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  1. Dad passed away

    J.D. So sorry to hear of your dad's passing, my sympathy to you and your family! Bud

    Just give me pig's feet and kraut with potatoes and northern beans along with some apple sauce on the side. However, picked beef tongue on a cracker goes good also. BTW a good cold beer always accompanies the above!
  3. One Hole McCormick-Deering Corn Sheller

    Actually the numbers are on the the body of the sheller below the opening where the feed tray attaches to the sheller. I should get an operators/parts manual for this sheller; I suspect you could be right it could be a part number.Thanks for the response!
  4. One Hole McCormick-Deering Corn Sheller

    Evidently no one on here knows anything about the stenciling on a one hole McCormick-Deering Corn Sheller. I do thank you for looking and if anyone comes across any information please post it later as I look at this site pretty much on a daily basis.
  5. Does anyone on here know anything about the McCormick-Deering One Hole Corn Sheller? I have on that is is good shape and I want to clean it up and repaint it. i found the McCormick-Deering decal on the handle end and the double globe decal on the flywheel end. I also noted some stenciling on the feed table end; the yellow numerals and letters are about on half inch tall. Apparently there are two figures on the left followed by a period, the numeral eight followed by a period and the letter C followed by a period. Can anyone give any information as to what the letters and numerals mean? I have tried to find this type of stencil but to no avail; I thought if I could find the stencil I could perhaps find out what letter (s) are missing. Any help would be appreciated. Also, the t shaped brace on the handle end is cracked I would like to buy a good one but it would not stop,the static display of the sheller; the flat belt sheave is also missing but I suspect I can find something that would work. Again any help would be appreciated.
  6. '44 Farmall H

    Yea, I started a thread about the seemingly correct logo on the gauges. I found a good representation at Devon"s Tractor Parts, good people to work with; they are located in the links on this site.
  7. '44 Farmall H

    I finally found a seemingly correct heat gauge for my " 44 Farmall H. I cannot seem to remove the adapter that screws into the block. I did spray it with Q-Max and cannot get it to break loose. I tried to use a long Snap-On ratchet along with a breaker bar, I don't want to force it and break it off in the block. I have considered an impact and maybe heating the block with a heat gun. any suggestion?
  8. Nice original tractor pictures

    I'm sorry but I could never I could never shift that thing, looks difficult versus an International. Same thing with the old two cylinders with the hand clutch; you almost needed to stop to change gears. I remember a fellow that had greenies years past and bought an M so he could shift on the go.
  9. Another example of deere copying IH, bought IH painted green; the only thing greenies do is copy or camouflage it. another reason I dislike deere; they even copied the colors of dandelions.
  10. Just rambling...

    Wild turkeys don't eat quail and whip-poor-will eggs. You usually hear whip-poor-wills early in the morning, in the spring. I hear them and see them on old gravel roads when I go turkey hunting.
  11. Heat Gauge

    Thank you for the information! Bud
  12. Heat Gauge

    I would buy one like this where is it available?
  13. This Is Kind of Messed Up!!!

    I'm sorry but you are who you are by the jewels you were born with sorta like the 'sayin " you dance with the one who brung ya". More liberal feely touchy bs. Just my thoughts.............
  14. Heat Gauge

    That's an ammeter. My H has an ihc ammeter also.
  15. Heat Gauge

    My '46 a has the ihc logo on it the '44 H has one like the one you mentioned I assumed it was replaced as it is two year older.