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  1. The larger the company, the harder it is to work for them (my opinion). Once you become a number and not a name, it won't matter how good you are at your job there will always be someone that is willing to knock you down to better themself. I don't mean to sound all negative but from personal experience I would have to say that being happy on your way to AND from work each day is worth close to 5 figures. On the other hand, every job change I have ever made (2) was for the chance at bettering myself for the sake of my family. You may think hourly rates are low but dont get caught in a low end salary position either. Then, when you work 80 hrs a week you make half time instead of time and a half... This is all just my 2 cents worth. I feel for anyone in that position because I have been there.
  2. I would echo the ratchet binders. They are more expensive but much safer. We aren't even allowed to have the break over/ lever type at work.
  3. Yup..... and the plates for a 22K trailer would be about $250/yr also
  4. Well played sir! Well played
  5. Looks very nice BJ. Will the ramp angle allow loading and unloading without unhooking from an implement?
  6. Happy Birthday to all. Hope you enjoyed your day.
  7. Two thumbs up!
  8. Nice pictures. Looks like fun
  9. That looks great Dennis!
  10. Not all the tractors pictured went on the drive. We had 17 total on the drive. I missed getting pictures of the 4010 that is in the background of the Super H pic. This one was just finished and done to the max. It belonged to the current owner's father and he had an M&W turbo setup on it with a bunch of weights. He said it will have 5x16's behind it at Rantoul. Super nice guy that I have known for a long time with lots of $$ spent to make a family tractor better than new. I have to appreciate that regardless of the paint color.
  11. We had our local festival today on the town square kicking off the county fair. There was a tractor show on the bricks and a tractor drive following the show put on by our Farm Bureau Young Leader group. It was hot! The temp on the truck thermometer showed 103* at one point during the drive. No mechanical breakdowns and a good attitude from all the participants made it a success. I didn't have the time to get mine ready to go so I went along in a chase truck. I think we did around 40 miles. Here's the pics. 560D owned by one of my neighbors and purchased from another neighbor. He restored it but it spent its working years about 2 miles from my house. Another 560D belonging to a different neighbor of mine. Super M-TA belonging to one of our fellow forum members. Super C Super H CaseIH 75C 706 gas 1466 with duals and cab. I believe this one has been in the family since new. 504 gas. This gentleman drove here from KY to go on our drive. WD45 diesel Oliver 60 Oliver 1900 with the Detroit power plant Oliver 1800 gas JD 4320 AC model C
  12. Nice pics
  13. Yes sir, I think some teeth are coming in making him a little more vocal than usual...
  14. If you ever want to have a laugh search "ran when parked" on CL. Lawn mowers, lawn ornaments, you name it. Funny to see what shows up.
  15. I'm not sure the way it is figured but it is the difference between the actual temperature and the "feels like" temperature outside due to the amount of humidity at a given place and time. There was a large spread here today due to very high humidity. Randy's post says more above. (I had that half typed and went to put the baby to sleep....again )