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  1. TD-18 known as Blaine

    That mini digger looks totally out of place. Better distress it so it fits in better W
  2. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Should be crawling by tomorrow. Nice Job!
  3. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Would like to hear about how you prepare for the cold. A friend of mine used to speak of preparing truck for plowing snow in extreme cold. All fluids had to be changed.
  4. TD-18 known as Blaine

    How many crawler do you keep in the operating fleet?
  5. Ud 18 spark plug

    What spark plug does a UD 18 take?
  6. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Where is the snow?
  7. Red combine on fire and a Green tractor on fire

    The EPA stuff doesn't belong anywhere
  8. Anyone In Moncton?

    Any one from the Moncton New Brunswick area. Try to locate a fellow member in the area.
  9. TD9/WD9 Primary Pump

    Yes I have done that too. The space to fit the "hoses" in is so small I have to cut the elbows to shorten them . It will work and look nice. W
  10. TD9/WD9 Primary Pump

    Thanks I have been through it all. I have desided to make the lines out of tube fittings. Then use straight hose to connect to rad and engine. The fittings I got are stainless. have the top done and am working on the bottom. W
  11. TD9/WD9 Primary Pump

    You may have to think outside the box. Challenges like this are going to become more common. I am going through it on a UD236. Can't get rad hoses. SOunds simple but not. Just like your seal. When you can't get it now what? W
  12. UD 236 Hoses

    I think there is no other option. as going to use stainless elbows. W
  13. UD 236 Hoses

    Asking for help on this one again. Ordered hoses for a 460 tractor. And they don 't fit. They are 2in ID mine are 2 1/4 Id. Also they are not even close on the bends. W
  14. D282

    Can also depend on the fit of the valve in the guide. How much clearance did there allow? Maybe they were a little toooo tight. On my 236 build I put umbrella seals on because I am using the guides the where in the head . They are ok but just. W
  15. Water in my Oil - Rebuild D-206 Questions

    Get it somehow to your shop. If possible pull the pan. See if it is leaking sleeves.