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  1. 20' 5400 drill

    We run a 15 ft 5400 and a yetter 6300 cart. Have no problems with the 1086 and 1586, Rented a 5400 with blujet cart and hated that dern thing.
  2. 756 aftermarket cab

    Looks to be a Year Round cab judging buy the last photo.
  3. 756 aftermarket cab

    Who made an cab for a 756 that would fit between the flattop fenders?
  4. 10 ton bottle jack

    What is a good brand?
  5. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    Just move enough dirt so that the corn residue stays in place. Or you might have a neighbor take your name in vain when he is trying to notill beans into about 6 inches of your corn fodder that the wind blew into the edge of their field..
  6. It’s that time of the year again

    Started on the last 190 acres or so. Using a 2366 shell and 1586 to pull 400 bushels at a time. Was a nice day sunny and little wind.
  7. Gravity grain spreader

    Talking one like in Shoups catalog. The moving grain makes it spin. Need to replace a couple spreaders.
  8. IH socket set

    I gotta ask what did you pay for the set?
  9. Who needs this!

    Still a crappy machine.
  10. Missouri auction

    Sullivan Auctioneers has a sale Dec 2 with the numero uno 1976 1486. Plus some other nice IH tractors.
  11. Kilbros 1400 graincart.

    Broke the shear bolt on the bottom auger in the tank. Anyone ever replace this bolt?
  12. A bit of rain here.

    Between Friday night and Saturday I dumped out 3.2 inches. Just a tad soggy now.
  13. A bit of rain here.

    2 1/2 inches in Seneca County Ohio. Did manage to get last 20 acres of beans done yesterday. About 200 of corn left.
  14. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    In my thinking this was not about what Trump said at all. But to protect Obozos ass for trading hardcore ISIS members for this snowflake deserter.
  15. It is on auctiontime so for the right price it can be yours.