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  1. 1985 s2300

    Do you use both tanks? Maybe the sender is on the tank that's half full, that you aren't using.
  2. Red Power Magazine page 90

    Oil heater.
  3. Script or no, it's an SV. Rocker covers cut out around plugs, and exhaust manifold bolts all in a line, nothing else it can be.
  4. By 1982 the gas engines were 404 and 446's, not 345's. I suppose IH could have slipped some older inventory out the back door......Henry did it all the time!
  5. Looks like a 2 barrel carb, 392's were all 4 barrel but a 345 2 bbl intake could have been swapped in. Curious as to how that engine got in there......I thought they were gone in '79.
  6. Anybody have engine conversion in a superduty

    A 6v53 is about the right size to replace the Ford engine.
  7. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    We had a W9 with a cracked head, got water in the oil. I drained the rad and filled it with diesel fuel. Worked well enough for the year or so it took to find a head from a 600 gas to swap on. BTW, some "experts" claim there were no gas 600's built! Well there was at least one!
  8. IH464 Starting Issue

    Usually that is caused by the solenoid not making connection internally to spin the starter. Loose or corroded cables can do it too.
  9. Information on this engine wanted..

    The basic engine ill be the same as the tractor engine, some minor accessories might differ.As forvalue, just price ouy what a standby generator fetches these days and go from there. That thing would probably run a small town!
  10. Isn't the shft pattern diagram on the shifter knob? The smog pump is nothing to wory about to get it home. You'll need one to be smog legal, though, I imagine. Up here in the lawless Great White North, I cut the belts on any vehicle I run. That "Electrical Brake Motor" is a new one on me! Never seen or heard tell of such a thing, weird!
  11. Silage packing tractor?

    4586 is a good tractor for pulling all day long, but I wouldn't want to be the guy running one shifting it from forward to reverse all day! As Cliff says, an allison automatic will make the job much easier.
  12. Tractor Pull Roller

    Implement tires are usually round-faced, not ideal for packing.
  13. Weeding out the nut cases

    Unfortunately, the authorities can't do anything until the wacko actually does something.
  14. cab identification

    First word on the door looks like "Custom".
  15. It will have a 404 or a 446 V8, they look identical so you have to find the numbers.