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  1. There is a 1666 black strip on www.farmersfastline.com for $8500. open station but no canopy.
  2. Bitty how fast can you run the merger?
  3. RKO you seem to forget that the expenses a trucking company incurs gets passed on to the customers. With the farmer everything come out of his or her pocket.
  4. I always hate driving farm equipment on state routes. People are such a-holes.
  5. Turning that will be fun. I would leave it on the cart and let it take the abuse
  6. Is there a featured tractor ?
  7. Can remembers walking into the shop of two brothers that farmed. There sat a brand new Black Stripe 766 and flat fold 8 row cultivator.
  8. Dry hear too. Finished planting corn and beans last Thursday and Friday. Supposed to have a chance of thunder bumpers next few days. Got my fingers crossed that we get some rain.
  9. where are the markers?
  10. Hope you get-r-done.
  11. Finished corn on 6-8-17 at about 6:00 and finished beans on 6-9-17 at about 9:40 at night. Now if we can just get some rain.
  12. Oil and temp seem to be working fine. it is the 8000 revs and 8000 degree pyro. Along with screwed up pto and mgh speeds. Will try your fix.
  13. We could use a good shower about now. Still have corn and beans to plant but what we have planted needs a drink.
  14. All the digital info is wrong. Bounces all over the place any ideas?
  15. Near Miller Mo. Can see on auctionzip.com just plug in 41279 for the auctioneer number.