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  1. 527 DMI

    What you going to pull it with?
  2. 730c

    Takes about 50 horses per shank.
  3. corn is late , really late

    What are you shelling with?
  4. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    I figure you would probably have that much in parts to get back to proper shape. Are the parts for the left throwing bottoms available?
  5. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    Well it for between $4500-$5000. Could use all new metal.
  6. Trying to get the wheat drilled in before the rain!

    Got about 180 acres to go and have not run an acre of beans yet.
  7. corn is late , really late

    !15.1 I would have had the pedal to the metal on that stuff. Doubt if ours is below 25% now.
  8. 2188 led lights

    Try Larson Lights for LEDs. Got some for the 1086 and 1586 in early summer.
  9. Hydro 84

    Yep could be had with a cab. We watched one sell at a county auction several years ago. Went for $2000 with loader and hydro that slipped when warm. Was a township tractor so was a little rough.
  10. Hydro 84

    Bet that is handy as can be.
  11. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    Is having coulters on the plow not common?
  12. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    Should a 1586 handle this plow fairly well?
  13. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    Can you run the duals when they are set for 30 inch rows?
  14. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    How much front end weight do you with a plow like this?
  15. Pulling ripper with 1086

    Have you moved the draft control lever?