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  1. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    I agree, it looks like a booger to get on and off the tractor with it on there. Dennis, you speak like you've had a bad experience. Do I remember right that you tried to run a tiller behind your C?
  2. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    There is for sale on the local Craigslist a 3 pt hitch for a C or Super C. The guy has pictures of it on and off the tractor, and it looks like a complete, and nicely done, hitch. He wants $350. We have a C that is very handy for lots of reasons - it always starts, nimble, easy on gas, you all understand. However, like the M's we have, it just has a drawbar, and that sort of limits what you can do with it. Now, I don't have a particular task in mind, or implement that I would used behind it with the hitch, but I'm thinking it would be nice to have if these hitches work well. I understand no draft control and all that, just wondering if anyone has a 3 pt hitch on a C, and if so, do you like it? Do you ever actually use it?
  3. Rebuilding steering valve JD 318

    The seal kit from Deere didn't show up until yesterday. My dealer told me last week, "Oh, we ordered those, but Deere must have lost the order. We'll order them again for you." Yeah. I said, "What should I do if the first one you ordered also shows up?" (Pause) Local dealer says, "I don't much think it will show up." Anyway, may tackle that tonight when I get home.
  4. Explosion on New Years

    We had this happen about a month or so ago. Loud boom in the middle of the night, woke us up, shook the house. Numerous reports in a 10 mile radius. Never did figure it out.
  5. Cold start. Who want some

    Luckily, we have a couple of the gas-start diesel Fords. Never hear of 'em? Work great, no matter the temperature. Here's the starting procedure, if you are interested. 1. Pull choke out on Farmall C or M. 2. Engage starter on Farmall C or M. 3. Push in choke. 4. Hook chain from running Farmall C or M to desired Ford diesel tractor. 5. Pull Ford diesel tractor to top of hill. ... I feel I should leave out the rest of the steps, as I don't want to put anyone in the operators manual business out of a job.
  6. Rebuilding steering valve JD 318

    Thanks, guys. Found a manual online from Parker. Doesn't look like it will be too bad, unless I drop a tiny spring or something on the floor and it "disappears." I have a seal kit on the way from Deere. $89 with my great discount! (sarcasm) That Cub Cadet forum looks really neat, but I wasn't able to find any search feature on it, and I didn't feel like browsing through all those pages! Am I missing something?
  7. Rebuilding steering valve JD 318

    So the recently resurrected John Deere 318 has been home a few weeks now, and overall I’m pleased with how it’s doin. However, the other day while hauling firewood into the basement, I noticed that it was leaking hydraulic fluid from under the steering wheel. A little searching online lead me to the conclusion that one or more seals in the Parker steering valve had shot its wad. I’ve got the thing out, which wasn’t too bad, just not much extra room there. (Now I gotta tell you, the folks over on the green forums must not have to deal with very complex mechanical problems very often. They made removal of the valve from the tractor sound about on the same level of difficulty as rebuild a engine at night with no flashlight and only a crescent wrench to work with! But I digress...) Anyway, any of you ever replaced the seals in one of these Parker units? Looks like Deere is the only place with the seal kit. Anyway, any tips for me? It’s a good cold day project, especially where I’ve got it parked!
  8. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    Be careful with that brake cleaner. It doesn’t mix well with fire.
  9. weed control without spraying

    I agree with what has been said already. Couple of things to add - some weeds are weeds of opportunity. By thickening the grass, you can outcompete them. Also, checking pH and adjusting if necessary will help thicken a stand of grass. Fescue can sometimes be thickened up by using a field aerator, and he could add orchardgrass, ryegrass, or clover with a no-till drill. All of these will help with "weeds of opportunity." On the other hand, if these are aggressive, invasive weeds, you can't really get rid of them without either tillage or chemicals. Really need to know what weeds are there, and make decisions from there. Hope this helps.
  10. M or SM, based on ID plate

    The disk brakes almost never work well on a tractor that you pull out of a barn where it's been setting for 40 years. The band brakes often work fine on a tractor that hasn't moved in several decades. Of course, you can rebuild the disk brakes and they will work good, but if the tractor isn't one that is used fairly often (and most of these aren't anymore) they seem to revert to their misbehaving ways pretty quickly. Whatever you do, don't lock those brake pedals together until you've tested both brakes and adjusted them to each other. Then afterwards, keep an eye on them as I would suspect they won't wear/change at the same rate. Good way to find yourself in a ditch somewhere.
  11. Gas vs Diesel Fuel Consumption

    Don’t know about the bigger gas engines but my 706 has the 263. When I bought it everybody said I wouldn’t be able to keep gas in it. However I have been extremely happy with it. For light duty work I can get fuel consumption down to 2-3 gallons per hour. You have to really work the snot out of it to get above 5. Anyway don’t know how different the larger gassers would be, but if I were in your position with my 706, I would rebuild the 263, hands down no question about it.
  12. Finally got the JD 318 fixed

    Nah, you've got a 706G to mow your lawn with...
  13. Finally got the JD 318 fixed

    So after an arduous series of events, I have the JD 318 back and it is operational! I kept trying to replace it and you all kept telling me to fix it or I would regret it and I must admit, you were right. The saga of getting it back was an epic that included an aircraft mechanic, a minivan, a Christmas parade, a nice lawn mower enthusiast and selling the thing outright then buying it back. But it's worth it. Now I have a "tractor" that belonged to each of my grandfathers.
  14. April of '14 for me. I agree, this is the only civilized meeting place on the internet. And not a more helpful group out there either. My wife makes fun of my relationship with my "internet tractor friends," as she calls you. But I consider you all just that - friends.
  15. Tractor specs

    Show math? I don't know what I am is a 4-cylinder, right?