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  1. 1586 and vacuum planter

    I ran a 7300 vacuum planter with my 1086 and a PTO pump back when. It was just a 4 row planter, but hooked up to a strip till rig. I just made a bracket and mounted a small tank to the frame of the planter, maybe 8 or 10 gallon, and a Prince pump on the 540. The regulator was already on the planters when I got them. Everything worked great until I got into a real hard pull and the RPMs dropped. The vacuum had a small operating window for the planters to work like they should and it would cause inconsistency in my stands of cotton in those places. I bought a 4640 for a reasonable price and used it to pull the planter with then and never had anymore skips,running through the tractor. I did not try it on the 10, but would guess that the operation of the planter would be better running through the tractor vs the way I tried it with the pump. That said the PTO pump may not be a problem in a no-till situation, or when pulling the planter only on fairly level ground.As others suggested, if you do use the tractor make a direct dump for the return side. Cotton1
  2. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    Had just a little time to start on the pump today. I went ahead and put the new filter in and started looking over the MCV, and I had planned to go ahead and drain the oil. I have a question about that though. My service manual is sorta vague(IT) and doesn't really tell me what I want to know. My tractor does not even have the threads in the housings to drain the axles like my 706 so it must be updated(factory?). Under the bottom there are 3 plugs that I know about: One under each axle and one in the middle above the draw bar. I cant remember if I have to remove all three or can I just remove the ones on each side? When I changed the filter the oil looked nice and clean mostly, but the filter did need changing. There was a bit of metal in there which makes me wonder what else could be going on, reminded me of a chip off a gear tooth. The tractor was in the edge of a cut over I had been bush hogging when the seal blew out and I was sorta thinking to just drain the center section, get the new pump and seals in and do the oil change later on with another new filter. I would prefer to get the oil nice and hot before draining for one thing, and the bush hog is hooked up for another. That will make getting the center rear plug out kind of a pain, but it was the only one I was thinking about before rolling under and remembering the axle drain plugs. Just doing the center section for now makes sense to me but I would like to know what you all think. I'm wondering if the drive gear on the pump is chipped. I was planning on flipping the gear over if it looked worn on the one side but maybe I should just go ahead and get a new one here before removing? Any suggestions? Cotton1
  3. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    What I can tell you about mine: 358 diesel, gear, no T/a, wide front, 34 in rears, dual remotes and dual PTO, 3 pt hitch and drawbar, open station. What all of that was factory vs changed out/ modified over time I can't say. I would like to swap out the rear hubs with my 7 since it has 38in. Go 34/10.00 on the 7 and 38/11.00 in the 8. Not sure if the axles are the same, but I'm thinking they are. Cotton1
  4. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    For the 756:
  5. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    Thanks for confirming Dale. Just looking at it there seemed to be too much missing to be a delete, but was not sure. Now here is the Serial number: any information that tells you would be of interest to me.
  6. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    Ooh boy am I proud of myself, looks like I figured out how to post a picture! That's a big deal for me, my kids will be amazed! Once again, my tractors are in working clothes. They look bad, but are used daily here. If they could talk they would tell you that about me too- look bad, but used daily! I ordered a 12gpm pump and the gaskets today. If I did it right.. I ordered a 393877 kit and a single gasket 382322r5. Plan is to swap out pump, filter, gaskets and do a drain on the fluid and replace with new aftermarket fluid that is decent quality. I need to seal a few leaks up before going back to HyTran. I will try to update this thread after the repair in case someone else runs into this. Oh yeah, the pump ordered is by Hycap. Hope those are okay. Cotton1
  7. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    Here is the MCV on my 8. And the blow out.
  8. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    More and more it seems like I will be putting in a new pump, changing fluid ( been a while) and filter with this repair. If I can figure out how, I will try to post a picture tomorrow. I will say in advance that my tractors are not very nice to look at. I will be happy to share the S/N. Do you only keep up with 826's? Mine is a gear tractor with the 358. Besides the 8 I have a 706, 756, and a 1566 bs. Is there a registry for any of those? I plan to make a call to the CaseIH dealer tomorrow and see what they tell me about the gaskets. Don't go there often though as it's 70 miles away. Cotton1
  9. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    Thanks for the reply Pete! So you think that the kit I located should have everything in it regardless of TA, non TA, or TA delete? One of the places I located the kit offered a reman MCV and that kit was listed in the related items section which kind of confused me. I think some of the kits actually state they are only for TA equipped machines. I'm wondering if the all inclusive kit is a CaseIH thing only, and the aftermarket ones don't even have the gaskets I may need. Im about 70 miles from a dealer and so normally try to order things on line. Sounds like I need to give them a call this time. Reading different threads makes me think that a 12GPM pump might be a good idea while I am in there. If I do decide to do that is CaseIH the best way to go on that? I can get new pumps from several different aftermarket on-line vendors, but if I do replace it I would like for it to be a one and done kind of thing. Thanks again, Cotton1
  10. MCV gasket for non-ta 826

    I have tried to search around and cant seem to find the part number I need. My 826 is what I believe to be a factory non-ta tractor, and am not sure how to tell if it is that or just has been deleted. No lever since I have had it anyways. I called a independent dealer about that and some other parts and he told me that the non-ta gasket set was different from the ta set and he did not offer the one I needed. After that I searched up all the online places to try and find a part number. What I am finding is number 393877r93 but I think that one is for ta applications. I live in SC and we don't really get below 30deg much here, but had a couple weeks around new years where we were in the 20s mostly and in the 10-15 range at night. When I started the 8 up to put some hay out, I had no hydraulics. I let it warm up for a while and tried holding the brakes and turning the steering wheel, that's when the gasket blew out. At minimum I need the gasket, but was also wondering if I should go ahead and change out the pump and springs while I am in there? I have had this tractor over 10 years (probably closer to 15) and have never put either pump in it. I think when I bought it I did have to reseal the mcv, but it was not yesterday and I cant remember. Any help appreciated. Cotton1
  11. how to start a topic