero dollar fix like this could only be found at a place like Red Power. Thanks again to Fred and all the other knowledgeable people that are willing to share their hard earned know how.
  9. 140 governor

    Something told me you might have an answer. Thanks Fred, I will try this and report back.
  10. 140 governor

    I tried this first since it was the easiest. Unfortunately, it didn't work rev so I think I can check carb off the suspect list for now. I appreciate the idea, thanks. Letting the shop warm up a little bit now. I may mess with the timing later and see.
  11. Maybe it works at church. Those look like church clothes. Nice looking machine for sure. Thanks for the pics.
  12. Clean Original IH 966

    Nice looking machine.
  13. 140 governor

    Something I have noticed while I was running the 140 lately is when it is not under load (idle) it surges badly. Put it in gear or under a load of any kind and it clears up. I'm assuming it is the governor. The carb has been recently rebuilt and adjusting the single screw on the Zenith carb makes no difference in the surging. The problem occurs at any throttle position. Am I thinking correctly? Is this something I should buy parts and do myself or have a knowledgeable shop somewhere do? The parts diagram doesn't look too bad (especially compared to all those valves in the touch control) Is there something else I should trouble shoot? Thanks
  14. plow day lineup

    Looks nice Bill. Warms a guy up just a little bit anyhow.