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  1. A lost trait...

  2. Silage packing tractor?

    We pack with a 5250 Maxxum and a JD 7410. Can keep up with a Krone 650 and five ten wheelers, usually. Pack seems to be good. I can see where you'd want something bigger on a bigger operation. I've gotten swamped before, and its not fun.
  3. Information on this engine wanted..

    A UD-16 would be 1.5 times the displacement of a UD-9 engine. Something like 501. The 525 ci engine was a UD-525, and I think there was a bigger one also.
  4. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    Our 756 with the 310 diesel handles a 10'+ JD 730 MoCo easily.
  5. Need Some info on this engine..

    That is a 6 cylinder version of a 9 series engine. How many kw, and what voltage?
  6. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    We swapped out a couple on the tractors that we use on the MoCo. Quick, 1 1/8" wrench, I think it was.
  7. The nice cab is the biggest attraction to an 86 for me. Otherwise make it a 56. It is a sharp tractor.
  8. Wasn't it the D21? No idea what was IH's first turbo engine. Did not know there were any gas over diesel turbo engines made. Neat.
  9. Hydrostatic tractors on a grain cart.

    How much would you derate a 1026 from a 1256 plow-wise? We have a 5-16 trailer plow, and the 756 pulls it easily. The 1256 pulls it easily, in H2.
  10. Pto generators

    What at's you going to power? We have had a few over the years to run the dairy barn. The Super M governor was a bit slow, the H ran it better. That was a small 15kw. We now have a 45kw, which will run the entire barn. Usually put the 806 on it because its available in the winter.
  11. What I've been doing today

    What are you usung to split with? I've split a bunch of rocks with feathers and wedges before.
  12. Looking for

    Checked ours, 16,534.
  13. Big Crawler Music..

    A contractor around here bought a new D9 and hooked it to his old TD25. Eventually, the 9 won, but if the 25 had new tracks, they said it wouldn't have been a contest.
  14. Super nice 856

    Nice low hours tractors!
  15. Propane bottle .. aux. compressor tank

    Mount the tanks upside down. The condensate can then be drained at some low point in the piping. That will save you from having to weld on a drain.