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  1. TD6 injector pump

    copper washer is an easy item to replace
  2. Poor UPS service

    The service of all couriers is just going to get worse. The volume of packages is going thought the roof with more and more online sellers. There is no such thing as a simple delivery any more everybody I know has horror stories. W
  3. Need Some info on this engine..

    What it is worth is a good question. But better still what does the seller want for it? W
  4. TD 9 over rev

    MMI agreed there in nothing like a good old IHC manual. But if you can't find one a repo will have to do.
  5. TD 9 over rev

    you may find a repo manual on ebay that will cover the pump. Yes the governor is inside
  6. What are they? Stationary engines

    I can't but other may. I would say check the tag
  7. What are they? Stationary engines

    Yup LA is the first one and a 1 1/2 John Deere is the second
  8. Roosa pump question

    Ok . So I took the cover off. Looks like a pump inside to me. Clean. Clean fuel . Moved the shut off. Free Put the cover back on to keep clean. Looked at the 1/8th pug in the bottom. Moved ok but did not take it out. I will make up a line to go in there first. Why just 50-75 psi. Would more do damage? W
  9. Roosa pump question

    Thanks will check into it and let you know. Sometimes hard to get time during work hours
  10. Roosa pump question

    So what should we see? I tried mine today. Charged battery. Still no fuel to injectors. Will take the top cover off tomorrow. Mine has a soliniod inside
  11. Roosa pump question

    So are sticking plungers common in the Roosa master? I am working on a UD236 with a roosa pump. It has sat for a LONG time. Engine is all rebuilt and cranking over haven't got fuel up in it yet. May happen today. Battery is on charge over night
  12. Ian ask him what? If you are asking about running speed it depends on what the blade is tensioned for. If you go into some of the old blade manufacturers books they take about rim speed beening 10,000 ft per minute. Or something like that. Ask the old mill guy where to get a blade hammered
  13. you are going to need the engine well fastened down. A longer belt will have a little bit of forgiveness on alinement. You are going to have to run that belt tight to get good grip on your engine pulley
  14. Troublshooting a TD9 - engine

    Think it is under the engine section
  15. Injector pump rebuild help

    I would work at it from the top end. Maybe you can get vise grips on the end of the valve and turn back and forth to free it. Remove the spark plug and see if you can get some of your favourite release er on it too.