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  1. Trying a few pictures

    Had that Super M on the bog harrow this weekend. Wish I could have taken pictures of that, talk about a workout for the old tractor! Big, heavy bog on hilly ground, you turn uphill and the governors really open up! Had to stretch her legs and try her out, though. See, there's a tractor pull next week, and these still-workin Farmalls have to show up to educate the not-been-hooked-to-an-implement-in-3-decades green tractors on how to pull. And theres a few more red tractors hiding in barns, next time I "borrow" the wifes phone I will put up some more pictures.
  2. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    While the JD is at the shop, the Simplicity has also gone down. I am back to the Snapper rear engine rider that Dad bought about 30 years ago, and that we have always kept around as a back up. I don't think its ever been out of commission in 30 years! (But it is so slow and uncomfortable...) But dependable? You better believe it.
  3. Trying a few pictures

    Yeah, it got center cab mounts last winter. Before that, it had 2x4's between the frame and cab!
  4. Trying a few pictures

    '68 F350 with the original 360 in it. Its a work in progress.
  5. Trying a few pictures

    About an hour north of Knoxville.
  6. Trying a few pictures

    Few more.
  7. Trying a few pictures

    And 125 bales per load.
  8. Trying a few pictures

    Thanks guys. It's a 706G, a Super M, a Super MTA, and a C. That is a 64 rake. Sadly, no dolly wheel.
  9. Trying a few pictures

    Thought I would try uploading a few pictures with the wife's phone. This was us during first cutting. Let me know how they turn out and I will try some more.
  10. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    I'm takin the 318 to a guy that may be able to fix the block. You guys have got me scared to purchase new!
  11. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    I would consider the zero turn but for a couple reasons--the yard is level enough, but when I mow around barns and such, I get into what we call "sidling" ground (aka steep). Also, I don't know if the zero turn would pull the firewood trailer all that well. BTY, I was at the Deere dealer yesterday and told him I needed to replace a 318. He showed me the X700s...nice machines, but out of my price range!
  12. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    So I have posted this here in the Coffee Shop because I know some of you are like me and don't venture to the cub page often, but I also know almost every one of you has a lawn mower or 3. So my old John Deere 318 has reached the end of its life (cracked block, cant find one to fix). I have been using a Simplicity Sovereign which is hydrostatic and a nice enough machine. However, previous owner was not good to it and it leaks and uses a lot of oil. Now, I have a small yard, takes 20 minutes to mow with the 42" deck on the Simplicity (small yard = larger hayfield, good math!) and I will mow around barns, sheds, garden every 3 weeks or so (maybe 1.5 hours). The most important task it performs, though, is pulling a 4X8 trailer loaded with firewood (500lb?) into the basement every 3-4 days in the winter. The John Deere was perfect, the Simplicity just okay at this. So I want to get something to replace the JD, sale the JD318 for parts, and also sale the Simplicity while it has some value. Came up with the perfect solution--get a Cub 154 Lo-Boy! Until I told my wife. She kindly pointed out to me that while I would LOVE running the new 40 year old machine, SHE might prefer something a little easier to mow our small yard with, something hydrostatic, maneuverable, etc. So I need advice. New John Deere mowers of a large enough size are $3500-5000. New Cub Cadets $2750-4500. New MTDs $2000-3500. Now I don't mind buying something used, like a Cub 149, but I know nothing about them, and I want reliable and dependable. I know and expect to spend time working on our tractors, mowers, haybines, rakes, tedders, balers, loaders, tillers, trailers, wagons, chainsaws, 4wheelers, vehicles, etc, etc, etc. When I come in to mow the yard, it would be really nice to just turn the key on and mow. So...advice? Thanks, as always.
  13. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Wow, you got it running and didn't try to move it until you do the due diligence to make sure every system checks out ok! That is some kind of patience you've got, friend. Me, I couldn't have resisted the temptation.
  14. Old Intl Crawler TD???

    Chris, thank you for asking the IMPORTANT question--does it move under its own power yet?! And were you able to switch it over to diesel? But seriously, congrats on getting her to start. Bet that was a satisfying moment.
  15. Bad Condensor???

    Also (and this seems simple. so you may have done this already) check for a bare place in a plug wire. Had a C to do what you are describing, and it turned out to be a plug wire boot that was worn very thin. Run fine when cold, once the thing was hot, it would fall on its face.