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  1. West Texas IH 1256

    I suspected as much. I wonder if it worked.
  2. West Texas IH 1256

    What is that tube on the muffler? Redneck egr?
  3. Went to the dark side

    I don't recall if mine had inner or not. If it does, it'll probably be a tag with a bunch of code on it. I had an '85 W-350 crew cab short bed. Wish I still had it to do a Cummins swap.
  4. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    The 2767 has only been available for a couple months. You probably have the 2763.
  5. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    A friend bought the new M18-2767 impact recently. 1000 ft-lbs forward, 1400 reverse. It's a beast. Putting new cutting edge on Fisher snow plows it will snap the bolts in the blink of an eye. I'm waiting for the Onekey version so I can set the torque specs.
  6. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Had to look up E-9 Mack. None of those running around here that I've seen. Looks like you can still get an Aussie Super-Liner, but with those dual snorkels it looks like an alpaca.
  7. Fuel problems

    Been tough here, W. Mass., the last ten days. found out the fuel co. delivered uncut fuel in November. We don't use much fuel in the winter, just for feeding and barn cleaning. What a mess. Once that wax separates, it never liquefies again.
  8. Favorite Truck Ever?

    1986 F5070, PT270, 8LL. This is the truck I drive when I help chop hay and corn. Its like the energize bunny, it just keeps going and going and going...
  9. IH 756 Farmall Question

    Looks just like ours.
  10. Vp44 injection pump rebuild?

    There are a couple of codes that mean the pump is bad. P0215, and P1641 I think are two bad ones, could be more.
  11. Vp44 injection pump rebuild?

    Make sure your lift pump is working. That is the number one cause of a failed VP44.
  12. Load star 1600 fire truck brake problems

    Does that truck have two separate brake systems? My '68 Loadstar 1800 has two boosters, and two wheel cylinders on each wheel.
  13. Marshmallow Farming

    The mini marshmallows come from bonsai trees.
  14. Where has this been all my life...

    Hydraulic angle is nice. We have a large prong IH blade with hydraulic angle. Used it all the time until I got my L48 with top and tilt.
  15. Correct battery cable gauge

    Del City has a huge selection of battery cable and ends. You can recreate pretty much any connection.