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  1. That's hilarious!
  2. I pulled this off a horse drawn hay rake in the fence row when I was in high school. Personally, I have never seen one that said Farmall. Does anyone know what color it would have been originally?
  3. Wow, that's more what I had envisioned.
  4. Insert DV550 here......😈 Even a modern diesel pickup drivetrain would be super cool
  5. I have nothing to do with this add. Just posted for discussion. Feel free to remove if needed. I like the look of this thing. Needs some aluminum wheels and super singles
  6. 54ish Chevy panel delivery is my vote
  7. Happy Birthday to R Pope and others today. Hope you had a good birthday.
  8. For female singers I like Grace Potter. I personally like Brian Johnson of AC/DC because he has a different sound, not a wide vocal range. Glen Campbell is another that comes to mind. He is more known for country music but played with Elvis and other notable early rock stars. Bryan Adams is another good one.
  9. I know a guy that planted pumpkins with a 4 row Cyclo a few years ago. Just taped off some of the holes on the drum.
  10. Hopefully you didn't spend most of the day waiting at the mailbox.
  11. I decided I will need to take the planter off the 140 and put the mower back on pretty soon so I needed a way to keep the planter off the ground. Searching through the metal stash I found some 2" square that would sleeve into the planter toolbar. The same old problem shows back up now since the toolbar is a diamond shape so I needed to find a way to get from an angle back to vertical. Some 1" round stock was the answer. 1 1/32" drill bit ready to go (drill press doesn't want much more) Drilled a hole in the center of a 16" piece of 2" square tube and cut it down the center for a saddle. welded the saddles up and put the rosebud on the torch to heat and bend the 1" round stock back to vertical. At this point I cut feet for the matching stands and ran out of welding wire. I need to weld the feet on, clean up and shoot some paint on the stands. That should keep the disc openers up and out of the dirt until they need to be used again.
  12. I planted sweet corn with the planter on Saturday 4-15-17. It got sprayed yesterday and spiked today (The polkadot cap is for Old Binder Guy)
  13. Happy Anniversary Gary and Sharon. Here's wishing you many more fine years together.
  14. That will be a unique head turner with the cultivator. Looks great!
  15. A free poncho in the rain gets pretty valuable