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  1. Deer season opens today...

    It got up to 66 degrees before the front came through. Dropping through the 40's now with a roaring wind out of the north. I found a spot nestled in the brush on the ground out of the wind mostly. If something comes in tonight, chances are it will be really close. I got that covered though.
  2. Deer season opens today...

    No luck this morning. Started raining and blowing hard. I might try and get out between storms this afternoon.
  3. Deer season opens today...

    I like to be up as high as I can get. Back when I bow hunted a lot from a climber I had a 30' pull up rope. When the rope got tight I quit climbing. When gun hunting, I actually spend a lot of time on the ground. Carry a pad with me in my pack and sit where I see fit. Sure, it has got me busted before but so have deer stands. Day two. Up in the tower pictured earlier. Got settled and the rain has started. Not getting too wet yet with the roof but starting to wish the sides were shorter as it is blowing in some. Anything but a little buck is fair game today.
  4. Deer season opens today...

    That sounds like great fun. We have some video of a few nice ones but it won't load due to the file type. The one I'm looking for is 150" plus pretty easy. The weather sounds bad for tomorrow so I may go about 8 miles North to my brother's place. He has more bedding area and a couple towers with roofs to keep the rain off. I suspect they will stay in tight to cover around the storms and not move very far but that is a guess. 18' to the floor of the tower. Built around four telephone poles. I have been gathering scrap barn metal to replace the wooden sides with metal for longevity.
  5. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Yes Gary, I still have the Scout. It is a 1980 model (last year) and has the factory Nissan SD-33T turbo diesel in it coupled to a T19 4 spd and Dana 300 transfer case. They made 100hp when new. I have added free flowing exhaust, a larger diameter intake, and electric fans but left the engine alone.
  6. Deer season opens today...

    Closest tonight was 150yds. I don't mind taking that shot but it is just the first day and was right at dark. The muzzleloader is more than capable.
  7. 1456 with detroit

    I bet you are correct. Little bit of frame hacking there also.
  8. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I had just gotten it home there. It would be fine now with larger tires and lockers. Sand requires more wheel speed than I had on that day
  9. Deer season opens today...

    I've seen 4 so far after lunch. Smaller 8 pt pushing does in a field. The fog burned off a little after 11. A little warmer and windy now.
  10. Deer season opens today...

    I used to hunt with a bow a lot. Any more I can't bring myself to spend the time I used to bow hunting (wife,son) so I hung the bow up for now. The weather for tomorrow looks bad here also. I normally head hunt the first day and then fill a tag with anything but a small buck after that. We really enjoy venison so at least 1 will go in the freezer each year. Ive seen 4 so far. 3 within range
  11. Deer season opens today...

    With light came wind and fog. Just had a doe and spike run by.
  12. Deer season opens today...

    Thank You. My brother and I hunt together. I am lucky and can normally walk to a spot from the house. Back before marriage and kids a bunch of us would get together the night before season, have big pot of chili going, and tell lies to each other but that has ended as we have aged.
  13. Deer season opens today...

    Whitetail firearm season opens today in the communist land of Illinois. We get 7 days a year to gun hunt (shotgun, muzzleloader, pistol, no rifles) scattered over two weekends. It can be an awful madhouse in the woods at times but I still look forward to being out in the woods. Every year reminds me of the first time I was allowed to go with my Grandfather years ago. I know some of you have already bagged the big one (bitty ) so the rest of us have big shoes to fill. In about an hour and a half I will see what I can find. Trail cameras show some worthy contenders but time will tell if they will make an appearance or not. The howitzer is dialed in and ready to go...
  14. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    That Rumley with the timbers being driven over the front wheels under the rear sure looks buried. That would have been a really bad feeling if you had the largest machine in the country. Better call some help to bring shovels....Is the machine with tracks on rear a Holt?
  15. Corn Crib Dismantle

    I was hoping New Guy would chime in. I like that Gazebo a lot. I have one just sitting and always thought about taking the bottom two rings off and making it a dog pen. It would have a concrete floor, nice roof, and protection.