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  1. Suitcase Weights

    I think the Euclid twin is a TC12.
  2. '88 2275

    Did the later 2275's have a single piece windshield? My '79 has the split. Mirror mounts look wider, too.
  3. Cub Cadet Mower Jack And John Deere Mower Incompatible

    Do you have to work something racist into every post?
  4. Harvestore Silos

    As mentioned, upright silos can't keep up when you are running six ten wheelers and a Krone 650. Don't know of anybody still using one. When my parents built their freestall barn in '73, they had a bunk poured. My father said no matter what, the cows were getting fed, even if he had to carry the feed in in a bushel basket. Pennjersey installed an 875,000 gallon slurrystore last fall at the farm I drive for.
  5. The 549 as a marine engine

    I think the Hall-Scott was 1091 cubes. That'd be a thirsty engine.
  6. New interest

    Very handy skill. I taught myself with a James F. Lincoln book "Farm Arc Welding". I had a crappy Century welder that I ran off a pto generator on the back of a TD-6. I think I was about 12. A few years later I got a Lincoln Idealarc AC/DC at an auction for $25. My welding improved by about 500%.
  7. I heard something

    Amateurs. You haven't gotten all the life out of it until the center separates from the outer part.
  8. Thiokol Snow Cat

    The ski area that I used to work at in the winters had a wall with all the gaskets for that rear drawn out on it and many still in stock. They had an incredible parts room. They would often get a new cat in and strip it down and rebuild completely. That was before me. They were buying late model Bombardier cats when I worked there.
  9. Adopt-a-kraut

    Aftermarket light brackets? Are those 38" tires?
  10. Thiokol Snow Cat

    Wouldn't an OC12 rear be enormous for that machine?
  11. Thiokol Snow Cat

    That sounds correct. The 2100's I think had the 300 Ford and OC6 rears. I could fit ok in a 2100. The Spryte was a tad cramped. Claustrophobic, actually.
  12. 5240 vs Mx 110 vs 2096

    But after 20,000 on the 806, the rubber is worn off the steering wheel.
  13. Thiokol Snow Cat

    Google image search confirms Super Imp.
  14. Thiokol Snow Cat

    Might be a Spryte. Cool little cat.
  15. trailer to haul an 856

    The truck driver can use common sense, but if you are travelling on public roads, all bets are off. If you are in an accident, even one caused by someone else, you'd better be legal. I call it betting the farm. Every time you leave home, you are risking everything. It's just the crappy legal system in this country. Capacity of a gooseneck is gvwr-trailer weight+(15% of gvwr). Example: 14,000-4,400+2100=11,700 payload. This is assuming you put 15% tongue weight on the truck, and a 4,400 trailer weight. That's just a guess based on my 24' 12k gooseneck.