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  1. I don't think lever binders are even legal here any more. Class A must be over 26k combo, with a 10k+ trailer. Over 26k combo with 10,000 or less trailer is Class B. 12,000 truck and 14,000 trailer is Class D. States may impose stricter rules, those are the Fed rules.
  2. I've watched him. Not enough to care about his status as a human. He reviewed his new sawmill and came off as a know it all. Too many opinions without enough time on the hour meter.
  3. I spelled Leaman wrong. My apologies.
  4. We've had a 656 and a 756 done by Ed Lehman. Still going strong. Well, the 656 is sidelined due to a million hours on the original engine, but we put a lot of hours in it after the rebuild.
  5. $130 was the cheapest battery in the store. I was just looking for any 12 volt that would fit. Bit of a sticker shock since the last battery I bought, which was the one for the mill. That was a Carquest, same as Deka. A heavy duty group 31 was about $170.00 in '14.
  6. WoodMizer recomends them. I got seven years out of mine then put it in the Loadstar. It was still good, but the sawmill needs to be ready all the time. I went to the parts store a few minutes ago for a Super C battery. Nothing on the shelf under $130.00
  7. My Farmall peddle tractor met its end under a NH SP chopper with a 4-71. I was able to jump off and save myself. I was about four at the time.
  8. Someone started up 4H here in the '80's. Lasted until the demonstration of how to separate a meat rabbits head for butchering.
  9. My contention is that those old tools, while they are still functional, do not perform like the new ones. Our old DeWalt 18v circular saw can only cut a few boards before it conks out. My M18 Fuel will cut many hundreds of boards on one charge.
  10. I'm all Milwaukee M18 Fuel. They are very impressive. The tools are often corded tools that have been converted to cordless, so they aren't just cheap cordless versions. The bandsaw and sawzall actually outperform the corded version. Things to keep in mind are that Milwaukee measures voltage under load, and others at rest. They all use 18650 cells with the same voltage at rest. The 60 volt DeWalts haves 1/3 the amp hours. It's a gimmick, as far as I'm concerned.
  11. I found some at Home Depot. Three for $1.74. It would cost ten bucks in gas to go to the dealer or have one shipped, even if they could get one.
  12. OS4

    Interesting. I didn't know that. Thanks.
  13. I looked into it, and the consensus was that it wasn't cost effective. I've moved to all M18 Brushless tools, and the kits usually come with bigger batteries than what i was trying to rebuild, and the tools are more powerful and more efficient as well.
  14. OS4

    The Super didn't have the full fenders, correct? This tractor has band brakes, also, a Super would be disc?
  15. Thank you for the replies. We'll get one on the way, i doubt if one be found locally.