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  1. Tractor specs

    Show math? I don't know what I am is a 4-cylinder, right?
  2. Tractor specs

    Still, a big 4 cylinder...
  3. Tractor specs

    When I figured it, I came up with about 460 cu in.
  4. Super MTA with a factory 291

    So I just found out that a “new” MTA has come to live down the road from me. It apparently spent years as a sawmill tractor and has a 291 “from the factory.” I’ve never heard of one. Supposedly it is a late serial # and the speculation is the factory stuck a 291 engine in it because it was what they had. Now I know there was some bleed over when changing models, but an engine... Set me straight, guys, and I’ll try to get you some pictures.
  5. What should this Super C cost me?

    So...did you get it?
  6. Super MTA with a factory 291

    Went and looked. It’s a 281, seems to be in good shape, looks fine in there. The green fans at the local antique tractor pull will be none the wiser...until it goes down the track, that is!
  7. Super MTA with a factory 291

    Now that I think of it, a 6-cylinder M-type tractor would be pretty cool though...
  8. Super MTA with a factory 291

    Correction - I'm sure that it must be the 281 he means. I've seen the tractor from the road, and it sure ain't got a 6-cylinder in it. Yeah, I figured it was swapped from a 400 or something. I'll go look it over a little. I asked if the casting codes on the engine match the dates on the rest of it. He hasn't checked yet.
  9. 1066 with spare parts in hydraulic filter housing

    I agree that looks like a shift detent roller, as I have done that repair quite recently on the 706. If you guys think it could get to the filter housing, I'll buy that, since I don't know one way or the other. But something no one has mentioned ---- On a 06 (and I assume a 66) when you service the hydraulic filter, its hard to get that filter to stay in place while you put the cover back on. I guess about every single one out there has an "aftermarket improvised spacer" under the filter to hold the end up while you put the cover back on. Bolts, pieces of pipe, tubing, nuts, whatever, as long as its about 3/4" to hold the filter up. That little piece may be a shift detent roller, but it might have been intentionally put there to make changing the filter easier. Then again, a 1066 may be totally different. Just a thought.
  10. Yeah, complaining again.

    I don't know about the cars, but on the trucks, the thing is strictly aerodynamics. The way it's mounted, it seals the engine heat in more than anything. Seems like the engine, transmission, etc. would be cooler with the air moving directly against the oil pan, trans pan, etc.? I don't know, though. I'm just a fella who Appalachian-engineers stuff when it tears up....
  11. 3pt lift control on Fordson Dexta

    There isn't a draft lever that I saw. I think Eric is on the right track. I'm gonna check out that friction disk. As always, thanks guys.
  12. 3pt lift control on Fordson Dexta

    Hey guys. So, I got the Dexta home (see other post). And I really have tried to get you all some pictures. I even cleaned it up and parked it in a nice sunny spot to take some, but when I got my wife's iPhone to take 'em, the phone was smarter than me! But I will get you pictures eventually. Anyway, decided to see what the old girl would do yesterday, so I hooked her to the two bottom Dearborn plows and turned the garden. I was pleased with how well the tractor ran, and how the new 14.9 - 24 tires gripped. One thing seemed odd, though. When I lowered the plows, when the lift control got almost to the bottom, if I took my hand off it, it would fall on down, and the plows would sink to the beam. (The Dexta pulled the plows fine, but it didn't want to "subsoil" with them.) If I kept my hand on the lift control, they worked fine. Any ideas? I know the Dextas weren't that common, but I would think a MF35 or Ford 600-800-2000 would have the same type lift. Thanks in advance, as always.
  13. Yeah, complaining again.

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking. I took that crap off and left it off. Lost a mpg or two, but dang it's worth it not to have an hour and a half oil change!
  14. 3pt lift control on Fordson Dexta

    Brakes are excellent, my uncle redid them just before they quit using it.
  15. 3pt lift control on Fordson Dexta

    Wow, I just posted that from my FLIP phone! BJ, this new picture uploading is great!
  16. Firewood

    Everybody's system is different, gotta figure out what works for you. I will mention two changes I made that have saved a lot of time and work. Build a shed big enough to pile (not stack) as much wood as you'll need. This means it has to be bigger than if you are stacking in, but I have found that the dump it with the bucket/throw it off the truck method saves all that stacking time. Also, my stove is in the basement. I pull a 4X8 trailer behind the big lawn mower right up to the stove. Every 3-5 days, I take the trailer out to the shed, pile it full of wood, then pull it back into the basement and shut it off. I feed the stove right off the trailer, never unhook it from the mower. This has saved me more time than anything. Hope this all helps.
  17. What should this Super C cost me?

    That Woods mower should bring $500. I was gonna say way too high until I looked at the pictures. If all of that is included, and the tractor engine isn't stuck, pay the man his $2000 if you want the tractor.
  18. What should this Super C cost me?

    Do the fast hitch drawbar and plows go with it?
  19. 806 Shifting

    X3 what's been said. Could also be the detent roller/cam under the range cover. Anyway, when you pull the range cover off, the problem should be obvious. Parts are readily available aftermarket, or if you need the whole cover assembly, get a good rebuilt one, and no more problems. One other thing--while that cover is off, put in the park lock update kit if your tractor doesn't have it. TRUST ME ON THIS. These guys convinced me to put one in my 706 while it was apart, and WOW - BEST MONEY IVE SPENT ON THIS TRACTOR!
  20. Sad Day , Got to put German Short Hair Pointer Down

    Tough decision, but the right one. Been there. Take some comfort knowing you gave her relief from her suffering. Still sucks, though.
  21. Hey Santa.....

    Nice, low hour 856, would NF end be too much to ask?
  22. SC, C tractors

    Thing about vertigo is when you have an episode of it, you suddenly lose all sense of balance. If you're standing up, you fall over. If you're sitting, you have to grab something to keep from slumping over. See how this could be very bad if you have an attack while perched high on an old row crop Farmall, while pulling a disc or something?
  23. Bush Hog SM-60 Users?

    Never used one, but it is their "entry level" boom mower. I'd say when it says rated for 1" stuff, that's what it means. Mostly grass, weeds, small first-year saplings. For comparison, 1" cutting capacity is also what they rate their cheapest line of 3 pt. cutters, the Razorback series. Every other cutter they make is rated at least 2" capacity.