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  1. X2 on the fab work. Looks nice. If it was painted to match the tractor you wouldn't know it wasn't meant to be there. The low profile of it is nice also for loader clearance. Good work!
  2. A Hydro LP would be fairly low production I would think.
  3. Thanks for checking. CIH parts guy has a kit, just making sure it is correct. Waiting to hear back from him now.
  4. The part numbers are way different in the parts book I have. Thanks BJ. I called the local dealer and have the parts man looking some things up for me now. Hopefully I can get a kit including the gaskets and seals without having to sell a kidney...
  5. It was commercially built and installed before I purchased the tractor.
  6. I have one. It is handy for sure. Those aren't specific pics of the 3pt but I could take some if needed tonight when get home.
  7. Happy Birthday to you fellas and many others today. Hope its a good one.
  8. Welcome aboard. Nice story and pictures
  9. Not that I have seen with a flashlight. I have a screen on the way and will look closely for pieces as I intend to replace O-rings and seals in the touch control housing also. That is a good thought and one I will check into for sure. Thank You.
  10. I have it apart on the bench. There is no slop in the shaft, just some rubber pieces that the filter screen would have kept out if it had been there.
  11. I thought the same thing on the mfg but the other mfg have totally different part numbers. There are at least 4 makers and Wooster is the closest in part numbers but it shows up under the Cessna maker name in the parts lookup? This is starting to be a little strange. I am hoping the local parts guy can help me tomorrow. It should only be about 3 seals and a few gaskets as there doesn't seem to be much inside for wear parts. I don't get over your direction very often but I have heard of it anyhow.
  12. The number I found on CIH parts was 383015R94 vs the pump number I have of 383014R94. Ellery is about 8 miles North of I64 (StL to Louisville) and 20 minutes from Indiana. 1 hr east of Mt Vernon IL and 2.5hrs south of Champaign.
  13. I would drive it. I have driven them 50 miles plus on several occasions for work reasons (15mph wrapped out).
  14. Thanks for looking. I saw that when I google searched the parts number. I will check with the local parts counter tomorrow. I don't think the pump is bad but want to change all the seals and gaskets if possible.
  15. You were right. It was on the inside I pulled the pump off tonight and that brings the next problem...part # doesn't match anything in the parts book. It has a date stamp of 9-71 on it so I know it is original. I guess my repop parts manual is dated 64' so I will need a newer book to know the part # to try and find a rebuild kit... Edit: I found a pump 1 number off on the CIH parts lookup? Any ideas?