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  1. Hood struts!@#$%^&*

    I got a couple from A&I this spring for the 7120. Price was decent and so far so good they work fine. Those hoods are heavy when those gas springs don’t lift.
  2. Pulling ripper with 1086

    Just a thought here, does the three point hitch go down on its own when it’s disconnected from your subsoiler? It is quite possible that if your three-point hitch doesn’t go down all the way the arm inside the rear housing could’ve slipped by the draft control arm and not allowing it to work properly. You will have to take off your top link cover on the rear and to put the draft control arm back on it’s proper side.
  3. 2455 IH loader

    This picture is from the 1983 buyers guide it also has the same picture the 82 buyers guide, this is the best I can do for you.
  4. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Back in April of this year that tractor was advertised on Montreal Quebec area Kijiji , it was there for about a month and a half I was considering going to look at it and make an offer on it, he had it advertised for $15,000 which I thought was a little bit steep I would've paid somewhere between 10 and 12,000 for it. I love my two hydros maybe I should've jumped on that one and bought it.
  5. Mileage mystery

    Every vehicle and tractor I have or had it seems the bottom half of the tank (according to the gauge) is smaller, my Paystar will go 1000 km on the top half of the tank and only do that 600 on the bottom half, my 94 GMC dually with a 454 used to do 300 km on the top half of the tank and 200 km on the bottom half until I changed the gauge then it went to 350 on the top half and 150 on the bottom half. Our 7120 tractor is really bad it will go six or seven hours on the top half and about three on the bottom half.
  6. 2350 loader on 86 series?

    The next two pictures there's no hay on the forks, I hope this helps in your decision making for me I just love my 186 for loading, my friend and I were loading round bales this summer onto my trailer they were pre-piled so we could each load our sides, he was driving a two-year-old Maxxum 115 and I was driving my old 186, with each load two bales at a time and I was keeping right up to him The next pictures are loading round bales.
  7. 2350 loader on 86 series?

    Well I took some pictures for you yesterday, I have a Hydro 186 with a 2350 loader on it, The only thing I use that for is to pick up either big square bales or round bales in the field to load the trailer, The first pictures I have a seven on the forks
  8. Hydro 84 filter locations and dipstick

    Here you go......
  9. Hillsklinefarms Happy B/day

    Happy birthday John, Hope you have a great day. It was a pleasure to meet you last April.
  10. Does anyone chop silage or bush hog with a 2+2?

    Thanks chadd for the information The bypass valve will still open with the nut jammed in there, the nut is just doing what the thermal protection valve is supposed to be doing, it seems to need to be at least 100° for the valve to close. Thanks pete23 for the information I seen on the parts website that Caseih has a superseded part number for that valve, I do believe that they're using the same valve for the open centre hydraulics too. I have three tractors with the closed centred hydraulics and three with the open centre hydraulics, I much prefer the less troublesome open centre hydraulics. I have considered installing the conversion kit but I will stick with the closed centre pump for now, i'm looking at buying a 3688 that has that conversion kit installed already, it would be interesting to see how they work.
  11. Does anyone chop silage or bush hog with a 2+2?

    I think I know what causes the pump problems, The bypass valve that goes in the end of the filter cartridge is open until the oil warms up which allows contaminants in the oil into the pump. This just happened to my 1086 and my 3688 did the same thing last year, The MCV pump in the 1086 started to act up under 1200 rpm's you had no steering, brakes and TA, it put find particles of brass into the oil and seized up the hitch pump. The 3688 it was the plates between the brake discs that worped causing the discs to wear and put contaminants into the oil. When the contaminants get into the pump it seizes it up and causes the shaft to break, to get it apart you need to heat the pump housing and then I take it to a machine shop to get it cleaned up. If you look at the picture of the bypass valve you will see I put a 5/8" nut to hold the valve closed. I'm sure this is happened many times due to contaminated oil and the bypass valve not being closed. I'm interested in hearing anyone's thoughts and opinions about this.
  12. field work pictures from Qc Can.

    I sent you a PM
  13.  Good day Bob

     here's a picture of their ad, how's your French?

     The one my friend bought cost him about $14,000 

     let me know if you need anymore information 

     Have a great day 



  14. DT436 hauling straw

    Cool picture.... some people would see that and think that's overkill, I say one can never have too much power!
  15. field work pictures from Qc Can.

    I baled 1800 small square bales for a customer, our baler and waggons were busy elsewhere so I had to rent my two cousins baler and waggons to bale my customers hay. My cousin bought the baler at an auction sale last year and never used it, it's at new Holland 316 with a thrower just like ours, had a few little issues with tying at first but it went well. I used my Hydro 186 to bale with at the speed of 2 to 2 1/2 mph, I just love the hydros for that job when you get to the end of the row and you want to turn at the headland you just push the speed lever to the end and you're up to 6 1/2 miles an hour in no time. We had lots of company in the field there was two coyotes and three or four deer would pass through once in a while, The coyotes were very relaxed they would casually walk past within 50 feet of the tractor.