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  1. Prayers to any in that area.
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. Lost interest in Nascar when he passed away.
  4. Disked up about 25 acres of beach ridge today. This stuff is really light but was still wet enough.
  5. Wow
  6. Still sitting in Northern Ohio. Had 6-8 tenths last night.
  7. Just google auctionzip.com. When the page is up just follow blue header to the right and put 1225 for auctioneer number.
  8. Open station 3088 with 890 hrs on it. Garrettsville Ohio . On auctionzip.com under auctioneer # 1225
  9. Any bets on what she brings. I say $15,500
  10. Go to the auctionzip.com listing and look at the photos. Looks right to me. All the plastic enclosure for the ROPS is intact/
  11. 986 with ROPS and 1027 hrs on it. Can see on auctionzip use 9848 for auctioneer. Sharp tractor near Harrison Ohio.
  12. doubt you could wear enough hearing protection to drown that out.
  13. Don't know what type of wood the hitch is made of but they made kindling out of it in a heart beat.
  14. Talk about a needle in a haystack.
  15. We run a 900 12 row with the standard monitor. When you first turn monitor on it runs a diagnostic for all the rows and hopper monitor. When a row fails I check the main harness connection first. if no change go to the failed row and check the connection there.If it still fails take your bottle brush and run it up thru the bottom of the seed sensor to see if that fixes it. if all that fails the row sensor is bad. I would get a brand new row sensor and use it to check every row to see if that fixes the problem.