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  1. 966

    Here in Denmark, Europe the 966 was the only model from the 66 tractor series that was offered. The same in Sweden as well. The 966 was A big tractor then, only sold to the big farms or contractors. This makes them rather rare today. I,m doing a slow restore on one myself. Andreas
  2. Thank you. The VSM will be okay for me. hope you can find me a link. Thanks Andreas
  3. Are these lights sold in any internet stores ? I`m from Europe and would like some. Thanks Andreas
  4. Yes it does.. unfortunately the transport and loading in the container left some dents in the roof and on fenders. Andreas
  5. The Swedish HARA cab is being removed.
  6. Now all the talk about the original IH tractor cabs made me wanting one for my IH 966. And on monday 14`th it came. I found it on Craigslist. A good friend of mine buyes old tractors and garden tractors in the US and he arrenged the transport to Europe Sorry if my spelling is not too good. Andreas
  7. I now this topic is a bit old but which brand are those 3 rib tires Nate ? Andreas