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  1. Best bet is to call Rollie at Herrs machine in Kansas. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have on those tests blocks or has them made he is an expert on the hydros
  2. I agree with most things happening are stupid. I don't have TV and tune out the radio in the shop for the most part. It's better that way
  3. X2 Good thing you didn't see the neighbor who recently expanded his parking lot and said to him " oh by the way I need you to sign a few things "
  4. And if you live on roads like what PennDOT has up here vehicles ride so rough you wouldn't notice it anyway
  5. All it takes is a sticky caliper and that brake will self destruct before the other side
  6. We have two of the dwarf 4way cross and a half dozen of various other apple trees. I have not picked a ripe apple yet because between the kids and the dogs they get them all knocked off before they're ready
  7. Radiator shutters . My plain C has the handle too
  8. Copper?
  9. X2 Those frame weights look like they might have helped saves a little bit of the abuse to the sides possibly
  10. Wow. Only want to have non sticking material in that
  11. Happy birthday to my northern neighbor
  12. I only know one monitor with that older Auto wrap system. The auto wrap is fairly bulletproof unless something's gets sticky in a pivot doesn't pivot it'll tie the amount of belt wraps you have set per bale consistently. The nice thing about The silage special it automatically has the wide pickup head
  13. 3 grand is a good price for that if useable. The only thing that monitor does is beep when bale starts to tie and when done tieing . We baled for years with our 640 silage special without the beeper working. Just gotta pay attention to hear the knotter arms "click" when starting to tie.
  14. F series had a splined one along with the A,B &C were splined . I am not sure what it is from
  15. On the ivt I don't have personal experience but a custom guy claimed that they are only desired to own while in warranty. He said it's $40K for an IVT and they have been going out between 6-8,000 hours. I had heard that the CNH CVT was under 20K to replace. Not sure if this is true