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  1. Do you know which hitch/remote pump your tractor has? I think it could be a 9, 13, or 17 GPM (please correct if I am wrong). I would think the 13 or 17 should run it okay since you won't be using anything else in that hydraulic system (hitch and other remotes). I don't know if the 9 would do it. Maybe? And as everyone else has said, you won't know until you try whether the system has enough fluid capacity to dissipate the heat that pump hydraulic motor will generate. Seems like it's really two questions: Does the tractor hydraulic pump make enough GPMs to turn the sprayer pump? and Does the system have enough fluid capacity to cool the oil over time, while in operation? Simplest solution might be.... Hook 'er up and try 'er out! And best of luck!
  2. Any idea how many GPM your sprayer pump requires to operate?
  3. I think that's the compound we use also. It has an A on one can and B on the other.
  4. Yes, just to keep the compound from falling into the tire. If the hole isn't clear through, you can do without the patch.
  5. Maybe I have missed something here, but we would charge $85-150 for that type repair. Not terribly complicated or specialized to do the vulcanizing like we do it. Just grind it down to solid rubber, boot the inside, mix two ingredients for your rubber, then slap it on there (maybe a little more finesse than that). But it isn't hard or expensive to do. Just takes time. If you had the vulcanizing compound, a good tire boot, and something to grind the tire with, you could do it at home!
  6. Depending on the GPM requirements of your pump, and which one of the underpowered remote hydraulic pumps your 706 has in its guts, you MAY have problems. I find that the weakest point of my 706G is the hitch/remote hydraulic pump.
  7. Our tire shop would revulcanize that. It's worth a try, just need to clean that old repair back until you get to solid rubber. Time consuming, but not a big deal, at least it looks worth a shot from the pictures.
  8. Oh, I've got one for a C. No question they work good when set up right, sharp sickle, tight guards, etc. Just doesn't seem to be any market for them anymore. Anyone who is still using or looking for a sickle machine around here is using a belt drive, like that balance head or a NH 451.
  9. Probably not over $300-400 for the pair if operational. At least, that's what you might get around here. And that's after sitting on them awhile, I would guess. Sorry.
  10. lonelyposto, Just up Hwy 33 from ya in Union County. dhutch, PM me. Maybe this could help us both.
  11. I am sure tempted if I stumbled across the right machine, but as everyone has pointed out, a $6000 machine (which I could afford) could turn into $16000 machine (which I couldn't) in a hurry. However, there is a JD 450 with 6 way blade and winch in the family that is currently out of service. I have talked to the owner about possibly paying for the necessary repairs (since we know the history and what is wrong with it) in exchange for several hours use of it. So I guess we will see. dhutch, I am cutting a lot of fence post-sized stuff and piling it to the side for right now. The problem is, it is hard enough to justify the haul bill on good cedar saw logs, so I think I would be out of the market pricing posts unless someone was coming to pick them up. Why, you need some?
  12. So sorry for your loss. Praying for your family in this situation. For what its worth, in II Samuel 12, when David's infant son died, he said, "I cannot bring him back, but I can go to him."
  13. Is it a 3 or 4 disc?
  14. MTO, How does the 140 like that disc mower?
  15. Thanks for the response, guys. I think you all are right, I have no business being in the heavy equipment business. Got enough projects for the farm that we actually can sorta justify needing without this. Will continue to cut logs, skid w/ tractor, and leave the clearing to someone who has the equipment to get it done. All that being said, IF I was to stumble on the right tracked machine somewhere, I'd sure be tempted............You guys do make it look like a lot of fun!