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  1. Doesn't the serial number say? S-Y is on the tag.
  2. This is what I have. 7gpm seems low enough.
  3. It's a 40 foot pull type 500 gallon that won't be filled all the way.
  4. I plan on spraying with my 706 gas. The sprayer pump is hydraulic. Am I good to go or will I have problems?
  5. How do you keep the battery secured?
  6. Bought a new battery tray and cover from ASAP for my 706. Tray fits fine, but the cover doesn't set down on the batter well and won't clamp. Is there supposed to be a cover around the whole battery and the top sits on that?
  7. Looks like they'd be one step better than the factory 706, literally and figuratively.
  8. Saw your ad on AT for the front wheels. What's replacing them?
  9. Anyone try one of these?
  10. Looking for a left hand step for the 706. I added a K&M step to my 4430 and it was about $200. Looked at them for the 06 series, they are $415. Why the huge difference? Any other options?
  11. There's a 5288 in russiaville, IN.
  12. Pretty much worthless. I'll give you $10
  13. I've started a nice little collection of 2+2 items, and would like to add one of those old ride on tractors. Anyone have a lead on one?
  14. Just found an ebay special 1/16 3588. I want to make it a 7488 and looking for new versions of the original tires. I can repurpose the old ones, but I will need to find new tires and rims for duals. I looked on Dakotah toys and did a google search with no luck.
  15. Anyone know if the t/a rod from a 706 crosses with any other model? Also, I need tie rods in a serious way. Any place cheaper than CNH to get them?