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  1. 5488 sentry problem

    Also check clutch switch and make sure batteries are fully charged
  2. Should I ?

    I concur
  3. What's Your Heritage?

    Maltese, both sides of grandparents with my parents came to Australia after WW2. Like the German High command said nothing else to bomb in Malta.

    Difference between justice and the law is a baseball bat
  5. 5288 Compliance Plate

    No way had it since 2004, been pretty good only major thing done to it is sentry all other stuff the usual maintenance. It was in the last 50 built. Just run in 5,545 hours
  6. 5288 Compliance Plate

    On my 5288 FWD tractor I have an R stamped on the compliance plate. Would anyone know what this means
  7. Why/where are the other countries?

    I was waiting for that. There is still the underarm incident
  8. Harvesting in Europe

    Must be pretty busy, I took a picture of a Claas header at the Arc de Triumph Paris
  9. Why/where are the other countries?

    Everyone forgets New Zealand
  10. 5488 front diff slip additive

    What is slip additive? Does it go in hubs or differential
  11. Remember this old 88 series literature

    It is a pain in the backside, still do not know how you can use it with a loader, maybe with the joystick is in your mouth
  12. Remember this old 88 series literature

    I have only got 2 different shades of red, yours must be special
  13. 5088 fan blade

    Has anyone tried a thermofan?
  14. Craigslist Scam??

    I am still waiting for you to send details so I can send that cheque
  15. 5288 Vibration

    If you turned them around that would have solved it, it would only do it in reverse