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  1. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    I would say, corn silage. After a couple of fields were cleared, it was time to start fall plowing. Nothing like the sound of an 856 in front of a 5-18, 3rd gear, TA ahead, WOT!!

    There used to be an IH dealership in Brooklyn? Must have been way before my time. I went to the auction of the Mobil Oil jobber after he retired.Picked up some DX items, and Mobil stuff too.
  3. 826 Engine Swap

    Not to be nosey, but what to you use a haybine? discbine?, what type of rake? You dont need a tremendous amount of power to cut and rake hay. Any tractor with live pto and hydraulics would do.
  4. Anyone watching the Stanley Cup?

    For crying out loud, their still playing hockey? Sheeze people it's June!
  5. Turning up the hp on engines

    How many ponies do you need to pull a 4 row? hyd lift is the challange with planter, years ago a 460 was overkill on a JD 7000. I used a Case 830D Comfort King nf with full fert. boxes on a 7000, and that was a joy planting corn.
  6. International Refrigerator

    Years ago, there were a model or two that Insurance company's would cancel your homeowners policy if you had one
  7. Oil Question ,Not Another Oil Thread

    Purchase the weight of oil you want period. If your dealer that you purchased from no longer has it, get a different dealer period
  8. Other collections you have...

    Fenton Art Glass HO trains manual typerwiters thrift store paintings
  9. Bringing back to 'life'

    Thought this would be the place; Nearby trucking co. has a closed yard where the fleet was parked suddenly at least 4 years ago, not a key turned since on anything. Owner now re-opening the branch, question, what would be the first cautious steps to bring back to life this fleet of class 8 trucks? there is about 25 total units, a 'dog from every pound' in the fleet, cat, cummins,, IH, detroit, mack etc, all pre-DEF.
  10. alternative to Direct TV

    If you bill is that much,, you must have a boatload of extra's. our is under 100.00 per mo., one trick the installer told us to do is call and cancel the service, then re-order the service but change the name on the account, or threaten to drop them and go too dish network.
  11. Christmas weather in your neck of the woods.

    60 degrees right now, bright sunshine not a cloud in the sky, calling for a high near 70. was very windy all night long, rattled the storm windows the whole night.
  12. How warm do you keep your house?

    68 degrees for winter, (just the last couple of weeks) and 71 degrees for summer AC, ( hopefully just a few weeks away hehe).
  13. Implement hitch with hammer strap

    Can you unbolt the upper part and rebolt under the drawbar, or just flip the drawbar over?
  14. Time to let it go

    The Allis Chalmers, and Truckingboards have lively political rooms that I frequent often. I don't mind politics at all, kinda wish there was a seperate room here.
  15. Dream job

    I sure like to get back into farming, but my wife has no interest in that at all. With that said, no matter what job I have it sure would nice to every once-in-a-while have my wife meet me at the door after a long day at work with a drink in her hand, and wearing nothing but her birthday suit!