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  1. What should this Super C cost me?

    That Woods mower should bring $500. I was gonna say way too high until I looked at the pictures. If all of that is included, and the tractor engine isn't stuck, pay the man his $2000 if you want the tractor.
  2. What should this Super C cost me?

    Do the fast hitch drawbar and plows go with it?
  3. 806 Shifting

    X3 what's been said. Could also be the detent roller/cam under the range cover. Anyway, when you pull the range cover off, the problem should be obvious. Parts are readily available aftermarket, or if you need the whole cover assembly, get a good rebuilt one, and no more problems. One other thing--while that cover is off, put in the park lock update kit if your tractor doesn't have it. TRUST ME ON THIS. These guys convinced me to put one in my 706 while it was apart, and WOW - BEST MONEY IVE SPENT ON THIS TRACTOR!
  4. Sad Day , Got to put German Short Hair Pointer Down

    Tough decision, but the right one. Been there. Take some comfort knowing you gave her relief from her suffering. Still sucks, though.
  5. Hey Santa.....

    Nice, low hour 856, would NF end be too much to ask?
  6. SC, C tractors

    Thing about vertigo is when you have an episode of it, you suddenly lose all sense of balance. If you're standing up, you fall over. If you're sitting, you have to grab something to keep from slumping over. See how this could be very bad if you have an attack while perched high on an old row crop Farmall, while pulling a disc or something?
  7. Bush Hog SM-60 Users?

    Never used one, but it is their "entry level" boom mower. I'd say when it says rated for 1" stuff, that's what it means. Mostly grass, weeds, small first-year saplings. For comparison, 1" cutting capacity is also what they rate their cheapest line of 3 pt. cutters, the Razorback series. Every other cutter they make is rated at least 2" capacity.
  8. Baler Twine Question

    Never tried it w/ a kicker, but that 210 poly twine is tough. Only down side I have - you have to sharpen the billhook knives 4X as often as with sisal.
  9. Tire size conversion

    Also, the 13 in your number (14.9/13-24) designates the tire manufacturers' recommended rim width for that tire, although we all know that you can mount a 14.9 on several width rims. They don't put this recommendation in the same spot on newer tires, but if you look in the "fine print" its still there somewhere. So, when you see old tires with that type number, just pay attention to the first and last parts for matching up new tires. We have people come in our shop sometimes with a 3-part number like that, and they flat refuse to believe the above explanation! Go figure...
  10. Non corrosive tire ballast (fluid) ?

    We use 50/50 methanol and water. Not nearly as corrosive as CaCl, but it'll still rust one eventually.
  11. Farmall C opinions

    Got a '49 C. For us, its a great tractor for rakin hay, and moving stuff around. We've thought about getting an aftermarket 3 pt for it, but the more I check in to that, the less I think a 3 pt would work well on our tractor. Also, I don't think it would be especially well suited for adding hydraulic remotes. All that being said, if you have jobs that require a small, efficient drawbar tractor or pull type PTO machine, they can't be beat. Get it!
  12. Fordson Dexta Diesel

    Well, I called to talk to my uncle about buying the tractor, and he gave it to me! I really wasn't looking for that and was prepared to pay market price or a little more to get it. Now, I feel kind of like a heel. I'm going to take it (of course!), but I'd feel better if he would let me pay. I'll have to think of something really nice to do for him, in order to kind of thank him. You guys have any ideas? That being said, I'm pretty excited. It took considerable willpower not to hook up a trailer and drive the few hours to go get it last night!
  13. Debating about down sizing trailer

    My experience is this--nobody, especially the DOT and state troopers, agree on the laws regarding what farmers can tag/register/haul/operate/etc. There is no consistency from one state trooper to the next within a state, let alone from state to state. Maybe I'm wrong, but for my part, I'm gonna register light and play dumb until a ticket tells me to do otherwise!
  14. Fordson Dexta Diesel

    Well, if my uncle will agree to sale it, I'm going to buy it. May have to sale something else to justify it, but I'm okay with that. I'll be sure and send pics if it works out. Last I saw it, it was still original paint, always stored inside.
  15. Fordson Dexta Diesel

    Guys, I may have the opportunity to buy my grandpa's old Fordson Dexta, one that has many fond memories for me from my childhood. Its a diesel, still runs, but hasn't been used much the last 15 years or so. What do you guys think about these little tractors? This is the only one I've ever been around, and I wouldn't consider buying it except that it was his. Thanks.