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  1. International T6 project

    Ya I saw it on Tanker's blog and he is in Texas so I supposed it would be fine in Montana
  2. U4 Power Unit

    Found grille emblem 😁
  3. International T6 project

    I think I'm going to try a porta band saw we have at work, then set up a jig for the drill press, we'll see what happens
  4. International T6 project

    Got my rubber for making track pads About $300 delivered
  5. International T6 project

    Hunting season is almost over here in Montana and I should get this T6 finally done soon, I did slip in a U4 power unit restoration in between down times with T6 crawler.. look it up Will have final pictures soon Mike D
  6. Vintage Ads

  7. Vintage Ads

  8. Vintage Ads

  9. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    Do they make 6v fuel pumps?
  10. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    What is this wire sticking out of my steering
  11. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    Carburetor Who sells rebuild kits for this?
  12. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    I am starting this 1948 international kb5 truck project this winter Looking for info on carb, fuel tank info. Many more I'm sure I'll start posting pictures and questions best I can Mike D