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  1. So still not having any luck with getting hoses. Here are the p/n's 304 596 R2 , 304 595 R2
  2. I have a power unit. I have been at my local auto parts supply. No luck. Did find some on ebay for 460 tractor. Asked the seller if they can cross the p/n from my parts cat. See where that goes.
  3. I am looking for molded rad hoses for my 236 power unit. Dealer says sorry no can get
  4. Is it just me or are some of the more common parts for a restoration becoming harder to get? TO back up a bit I am restoring a power unit. A UD 236. Took the rad off the other day. Rad hoses are like rock. Looked up part numbers in my parts book and called the local dealer. Not available. Went to my local auto parts this morning. Holy crap we haven't seen hoses like that in 20 years. Called deal about decals. Nothing. Had paint mixed a local industrial paint supply , been using them for years. Put 10 coats on my intake to try and get it to cover. Auto parts place has a "fleet" colour book. International yellow can't make. On the bright side I did get fuel and oil filters. Waterloo
  5. Am restoring a ud 236 power unit. Looking for Decals
  6. So my 236 project is coming along. Anyone know where I could get decals for it
  7. Are the sleeves the right height? W
  8. Interesting topic. Talking to by brother the other day about an oil issue. Seams that an oil salesman had a local company switch all oils to a "new" 10W30. That is ALL their equipment. Most of it very old and lots of hours. True some "new" diesels are using lighter oil like 10w30 but there a built with tighter clearances. I would run 15w40 in most of my large diesel engines. The company I mentioned has had a lot of engine part failures like camshafts. Waterloo
  9. Possible cause would be a bearing failed beside it. Causing an unbalanced load on the crank. Snap!
  10. I say the best way to fix something is to buy another project. It moves everything on the list up one line. Waterloo
  11. Yes I think so too. But would still like to know more about it. What is the power plant and drive. Hydro?. Waterloo
  12. Where are the stampings? More details on the engine. Picture would be good. I may have seen one like it around my area. But didn't take a lot of notice. Waterloo
  13. So project is coming along. I am looking for an old style locking throttle cable. The original equipment on these engines were a "T" handle that turned and locked. Anyone got one?? W
  14. Making progress on the 236 project. Put 2 sleeves in and all pistons, oil pump and pan. Was able to push sleeves in about half way. After shrinking in dry ice. Made a pusher plate and a small porta power to push all the way. But it was a light push. Thanks to the dry ice. Am in need of a couple late model injector cores. Waterloo
  15. IH doesn't have them now . Have to go after market. Good thing they are much cheaper. W