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  1. This is probably the case. Our 7140 has the early style PTO (product support specialist said so ) but it has the 4 speed reverse. However it has the early style oil filter on the engine and transmission. I kinda think it may have been converted to 4 speed
  2. My cousin has a hougen. His is anular cutter style but he has a chuck to use bits also
  3. I think the early ones were interchangeable with the 5x88 ones. I am not completely sure. I do know that the first kit to convert the 7250 we bought the used big shaft from was wrong so there may be differences
  4. To pull a mower behind a magnum it would have enough torque to put anadapter to 540 from big 1000 and run the rpm lower to make it 600 rpm at the PTO. A neighbor runs 540 implements this way on an older case and he says it uses less fuel that way
  5. Fine. When the 6 row zone till planter had 3 coulters per row it looked like it was rototilled 8" wide at each row. I originally bought them from some J&S AG inovations ? But I eventually couldn't get through to reorder them. That's when I found that Yetter was making them too
  6. X2 I drive little GM trucks but I have no desire to have a brigasteer. I agree with ihcubguy the Kenworth is it for the future serviceably
  7. We have run saw tooth shaped disks that replace the factory ones (Yetter makes these) they are directional shape and we usually switch the bearing to be able to run cupped in to be the most agresive in corn after sod
  8. This type of business model doesn't work on a dairy. Say that they are in need of 5% increase in production. If you don't have the extra cows to milk you aren't going to be able to milk more. Same scenario if you need to cut production you can't just tell the cows to slow the udders down for the time being. It's a two year investment in raising replacements and when you need more because the supply of milk is low the springing heifers are more expensive at these times. In row crops, veggies etc. You can hook up the planter and vary the seed put in VERY easily to meet expectations in supply and demand
  9. To bottle our milk and sell it it would take so much labor and capital that it would be cost prohibitive. I am positive that the permitting would exceed a 1/4 million. It would take any profit possibilities and rinse them down the drain. A guy could process 10 times what we make for pennies more. If raw milk could be sold there would be profit in that. And to top it off it is more desirable to consumers as it tastes better.
  10. The cable guy ?
  11. I better check with them...... Unless you want it? I keep kicking myself for getting rid of the one we had when we remodeled 8 years ago. The door handle was broken but the rest was great
  12. Sorry for your loss. Will be praying for you and her family
  13. Lots of jingle but it is probably a good buy at the same time
  14. Lots of jingle but it is probably a good buy at the same time
  15. Lots of jingle but it is probably a good buy at the same time