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  1. I think there is no other option. as going to use stainless elbows. W
  2. Asking for help on this one again. Ordered hoses for a 460 tractor. And they don 't fit. They are 2in ID mine are 2 1/4 Id. Also they are not even close on the bends. W
  3. Can also depend on the fit of the valve in the guide. How much clearance did there allow? Maybe they were a little toooo tight. On my 236 build I put umbrella seals on because I am using the guides the where in the head . They are ok but just. W
  4. Get it somehow to your shop. If possible pull the pan. See if it is leaking sleeves.
  5. What is the engine in? I made my own puller. The key is having just enough to hook the bottom of the sleeve. I used a inch threaded rod to pull it. I also found that the wide flange sleeves don't require much to push them in. This could by why they crack. Bob tight enough in the parent bore. W
  6. Hmmmmm. Bet your sleeves have the wide flange. I have a couple on the shelf. Are your pistons good? Ring grooves? If they are I would use them. Or do you want to buy sleeve assemblies? Where in the world are you located? W
  7. something is not right. I know it is a lot of work but I would pull it apart. I wouldn't say that 38 psi when running is very high ether. Maybe the bearing clearances are too high. Maybe the pump clearances are too. Keep us posted on what you do and find out. W
  8. I looked in my manual today. The front cam bearing has two holes. And must line up with the holes in the block. The only way to find out is pull the cam. That's a major amount of work. W
  9. are you sure the cam bearings wear changed?
  10. I take it you don't have a IH service manual. I will check mine to see if anything said on lining up oil holes. W
  11. could be possible
  12. what is the oil pressure when running? are the passages to the rocker stands clear. Does the head gasket have the right holes in it to allow oil flow up? Maybe no big enough. I am building a 236 right now. W
  13. So still not having any luck with getting hoses. Here are the p/n's 304 596 R2 , 304 595 R2
  14. I have a power unit. I have been at my local auto parts supply. No luck. Did find some on ebay for 460 tractor. Asked the seller if they can cross the p/n from my parts cat. See where that goes.
  15. I am looking for molded rad hoses for my 236 power unit. Dealer says sorry no can get