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  1. I am still waiting for you to send details so I can send that cheque
  2. If you turned them around that would have solved it, it would only do it in reverse
  3. I am doing mine another 2 weeks. I usually go 150mm or 6 inches with reo
  4. It is easy how to make a small fortune from a large fortune Just spend more to make less, that is economics.
  5. Blocked radiator, bad hoses caving in, thermostat.
  6. Here in Australia we do a fair bit of direct drilling, we had exceptionally wet season last year causing ground to be a bit tighter due to the running of stock on it when wet.
  7. Ended up being the new tyres on tractor gripping.
  8. could be a blocked radiator
  9. Have a 5288 International MFWD 5500 hours and has intermittent vibration straight line and turning with and without FWA, when sowing with a tyned implement, was wondering could it be harmonic balancer. Thanks
  10. I have one thing to say, farming is subsidised food production. who wants to pay for food. Supermarkets here in Australia have milk wars, **** water is worth more than milk.
  11. Bad luck if you had a flat battery
  12. Does it make much difference in extreme conditions which oil you use eg -3 celcius to 45 celcius
  13. Like the mirrors , what are they from?
  14. 1984 5288 MFWD 46th last one built 5460 hours. Starting to see a few in clearing sales.
  15. I was wondering what the **** what a hammer strap was, I have not seen an Australian tractor not have one.