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  1. Different looking Farmall

    Decal would be easier to replace than the seat and as you said "wouldn't be a big deal to add one". That's my guess. There was never a model made from the factory as you describe as far as I know.
  2. This will make the neighbors look

    The sad thing is, even if you're right the filter is 22 years old That's still better than 32 years though.
  3. Different looking Farmall

    I have seen people put an extra seat on a B like you mention. Perhaps they put a different decal on a B along with a spare seat for Jr or the Mrs?
  4. Prayers needed

    Prayers for the family and all involved from So. Illinois
  5. finally got one back!

    I like it. Big mean machine.
  6. View from my mobile office this morning

    I like your pictures and view better Jerry
  7. View from my mobile office this morning

    I wish I could take a picture of the cab I've been sitting in. (We aren't allowed to take pics of work equipment). It looks like a space shuttle in there. I've got 4 screens plus 8 cameras feeding into 2 small monitors (4 each) covering different parts of the process. Here is a website and a couple pics from the mfg website.
  8. One of each series

    I like it.
  9. Happy Birthday 1256IHman,& 11 others

    Happy Birthday all
  10. Strange Bean Harvest

    We have seen that with some corn samples. Harvested, put on a small dryer for 2 hours and lost 7% points of moisture??? Tested on both ends with a calibrated moisture tester (same one). Normally that same dryer with the same load would do 2% points in 24 hours
  11. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to all those celebrating today.
  12. Summer Parade picture of Petey 😊

    Lookin good!
  13. Gotta try it

    Good work!
  14. Life in Alaska

    X3 give me something to explore or go see.
  15. The third IH pickup

    Lots of parts there. You may have said before, but what are the final plans for them/it?