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  1. 1066 using 1 gallon of coolant per day

    X2 We had a src engine once. Took the plug out of the side of the head to install the water temperature sending unit and it was full of fine powdery Rusty dust I was not impressed at all
  2. A few harvest pics

    The powershift is similar in the Steiger also. That's the biggest complain about it
  3. A few harvest pics

    Ok. We had an 8960 quad that was originally from MacMohn EZacres in Homer NY iirc. I liked some of the tractor better than the 9170 and some of it less than the Steiger (powershift)
  4. A few harvest pics

    Is that artic JD a powershift or the quad range?
  5. fencing pictures

    We often drive that far every hour during all of chopping season two weeks straight. LoL
  6. Deer season opens today...

    You can get either or there? Congradulations
  7. fencing pictures

    Mixture of gasoline and an ignition source to verify that and I would be happy
  8. Deer season opens today...

    Nice deer guys on an IH site these deer are acceptable imo. Crop scout sent me a pic of a roadkill in Bucks county Pa, supposed to be 30"!!
  9. fencing pictures

    Looks like it could have snakes.......count me out
  10. 1466 clutch boost remove and replace

    We usually pull it off and have it redone at the dealer. Agree with doing it completely.
  11. I bought a Quincy air compressor and a sandblasting cabnet made by TP tool. I got a gas drive 24+ cfm to put in my service truck. I figured it was much more useful than just getting a compressor for in my basement. I love the Quincy so far
  12. Tony Ramos........ I hope you don't need this but..... I guess yours is a 301 though
  13. 1456 with detroit

    I don't think so. I saw a few months ago Nick Graves had a picture of that in the background of something else and he said it wasn't a Kinze repower one
  14. Deer season opens today...

    I read once in my American Hunter magazine to take the first shot you know that you are capable of as a better opportunity won't always present itself Good luck tomorrow if you have time to go out yet
  15. 986 - 66 similarities

    I was thinking about the adjustment for the hydraulics was on all 2+2 and only the later 86 series but maybe the platform is still the same anyways
  16. I don't know anything about propane but IMO an hour and a half shouldn't be long enough to ruin an engine from lean fuel etc. I feel for you Tony. Such a beautiful tractor and so far it is running like a Deere for you .
  17. Deer season opens today...

    Good luck Sledgehammer. Our gun season starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. I am taking one or two of the boys out ( mentor youth hunting). Be safe and have fun. Funny thing is that uncle George referred to Illinois as a communist state also from his days at Hinsdale Dayoopers are great for getting in the mood for what time of year it is
  18. 986 - 66 similarities

    I think so. There's a few differences but it's maybe only really the front window has a decal iirc. You reuse the floor plate that has your shifters and hydraulic handles
  19. What should this Super C cost me?

    With those implements I can see it selling here fairly easily
  20. 1066 wedge lock, bolt size?

    And I would think that welding the nut on would ruin the temper in the bolt
  21. Dad passed away

    Sorry for your loss. He is at a better place now
  22. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Are you going to tractor square dance with all of the narrow fronts?
  23. Combine wire harness!

    One thing you want to watch we had a 4400 it ended up Catching Fire from the electronic monitoring thing that monitor shaft speeds that was about 25 years ago that this happened this year some guys out the road have a 6620 and they were combining for the Neighbors driving down the road and it was smoking and it ended up being their wiring harness was doing the same thing as ours it was self-destructing and it was starting to catch fire