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  1. TD-6. We had one. It broke a final and got scrapped. A shame, as the engine fan perfectly and didn't smoke a bit.
  2. Just make sure they don't start sliding the Chinese steel in at the US price!
  3. You should carry a single action .44 for those guys.
  4. You've got plenty of power on those generators. In '14 we lost power on thanksgiving. I was running a 115 hp tractor (806, dyno'd) on a45 kw generator, for a 300 watt heating load. Probably could have done it with a car alternator on a bicycle.
  5. I used to have to crank the Super M because it didn't have a good battery. That is until i tried it at 0* and twisted the shaft off that came out the front. W-6 with mag starts really easily with the crank.
  6. Nice photo. They both need a full rack of weights on front.
  7. When I bought my M18 Fuel impact, it was known as the Snap-on killer online. Today I was at a shop where someone was trying to remove a wheel bearing nut with a Snappy CT8850. Couldn't budge it. I gave him my M18 and it ripped right off. No contest.
  8. Real Tool Reviews on YouTube compared the M18 to the DeWalt. The DeWalt was just a smidge higher on reversing torque, like 10 ft-lbs. Basically comparable output. With a 9.0 battery I would expect the M18 to perform even better.
  9. I've bought a number of Fuel tools since this post, all have been very impressive. The latest is the miter saw with the 9.0 batteries. It cuts just like a corded saw, and the batteries last forever.
  10. I have LED lights that run off my Milwaukee M18 batteries. No more disposable batteries or extension cords.
  11. At the antique pulls years ago someone painted a W4 yellow and green to tick off one of the die-hard JD guys. When he ran his unweighted G against the W4 in its weight class and lost, he turned red as a beet and went home.
  12. You have to be a member to view the photos.
  13. My I-14 still has the starter. I can look to see if there is a tag.
  14. There's no reason at all you can't just call him up and talk it over with him. Ask him what the problem is and tell him what you're thinking.
  15. I'd give him an ultimatum: follow through on his end, or agree to break the deal.