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  1. IH interior decorations

    We fixed a farmall room for our new baby 3 years ago. Just knew he would love it. Big surprise but our daughter doesn't seem to mind.
  2. life in our corner

    dead swan
  3. How far would you drive a tractor home

    Neighbor kid drove a combine from central Indiana to here in southern ky. Took about 20 hours
  4. Looking for

    Still listed in fastline
  5. Looking for

    Have you talked with Arnolds feed and seed in Campbellsville ky last time was there they had one for sale.
  6. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    I bought a 2 owner 1086 with 6500 hrs on it in 2012 it is a 79 previous owner bought in 81. I put about 250-300 hrs a year on it. In the spring I depend on it and of it goes down I am up a creek. It looks good and little has gone wrong with. A few seals and a radiator and a whole ac system. It was all I could afford at the time and cost a bit more than 10000. I have been lucky to have got a well cared for one that I use hard but it is older than me and could lay down anytime.
  7. Machinery Jockeys

    I bought a field ready 496 sight unseen that had to have a new cylinder (650) and a new axle. Lesson Learned go look with your own eyes time or not. Bought a jd 6500 spray that had all kinds of electrical problems. They completely stood behind it drove down here 4 or 5 times, not a jd dealer. Lesson learned buy next spray from them too.
  8. International 1256 with GPS and Auto Steer

    I would love to have it! Last year I stripped tilled all my tobacco. You talk about a real special pita. Laying off whole fields for 40 inch rows, then having to come right behind with a transplanter. And dealing with it all summer in the sprayer. You make those original passes that's what you got for the whole crop. I think I did ok but you talk about a long fry your mind day. One of my good friends has it on a 7200r to run his strip tiller. The most perfect rows I've ever seen in a burley field. And I'm driving a 1086 night and day. Now there is a lot of history in tobacco in ky. I'm all for doing a better job. And old timers would of never dreamed their whole farms in tobacco. Or the crop not being cultivated, and god for bid no tilled.
  9. Favorite Truck Ever?

  10. Cattle Feeding Question

    I'm feeding calves I raised been weaned 60 days. 7.75 # pounds per day with free choice grass hay. This is a mixed feed with corn, soy hulls, by products minerals and rumenson. But I am selling 35 of them next week in a precondioned sale.
  11. 496 disk cylinder

    I bought one a few years ago I think 600$ range.
  12. Shop interior walls

    Mine 44x68 for sure not big enough. I built a little room on the outside to put my air comp. and hyd. power pack for tobacco baler in. Having on the other side of a insulated wall really helps big time on noise
  13. Best area to buy a used truck?

    Wife has a Yukon xl 12 with 165 on it has 5.3. Its ok seems a bit gutless to me but I am used to driving a dmax. But very few problems other than wear items. It rides and drives good. She is a vet has a typical vet box in back prolly weighs few hundred. I have a 04 with 250+ on it my Mexican workers drive replaced transmission original motor. It does good for its purpose and they pull wagons with it daily. If it can take them its tough!
  14. Pulling ripper with 1086

    Let your top link out a lot. Get you a quick hitch to get farther back from the tractor. Those wings are called shatter wings the move a lot ground down deep but do make harder to pull. I pull a unverfearth ripper stripper with a 1086. For it to run level when picked up the back is closer to the ground than I like I have take toplink up to trval on rd. Now it is about 8 feet long and weighs 3500. I might be dead wrong but I bet you unhooked that top link let your lift arms down it will stop you in your tracks within 15 feet. When you get in the ground whole frame should run level. You don't want it nosed down. It will pull 50-11 times easier with new points. But you have other issues if only going 5'' deep. Here most would run 15-18" I strip till 14''
  15. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    In labor I pay by hour to hang it. It's .03 cheaper on scaffolds than in my new barn and 5-6 cents cheaper than in the old barns per stick. 1200-1300 sticks per acre. But have downfalls compared to a good barn. I prefer some of each. Pay by stick to cut it. Someone asked about the nicotine yes it can make you very sick when its green and wet from dew or rain. The nicotine is water soluble goes through your skin called green tobacco sickness. The men that work for me wear rain suits every morning really helps.