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  1. Does it make much difference in extreme conditions which oil you use eg -3 celcius to 45 celcius
  2. Like the mirrors , what are they from?
  3. 1984 5288 MFWD 46th last one built 5460 hours. Starting to see a few in clearing sales.
  4. I was wondering what the **** what a hammer strap was, I have not seen an Australian tractor not have one.
  5. Putting on a camera sounds easier
  6. I thought this was the site we complained about bad tractors
  7. Newtons law, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction?
  8. Led lights makes night into day, less tiring when driving at night
  9. I would ask them to write down serial number to make 100% sure so there would be no comeback
  10. I have tasted your grain fed cattle it seems to lack flavour. Bulk of Australian cattle is grass fed, it all depends how you cook it or mutilate it.
  11. Lets see man went on the moon 48 years ago 250,000 miles away and you have no reception. I can smell a conspiracy theory.
  12. What happens if it starts leaking bit hard to stop. Should have a bowl setup.
  13. That is a dangerous place to have one.
  14. Just wondering where the water trap for a 5288 International tractor is?
  15. Is there a water trap for the 5288 and where is it?