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  1. Anybody got a part number? I've called the two closest CIH dealers, and they don't have a clue what I am talking about. The way they act, you would think a 706 was in the same category of obsolete as an oil pull or a steam tractor (no offense to oil pulls or steam machines intended)!
  2. Okay, feel kinda dumb. I had left a bolt in. After that was out, it came right off! Imagine that... So the detent arm was broken on the end (part 382565R21) should anyone care. Ordering one from SMA. On the park shift kit--WHERE DO I GET IT GUYS? Thanks!
  3. Is that from the dealer or someone else?
  4. I thought about doing that while I'm into it. What parts do I need and how much did it cost to update your park lock?
  5. I'll just go ahead and get started, and you can take over when you get here...
  6. Thanks. Will try again this evenin. If you're in the area, you're welcome to stop by and help!
  7. Got a chisel under each side, so it will move 1/2 inch or so. Just don't want to force something that isn't supposed to be forced.
  8. Okay, finally got this thing in the shop. Sure enough, when I took the range shift linkage loose, the shaft coming through the range cover moves SMOOTHLY through all gear positions. So I'm thinkin broke spring in there? Anyway, I took the platform off, took the park brake linkage off, took those four short hydraulic hoses off, and took all the bolts out of the range cover. However, it doesn't seem to want to lift off. Is the cover just heavy, or is there something else I need to unhook. There is a little stubby shaft sticking up on the left side of the cover, held in place with a snap ring, that doesn't hook to anything on the top side. Do I need to take that snap ring off? I haven't, was afraid whatever that is holding in place would fall down in the belly. Anyway, what do you guys think?
  9. Kool Aid...yes...seems I remember drinking the Kool Aid.... But seriously, we've been happy. Hate it that some have had bad luck.
  10. Don't know...we have a 2014 Subaru Crosstrek with 75,000 miles, been a good vehicle except it seems to go through a lot of headlight bulbs. I change the oil every 7000 using Mobile1 0W20. Subaru oil filters. No problems so far. Knock on wood...
  11. Also, there are only a few of the newer dicamba formulations (Engenia?) that are labeled to be used on dicamba-tolerant crops, and they have much lower volatility than the older (cheaper) formulations that aren't labeled. Evidently, not everyone is remembering to use the newer, less volatile, more expensive formulations...
  12. I think the problem stems more from trying to keep track of where dicamba-tolerant beans have been planted, and where the susceptible beans are.
  13. Wow. Nice machine there. Is it a little nervy hangin back that far over the tongue when you're pullin a big disk?
  14. We have the Petsafe brand wireless fence for our border collie mix. Works well for her, once she learned the boundries, she don't test it. However, we tried it with a hound mix, and she wouldn't stay in. Mom has one for her dogs, and it works until the collar batteries die. It just varies dog-to-dog. Its a $300 gamble.
  15. Check the clearance between the underside of section knives and the guards. This should be close, like able to slide a paper in between, but not much more than that. if the holddowns or wear pads are worn out, that can cause there to be too much daylight between the guard and knife, which should act like scissors when everything is right. Hope this helps.