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  1. When reading posts regarding the frame rails on a 756 gasser, the frame rails are longer than the diesel? When you swap in a diesel, the rear engine flange 358, 360, etc., are thicker and when you bolt everything up, it pushes the frame rails and front out some 1-1/2 inches and with that screws up the sheet metal fit and who knows what else. Sounds like Leaman's rear plate (for a Cummins 5.9) is milled thinner to match the C291's rear plate thickness and no frame/sheet metal fit issues. Question is - why couldn't you just cut down the frame length when swapping in a diesel?
  2. 766 Gas to Diesel

    What about a Cummins 5.9 swap with Leaman's adapters?
  3. 986 Questions

    Thanks everyone, great info. Might ought to consider an 886 with cab too as I gather it has a D360 wet sleeved engine related to the 400 engine series. Thanks again!
  4. 986 Questions

    I really appreciate the replies to my posts over the weekend. Kind of enlightened and familiarized with the later 400 series wet sleeved engines used in the 66 and 86 series tractors. One thing that surprised me was the positive comments regarding the 86 series and their cabs. I was of the impression the cabs were cramped, uncomfortable and the shifters difficult at best. I was thinking a 66 series, probably a 966 open station tractor might be the next IH. But reading about the 986 and the potential for a decent cab - especially for discbine duty where rocks can shoot out towards the driver has my attention! so I wanted to ask a few questions. Firstly - looking at tractordata, IH sold more 1086 tractors than the 986 - probably double the number. I've also gleaned from some comments that while the 1086 could be be drastically turned up, not so many 986 tractors got the same treatment and if they did, the rear end wouldn't take it, plus it is a Cat 2 tractor whereas the 1086 is Cat 3 and the 1086 would have been the hard labor tractor in the field. Folks tell me that the gasser in my 756 never made enough hp to hurt the rear end. Is this the case with the 986? Not enough hp there to damage the drive train - whereas a turned up 1086 could bust up the rear end? We're these 986 tractors used until the guts were pulled out of them like a 1086 or did farmers know not to go there with this model? Tell me about the cab. Are these things comfortable, good heating and cooling or are they a loud uncontrollable vibrating rattle can like the hardtop on my old Scout 800A ? Can you get in these cabs without ear plugs and hear a radio? I know it's not a car, but curious as to how advanced the cab on the 86 series were to earlier IH cabs and even JD's soundgard cab of the day. Shifting linkage. How much trouble is this, hanging in a gear or range and is there a long term fix? T/A's strong, reliable? Is a split necessary to service, repair or replace? We're the 986 tractors design constant through their run or continuous changes that would make a parts counter person cringe at the mention of 986? I'm beginning to think a 986 with a cab might make a nice haying tractor that is relatively affordable. School me on a 986 with a cab - the good, bad and ugly. Thanks again!!!!!!
  5. 756 Build-Out

    The hatchery is still there, not the same as it was back in the 70's - budget cuts and frankly, the lack of folks fishing, have took a toll IMHO. I don't recognize the names you mentioned. We're not in Paint Bank, but it's the biggest intersection close enough by, so I use it for a pin point reference. They do have a decent resturant. https://www.theswingingbridge.com Sometimes I get in there for a breakfast when they first open in the morning - before the tourists get over the mountains to it. I take my tablet and read while loading up on eggs and sausage.... It's especially nice in the winter when the fire place is going full blast. After I eat, generally I go back to the farm for a days hard labor!
  6. 756 Build-Out

    It is - I had a call on it from down your way last week. Was it you?
  7. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    A 9 or 10 ft discbine is all we would need, no more than 100 hp. I think my 70 PTO hp 756 gasser will handle a 9ft discbine without issues. I think I'd prefer an open station tractor - reading, I'm really liking the sound of a 966. I guess the 986 with a cab would be nice, but I've read a lot of shifting/linkages with them and have concerns about the actual comfort of the cab. Noisy? AC effective? How much does a cab interfere with maintenance/repair. Maybe I should rethink a cab'd 986. Thanks!
  8. 756 Build-Out

    Haven't really thought about a combine engine. Honestly, around these mountains of VA, I'm not sure there's ever been an IH combine, unless on a truck passing through - LOL. However much thanks for the tip. Something to consider.
  9. 756 Build-Out

    Yep - I think a diesel conversion could be a mess. It sounds like Leaman has it worked out though for the Cummins 5.9 into a 706 or 756 with adapter plates that allow the engine to fit with existing sheet metal and frame rails. Linkages, fuel tank mods - don't know....
  10. 756 Build-Out

    Yea - that's what I was thinking. I really like the Leamans kit as it looks like a straight bolt-up to a Cummins without having to alter the sheet metal. They show a new radiator with the in/outlets correct for a Cummins. Not sure about all the linkages, fuel tank interference or other fit-up issues. Perhaps Leaman can chime-in on this thread. I'm not going to commit financial subside over this 756 and unless a Cummins swap can be done for the same price (absolutely knowing the Cummins going in is a good engine), then I'd consider it. I think my 4K hr 756 gasser is as good a chassis/drive train to preserve vs taking a risk on a $7-10k diesel tractor that might need tranny work as expensive as an engine rebuild. It's good to know it's the same an 856 from the engine back. In all likely hood, I'll keep it original and take my chances with a gas rebuild. I think my next/2nd IH will be a wet sleeved open station 966. Thanks!
  11. 756 Build-Out

    Did a search on a 792 and kind of came up empty. Tell me about these and which engine?
  12. 756 Build-Out

    I've seen the Leamans install kit. Kind of wish they'd answer the phone...🤔
  13. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    Thanks everyone - EXCELLENT info, very much appreciated. These 400 series engines, 414/436, parts availability good long term? Sounds like you can convert the internals to a 466 if push ever came to shove for parts. Can these 400 series be rebuilt inframe like the DT466 in some trucks? Water filter - anyone have a pic of what this looks like and where it's located on the tractor? Were they standard or an after thought by IH?
  14. 756 Build-Out

    Gas rebuild is the first option. Diesel swap is an interesting conversation. I put up another post regarding easier to rebuild engines, diesel in the Coffee Shop section. I like the sound of the 966's diesel for potential rebuilds. My big concern with a diesel swap in the 756 is if the diesel isn't up to snuff, then you've got the cost of the diesel and the swap and a diesel rebuild on top of that. More than anything, I just like the idea of an IH tractor having an IH engine, so if I keep the 756, I'll do the engine and see how it goes. But I wouldn't mind having a 966 as I like the open station platform, fenders and shifting pattern like my 756. Again - just window shopping for now. Thanks!
  15. 756 Build-Out

    Cold as heck here, soon as it warms, it'll be muddy, so enjoying The heat from a hot wood stove and thinking about my 756 gas - window shopping.... At minimum, I'm going to have the engine rebuilt or sale it and find something else. If I fell into a deal on a 5.9 Cummins and could figure out how to installs it looked factory, I'd consider it. I've read the Cummins really wakes up these 56 and 06 series tractors, but I think I'd be happy with a gas rebuild too. I have a New Holland 68 square baler (back-up now to a JD348) and when I was looking for it, I had my mind set on a New Holland 273. What I found were ragged out 273's for $1800-$2500 and up and they needed probably $1000 in repairs on top of that. I found a NH68 that was retired to a barn for some 20+ years in good shape for $550. I probably spent $1000 on it, including tires and a wagon hitch, and it's a good (but slow) square baler. I've got less in the 68 with a refurb than one of those ragged out 273 baler's. I said all that to say this..... I see 856, 826, 966, 986 IH tractors with high hours (8-10,000) hrs for sale $7k and easily over $10K - before any repairs, rebuilds, etc that could consume even more $$$'s. I've got minimal $$$'s in my gas 756, but it needs an engine rebuild or replacement. I'm thinking my 4,000 hr 756 has a lot of life left in the drive train vs higher hr tractors. Like my old 68 baler, I'm thinking I could update/upgrade my 756 and have a better tractor for the same $$$'s. I gather the 756 is the same tractor from the engine back as an 856 - which is a stout tractor with around 100 PTO hp and I think an 856 equal to the 966? Comparable to a 986??? Don't know, but close in PTO hp? I'm interested in highest practical PTO hp (gas rebuild or Cummins replacement) for discbine duty and as much weight as possible for some moderate hills we've got. So how do I transform my 756 gasser from a good haying tractor to a great haying tractor with some weight thrown-in? I'm OK with a gas rebuild, intrigued with a Cummins swap, would like to get the weight up for traction on the rear and weights on the front to keep the front end down when pulling a square baler with wagon in tow up a bit of a slope? Can I get the 756 into the weight of an 856, 966? I think hp is what it is with the gasser, to bring the tractor into the 856/966 league is an engine transplant. I'm I correct to assume (especially with a gasser) a 4K hr 756 gas tractor has probably not been used as hard as its German diesel counterpart with 9 or 10K hrs and has more drive train life/reliability left - making for a good candidate to upgrade? Thanks and stay warm!