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  1. 756 Gasser Tune-Up Update

    Yes - got spark and have the plugs in proper order per the manual and cap - which is why it's not firing. To explain, here is part of a post/reply I just made on YT... "Had some time to tinker with it a bit ago. Keep in mind that aside from the smokey gas motor in need of a rebuild, it seems like a sound machine - new to me, but clearly neglected by the previous owner IMHO. Abused, I can't tell, but based on the condition of the plugs/wires, points, just little things like that - just not maintained and that's no dig on the previous owner, it is what it is. Having said that, as smokey as the engine is - it has been a quick starter in the months I've owned it. A real easy starter, hot or cold. So a surprise when I put new everything electrical on the points/spark plug side, but I wired it back per the manual.... While working on another part of the farm today, I got to thinking, one of the plug wires, the #1 may have been in the #5 socket on the distributor cap, but couldn't remember for sure. So when I came-in, I took all the wires loose from the distributor and starting rotating the position of the wiring sequence, i.e. #1 in the #2 and #2 in #3 and so on - trying to start each time until I had rotated everything via the #1 wire to the #6. If that makes sense. Bottom line - it fired off and ran, though rough, with all the wires rotated in order with the #1 wire in the #5 position - just as I thought I remembered. I was glad to hear it run as it validated everything from from the coil to the plugs were working. Soooooo - I've never really tinkered with timing an engine with a distributor. Got a timing light. How do I get this thing back to square one, where the #1 cylinder is top dead center at the same time as the rotor pointing to the #1 position on the distributor cap? I've got the owner's manual and an IT manual - I'll be reading and googling tonight." Thanks again for everyone's help - any sage advice is much appreciated!
  2. 756 Gasser Tune-Up Update

    No joy... Replaced the new coil which was 12V with a 6V, the exact IH part number replacement. Got spark across the points, but no fire. Replaced the new condenser with another new one, won't fire. Replaced the wire from the coil to the new distributor cap, good connection and no fire. Got gas to the carb. Drove the tractor to the spot where I'm working on it, no issues, only replaced plugs, points, i.e. tune-up parts and the tractor won't fire or even misfire on any cylinder. I'm thinking the plug wires are not going to the right plug - though everything is wired per the manual - pic attached. I understand the firing order off the distributor and the cap is marked as such. Question is - is the 1-6 sequential plug numbering on the engine correct per the manual left to right? The distributor cap is what mixes-up the firing order - right? Similar post on YT Thanks! Bill
  3. 756 Gasser Tune-Up Wowes....

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Understand the need for a 6V coil now. Went to NAPA and their book recommended an IC9 coil. It is discontinued. Can someone recommend a suitable cross for this coil? BTW - looked at the CaseIH website exploded parts list and they don't show a section with the coil. There is one for the 706, but not the 756 or 856 gas. Can't explain! Thanks!
  4. 756 Gasser Tune-Up Wowes....

    A little time today before baling some squares and I pulled the gas 756 out to do a tune-up on it. New plugs, solid core wires, new distributor cap, dust cover, rotor, condenser and points. Also put on a new ignition coil as the tractor would occasionally just shut-off when warm and all signs pointed to this. Old plugs were fouled bad. Old wires were on bad shape too. Points pitted too. However it started and ran..... With the new stuff in place, the tractor will not fire. Couple of questions. Ignition coil - negative side should go to the distributor? Should it be a 6 or 12 volt coil? External resistor is somewhere in the wiring harness under the dash? The old coil is an IH coil, p/n 396546-R93. It says on the label 12V with RES, or 6V. The coil I bought (or was given at the parts counter) is a 12V no resistor. What is the correct ignition coil for this tractor? I've got plenty of gas and air, but no spark as best as I can tell. Any ideas as to what's wrong? It will be next week before I can look at the tractor again. i was kind of hoping to put this tractor on my JD348 baler with wagon in tow, didn't work out. Haying is over for us this year, maybe 2018. Thanks!
  5. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    BTW - what got me interested in these tractors, beyond the curiosity of them was an online auction. It just ended and there were 3 CaseIH tractors in it. Here is the link, curious if anyone here bid/won or thoughts on prices given condition and hours. http://farmer.rasmuscatalog.com/cgi-bin/mmlist.cgi?farmer11/category/ALL
  6. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    So these tractors sound pretty much the same basic design across the years, IH or CaseIH - even to some extent (Perkins diesel) in the McCormick versions. Having said that - when buying a old square baler, I kind of feel it's more about condition than age. I guess the same would hold true with these tractors, including the 74 series (?) given their similarities? Thanks again for everyone's replies - very good info.
  7. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Thanks everyone! What kind of hours can you roll up on these tractors before you start having engine, clutch, etc issues?
  8. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Where is the button to engage the electric T/A - on the dash, beside the steering wheel - RH or LH side?
  9. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Here is the link again, you might have to cut and paste it to get to the 4 page pdf ------http://www.farmingahead.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/FA122-13.pdf.pdf----
  10. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Found this article on the CaseIH tractors surfing today... I was surprised some of these tractors had a T/A. I never knew the English built utilities offered this. Also thought the 85 series was identical to the IH 84 series, different front sheet metal - but when the CaseIH name came, the 84 series became 85 series with no real design changes - which sounds right? But I was thinking the 95 series were redesigned to some extent, i.e. parking brake issues, different tranny, etc - however, The 95 series, per this article looks like a clone to the 85 series. Any advantage to buying an 84 vs 85 vs 95 series? The 695 looks like a good square baling tractor at 61 PTO hp, powerful, but looks nimble and maybe thrifty on fuel. Electronic T/A kinda scares me, as well as parking brake repair issues. Parts - good availability? Just reading, learning and window shopping about these tractors on a cold rainy day.... Thanks!
  11. 756 Gasser Tune-Up

    One thing I couldn't get my hands on yesterday was a new distributor cap, IH p/n 368062R1 or CashIH p/n 21A462. Is this distributor cap exclusive to IH or is there a cross to a gas 6 cylinder, tractor, car or truck make? I've googled, but come up empty.
  12. 756 Gasser Tune-Up

    Over the summer, I'd be running the tractor and occasionally it would just die. Starts right back up - makes me nervous.... Gas flow from the tank to carb is good. I believe the coil is getting hot and cutting out, so while I'm doing everything else, I want to try another coil. Thanks!
  13. 756 Gasser Tune-Up

    If time permits today, I'm going to attempt a tune-up on my 756 gasser with C291 engine. It's been a long time since I did points on something other than a lawnmower. Last time was with my first car, a Scout 800A with a 196 cu-in 4 cylinder. Couple of questions: 1. I gather timing is set at high idle, which is 2530 rpms per my manual. If I put the throttle lever on this tractor as far as it will go to the left, I'm at about 2100 rpms per the tach. Is the tach a reliable measure of rpms or do I need to find an hand held tach? How do you adjust the high idle rpms? 2. I never tinkered with the timing on my old Scout, maybe I should have. On that engine, if I remember right, I rotated the engine until the point gap was max and set the points gap there. Help me understand setting the points gap and timing, i.e. 18 degs in this engine. Is changing the timing a simple matter of loosening the distributor and rotating it slightly until the timing light flashes on the 18 deg mark? 3. I've got a new coil, no internal resistor. I believe this is right? I'm sure I'll think of something else and post again. Any other sage advice is appreciated.
  14. Cummins 3.9 in 756

    Thanks everyone - I appreciate the replies!
  15. Cummins 3.9 in 756

    Considering my back-up option on the rebuild of my 756 gasser - if the cost is close. I get the impression that a 5.9 is the most talked about repower, but might be overkill for a 756. What about the 3.9L Cummins diesel into a 756 gasser? I think Leamans has an adapter kit that fits both the 5.9 and 3.9 engines. My thought is a 3.9L might be lower cost as I gather it is not as coveted as the 5.9 ? Also the 3.9L is shorter and with it might fit-up better lengthwise and possibly keep the sheet metal and frame rails original? Anyone put a 3.9L Cummins in a gas or diesel 706 or 756? I'd like to retain the same PTO hp or maybe gain a bit, not interested in pulling or blowing the rear. Just want a nice haying/chore tractor. Still of the mind I'll rebuild the C291, but again, if a diesel swap is close in cost, might move in that direction.