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  1. Question about M oil pump

    How small is the line going to the gauge? It could be slow to push through a small line?
  2. Snapledge

    We have usually heard it as earlage but around here most call it snapledge. Like Bill says quality can vary depending on corn, weather, etc...
  3. They arrived Saturday

    TWO THUMBS UP !!!!
  4. Pulling ripper with 1086

    I am under the impression that grade 8 shrears easier than 5. It snaps off rather than rips off.
  5. Galvanized dump trailers

    Good idea here
  6. Forum rules

    Here is some mud we are playing in today chopping cornsilage
  7. fencing pictures

  8. On my 3rd reading of this book

    I think that Dr Evil has hinted at the straw that broke the camel's back numerous times. Poor management was definitely present there but the thing that Dr Evil has said about is if there could make 150+ tractors a day they were profitable IF they had a market for them. Nothing was selling in the early '80s because of the economy swirling around the bowl. IH had way too much overhead and debt to enter the lower sales numbers of the consolidation of farms across the USA
  9. electrall going to Indiana

    The neighbor went to a sale there a month or so ago and they had some things advertised on the sale bill but they just quit selling things at a certain point. He was not happy about this as he was planning to bid on the super MTA that was advertised and sitting there. He said there wasn't many people there and stuff was going reasonable
  10. behlen power steering

    As far as I know it should have a constant oil supply I think it's around three gallon of minute that goes to it . Then when you steer it actually opens a valve if you steer the right it should make it steer to the right and if you turn it to the left it'll open the opposite side of the gear up so I would assume something in there is sticking I've never had one apart that far though
  11. Iowa Girl Makes Her First Calif. Appearence

    Except then the pretty girl that puts up with his tractor buying habit would probably kick him where it counts
  12. New addition Farmall M

    It looks like a nice one to start with
  13. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    I would think that your air should come out of the top and in the side or top to keep too much moisture from going downstream in your air system? The tank usually works like a trap to capture some of the condensation
  14. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    I think you're correct in that that it gets filled almost full water . Because it has only a tiny volume of air it doesn't take as long to get it compressed since water will not compress but air will . I will ask our mechanic he used to work at professional petroleum which was a place that built trucks, built fuel stations that type of stuff
  15. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    I would wear a cup to start with.... It must be something significant though