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  1. Trouble is, vandals don't steal stuff, they just want to damage things. All the locks in the world won't prevent broken glass, slashed tires, and like that.
  2. Like the song says, "hang 'em high and leave 'em for the birds,"
  3. Pickup chains...who else uses em..

    We made a Baja Bug years ago and I put chains on it one winter. N50's rear with cut-down truck chains, and G60 fronts, that il' VW went through snow like a Bombardier! I was going to make skis for the front, but it worked so good I never bothered.
  4. Combine dilemma

    If you are baling the straw, don't even think about a rotary. 914 was built for cereal grains, about the best there ever was.
  5. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Build a valve that releases the pressure as it blocks the air to the engine simultaneously. Kind of a shuttle valve.Heck, you might be able to patent it! Make a million!I won't even want a piece of the action. Haha.
  6. IH implement greaser???

    Yep, grease cup. Most are smaller than yours, and some were brass, but all had the same function.
  7. What USED to sell newspapers?

    What used to sell newspapers? I did! Me and my BSA bicycle and a 3 mile paper route! Made about 4 bucks a day. Can we say, "exploitation"?
  8. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    That miniseries has great footage of the Arrow, but the storyline is pure Hollywood bull.
  9. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    When I was a kid I was gonna join the RCAF and fly the Arrow. Broke my heart when Dief scrapped it.
  10. What's your favorite snack

    Crackers, peanut butter, cheese and a cuppa. All four food groups, Salt, Sugar, Grease and Caffeine!
  11. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    I always chucked those Holleys and got an Autolite off a 302 Ford. Much better carb.
  12. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I drove our 4366 home when we bought it, about 75 miles, took about 6 hours. Also drove a 1680 home from Fox Valley which is about halfway from where it came from. A company guy took it the first part of the way. Don't know why driving them 8 hours on the road seems so much more tedious than running it 8 hours in the field!
  13. Farmall H with Cultivator

    Around here the cultivator is worth just about as much as the tractor because there just aren't any.
  14. Farmall 656 Ignition kit

    Using it every day, you can't go wrong with a Petronix or similar electronic swap.
  15. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    Build a bypass road and let 'em keep their bricks.