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  1. She sat for a couple of hrs to cool down. Pulled the dip astick only oil on it. Check radiator still could see water. Started it up and she sounds fine . No missing, exhaust is clear. So I unload the mixer real quick. A bit over 5 minutes at 1000-1500 rpm and the temp climbed again. Will wait a while to get last 200 lbs out of mixer. Then unhook and put 1086 on the mixer.i am leaning towards stuck t-stat.
  2. Tractor got warm yesterday when I was mowing ditch banks. The outer screen got covered with crap. Cleaned that and she cooled down somewhat. I can see thru the radiator so it is not plugged up. Went to grind some feed this morning and she pumped coolant out the over flow. You could hear the coolant in the radiator. Any suggestions?
  3. Looking at buying an 856 and hauling it 150 miles or so. Don't want to buy a trailer. Just want to know what would be safe to haul the tractor on. Best route is to find a company to haul it I suppose.
  4. How heavy a trailer would be required to safely haul an 856 with duals and a full rack of weights? No cab.
  5. Anyone ever replace one? Just how hard it is to remove the stuff under the deck.
  6. Will have to measure the rims. Thanks for posting.
  7. Looks to located in BFE.
  8. I looked at the duals on the 1086 and there is very little area to hook the rollers onto. FixUp how much lip does the 5288 dual have? Talking on the side toward the tractor.
  9. Missing some windows and has a string to injector pump to act as the throttle.
  10. Anyone use one of these to put you duals on? Has two arms with two wheels on each arm to grab the rim with. Rim turns on wheels to align the bolt holes.
  11. What does the forecast look like?
  12. yep Fort Wayne is a nice show. Used to be many of the vendors at the Power Show were also at The Farm Science Review. But not so much lately. Just to expensive to trans port large machinery to the show.
  13. Up to about 12 grand now.
  14. Yep the one at the end of January.
  15. After 47 years the show has met its fate. Starting out as mainly ag related stuff. It turner into a landscaper show as of late. Will miss it though.