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  1. Carburetor part number manual?

    Hi, Could someone please tell me which MT-??? parts number book would have this part number in it? It's a standard, OEM 2-barrel carburetor, I believe from the early '70's but I found it on an engine in a 1950's IHC truck. The carburetor part number is: 443269-C91, LIST 4308-1 and the number under the list number is 2363. I believe this last number is the manufacture date, but I'm not sure how to interpret that number. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me which parts manual lists this carb. Or even better, if there is an online version of the manual, a link to the appropriate page would be appreciated. I can't find it in my Loadstar MT112 parts book. Or if someone has the appropriate manual, perhaps they could scan and post the two or so pages here? Thank you.
  2. There are several pictures on the pdf file but I think figure 13 shows it the best - the filler is on the transmission case side just above the horizontal case reinforcement bars and below the two case connection boss holes. And the drain is just below the horizontal trans case reinforcement webbing (don't remember what they call those trans case reinforcement web bars). And on page B near the beginning of the pdf file is a diagram that shows where to find the fill and drain plugs and where the diagram states "Tighten drain and filler plug 30 to 40 lbs, ft. . . . " Hope this helps - happy TG day.
  3. No, its down lower on the side of the transmission.
  4. Dayton rims, legal or not?

    Recently purchased my first truck with Dayton rims. I don't know what you mean by "use a 5 gallon bucket" and don't understand "the inner dual is not against the stops". What inner stops? Can you or someone please post a pic or link so I know what you mean. I bought an older Loadstar 1700 but want to make sure I do things right and not "crack a spoke". I'm sure the spoke hubs are very expensive, if available at all. I apologize if I hijacked the thread ...
  5. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    Thank you, Eason. But unfortunately the pictures above don't display on my computer. Yes, I know its been a year but as they say, life happens. Between hospital stays, moving to northern Calif and buying a house etc don't think I will be able to start to work on my truck until next spring. Lots of work needed on the house and still need to build a garage shop to work on the truck - I'm too old to work on it in the snow and ice. Thank you for your help and advice, everyone.
  6. Different Fuels?

    Hi, Not really sure where to ask this, but perhaps someone here can tell me. What is the practical difference between Diesel #1, Diesel #2, red or clear diesel, Kerosene, Home heating oil, winter and summer blends and what is interchangeable for use in home heaters and diesel trucks and other ag equipment? I've heard some people say they can run diesel in their home heaters instead of the much more expensive kerosene with no problem (despite what the fuel sellers say) and I've heard other people say it can't be done with diesel at all because it smells so bad. Being from Southern Calif I have no practical experience with any fuel other than gasoline and natural gas, but the extremely high cost of heating fuel in Northern Calif is killing me. What is interchangeable? Thank you for your comments.
  7. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    Thank you. As I'm only about two hours from them, I sent them a message asking if I could look over what they have. I'll let you know.
  8. questions about a S1600

    Well, it could be worse. I went to get some common part at the local auto parts store (not Napa) and the counter person asks me for what vehicle, I tell him International and then he asks me what year of Ford is that?
  9. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    Thank you - a very valuable piece of information! I thought they just sat taller because the frame channel was taller. Is it a slight difference or a major difference? For a slight difference I might just be able to raise the cab an inch or so. But a major difference of a couple inches or more would put the trans shifter too low and probably be beyond the clutch linkage adjustment range - assuming I can't find a flip hood from a 1600 or 1700 model. But so far in my area, in all the junk yards I've seen are only the 1800's. Opinions, anyone? Thank you.
  10. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    So then the flip hood assembly from any Loadstar truck will work ok on my truck if the truck has a Loadstar 1600 or 1700 badge on it? On an unrelated note, the pictures above appear to have Budd disc wheels but apparently the same truck in your photobucket has Dayton spoke wheels. Is it possible to convert the hubs of my rear axles from Dayton to Budd discs but still retain my stock brakes? My brakes and brake drums are like new with only 15k original miles, and I've read brake drums are now hard to find for these trucks. I just have no experience with Dayton wheels. I just ordered a CTS-2300 service manual for my truck ... hopefully when that arrives it covers my two Loadstar trucks and will help answer a lot of my inexperienced questions. Thank you.
  11. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm learning already. I thought Loadstars only came in 1600, 1700 and 1800 GVW versions with slight model differences depending on if its a school bus or cab over and engine, trans, and other options ordered. I'll be looking up pictures of the various models you listed above that I never heard of before such as L, R, and V lines, Sundance, sightliners, etc. And hopefully google will show me their differences. Anyone reading this thread, please feel free to post up any Loadstar pictures so I can learn to identify the different cab versions. Eason, I look forward to your pictures. And have fun at the Scout Nationals! Wish I was going, but I had to sell my '62 Travelette to finance my move, and my Loadstar is going to need a lot more work before it's roadworthy.
  12. Convert Butterfly to Flip-type Hood

    So you're saying any 1600 or 1700 model Loadstar flip-hood should fit and work ok my '69 1700 Loadstar and the body lines will match-up properly? And does it matter if it was built in Canada? How long were the Loadstars in production? I know the IH light line pickups etc did a major reworking of their body-lines between '68 and '70 and although the fenders of a '70's IH pickup might bolt to a '68 frame, it would sure look bad. And would the fact its a 4x4 have any effect on the mounting of the flip-hood? 4x4 Loadstars have their springs mounted to the outside of the frame while regular 2wd Loadstars have their springs mounted under the frame. Just trying to be extra cautious as it is a major purchase, and all I have to go by are the opinions of the experts here and the pictures the junk yard sends me. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I have a nice 1969 Loadstar 1700 I'm restoring. However I would like to convert it to the flip-type hood. It presently has the butterfly hood. What year Loadstar vehicles with flip-hoods will fit my truck? Somewhere I read any flip-hood with brackets from a 1600 or 1700 up to a 1974 model is a direct bolt-in. What changed then and what do I look for so I know if a flip-hood conversion from a particular Loadstar will fit mine? For example, I know sometimes IH trucks were not always registered the same year as manufactured, so if I come across a '75 or '76, for example, what do I look for or tell the seller to look for so I know if it will fit my truck? Hoods are expensive and I can't afford to make a mistake with this. Perhaps someone with a set of parts manuals can confirm with what vehicle serial number things changed. Thank you for your help. Has anyone ever posted a detailed step-by-step write-up or video on the conversion? If not, then I will in case anyone else ever considers the conversion. My Loadstar experience is limited to butterfly hooded trucks only.
  14. How to ID a Transmission?

    Thanks. Every little bit of information helps.
  15. How to ID a Transmission?

    Hi, I have a 1600 '65 4x4 Loadstar and a 1700 '69 2wd Loadstar with 304 and 392 sv V8's. The question is concerning the trans - unfortunately no Line Setting Ticket is available from the Wisconsin Historical Society for my 1700 truck. And the sales brochure of that time lists 6 different 5 speed manual transmissions available for my 1700 truck - T-35 ; T-36 ; T-54 ; T-57 ; T-68 and T-88 along with two different 4 speeds and 3 different Allisons. How can I tell which 5 speed I have and generally what are their internal differences? And do they all use the same gear oil? Would the GVW of the truck and the fact it was built as a fire truck in Canada and choice of rear axle have any effect on the choice of 5 speed installed in the truck by the factory? The clutch setups are also very different. And I would not know how to ID the rear axle, other than its a 7.17 ratio, single speed, and very large compared to my 1600 Loadstar. The shift pattern is the following: 1 - 2 - 4 R - 3 - 5 Here is all the info attached to the truck: International Harvester Company of Canada LTD Hamilton, Ontario Model 1700 Serial No. 416070C046897 W.B. 169 Cert. Net. H.P. 217.5 at R.P.M. 3600 Cert. Gr. H.P. 235.6 at R.P.M. 4000 Max. G.V.W. Lbs. 24000 That's everything I know that might relate to the transmission. Is it possible to ID this transmission? I believe it also had a band type of parking brake that has been removed. (Eventually I'd like to get a pto for this transmission for a winch, and to replace the parking brake, neither of which I can do until I know what I have ... unless the pto's and band brakes are the same for all IH 5 speeds). Any insights or suggestions from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you.