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  1. I dare you

    Lol. " Colonoscopy experience" LoL
  2. snow shovel

    I prefer an all plastic kids snow shovel for anything I shovel ( snow off of the windshield) . I will use an aluminum scoop shovel on the porch if I have to. I don't really shovel anything as the skidloader or loader or 11' plow on the Magnum should be able to do what needs to be done.
  3. I dare you

    I tried to drink a gallon of milk in an hour. I had four quarts of chocolate milk, first gone in 2 minutes. Second one was done by the 6 minute mark. Third wasn't able to finish by 45 minutes so I gave up. In all fairness I was challenged at the campfire at my cousin's house. I had had too much to eat beforehand to be able to make a valiant effort to get it done
  4. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    Our shop air compressor shuts down@ 175
  5. IH Clearing Auction - Western Australia

    I like this one. I am sure you meant non domestic but it's a great pun too
  6. New joke

    MTO this is the joke thread not the truth thread.
  7. What's your favorite snack

    Yes ice cream is a snack. It's also one of the food groups.....
  8. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I have to guess that we put 100 miles per day on each Magnum on the silage carts when chopping silage
  9. Farmall 656 Ignition kit

    I called Brillman Corp and got plugs, wires, rotor and cap, pertronics, and a 60,000 volt coil and I think it ran about $185 per tractor. I wanted to do it all at once rather than little bit at a time
  10. How far would you drive a tractor home

    Drive it. Walk into a fast food joint instead of trying to clear the roof of the drive thru though
  11. Transmission pictures.

    Lol Welcome back Gonzo
  12. Black Stripe 1066

    X2 Looks like serial number is by the hyd filter, has hydraulic clutch and looks fairly straight
  13. L170 nh skid steer

    I am not familiar with these at all. Could it be the ignition switch as it says acc but still will crank ? Something wierd going on with it
  14. Pickup flatbed

    X3 Feed guy we used 20 years ago had a '78 F150 short bed, JCWhitney dually conversion (rear tires) and he put a 9 1/2' bed he had laying around. It was really easy to load it unsafely
  15. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    The highway should be current specification and the bricks have their place at a walking path in a local park. Waste in g$#$&-$*$-!t doesn't surprise me at all. Gets worse every year
  16. hard on cattle

    We are a day behind the weather you are getting. Not looking forward to it. We have some heifers outside
  17. Stolen Tractors

    We have almost all of the bigger items individually listed on our farm policy. We have determined what we want to have them insured for. Different policies are going to come up with their own values. It's something you should be involved in determining if ever you have any kind of claim
  18. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Agree with the '67-'72 GM trucks. Mike Links has a nice Ford also....
  19. So what DID happen to him?

    And I should put in perspective that I went from my '79 blazer,400 small block, 6 mpg to my '81 (che)vete getting 30 mpg. My driving didn't change
  20. So what DID happen to him?

    There was an article in farm show magazine about some brothers who developed a way to vaporize gasoline in their diesel pickup and were getting 100 mpg iirc. In my way or thinking there's no reason , ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, we shouldn't be getting a hundred miles a gallon by now in these little cars that are common. Back in 90 when I was a senior I had a nine-year-old Chevy Chevette I bought from my cousin and I got 30 miles to the gallon being an 18 year old....
  21. 2017 wis. dairy results

  22. Farmall O-2

    Did you make it serial number 501?
  23. 2017 wis. dairy results

    This is the thing that pizzes me off the most. Coop's never have a flat or negative year