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  1. Building a Sentry Module

    Dont know if this helps but this what I came accross :
  2. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    Must have been hard Pete to not say say " I told you so " . Bet you just smiled and respectfully chuckled to yourself that exact phrase though .
  3. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    I have overhauled a fair number of these engines over years without problems . At one time I would have the machine fit the sleeves when I would have other engines parts there for machining , that is until I had to eat 3 of these engines in a short time due to cracked sleeves , scored pistons and head gaskets not holding. I thought it would save some time by having them fit them , that was a mistake on my part , these would fail after not too many hours of running time after the overhaul . Since that I fit the sleeves and pistons myself , never had a problem . The machine shop is a reputable shop but not familiar with these dry sleeved engines . They would install the sleeves but would not stand behind the sleeve installation , needless to say that irritated me , I had been with them for many years and didn't have any problems with their work with any other engines I had them do the machine work . I guess I could have persued the legal system but I choose not too , didn't want to involve the customers in that type of stuff . Some important things to keep in mind when overhauling these engines : Block Bore for sleeves : Make sure the bores are straight and not out of round . This will lead to sleeve distortion when the new sleeves are installed and lead to scoring . Block Sleeve Counter bore : Although the counter bore is narrow it must be square and true . Can lead to sleeve flange cracking . Sleeves : Sleeves are available in STD , .002 , .005 and .010 OD over sizes . .010 over size the block needs to be bored . I have a rigid hone that I used to fit the .002 oversize OD sleeves with and to clean the block prior to installing the sleeves , it will also take care of mild out of roundness . I cannot state enough that the fit of the sleeves in the block is of utmost importance , they are a tight fit and have to be . The fit of sleeve is how heat is transferred from the sleeve to block and than to the cooling system , there is specification on the amount of pressure for installation that has to be adhered to , no such thing as close enough . Too loose of a fit and the flange will crack in time due to sleeve movement when warmed up , too tight of a fit and it will score a cylinder . Another important point is the sleeves are installed to a specific protrusion ( not totally seated in the counter bore of the block ) , there is a tool to install them to the proper protrusion , I had my local welding / machine shop make a plate with the proper spec that I use when installing sleeves . If this in not done you wont keep a head gasket holding in these engines . Piston to sleeve clearance : With the new sleeves one is not suppose to have to check this , I am " Old School " and I still always check this as per Blue Ribbon Service Manual . I use long ribbon fitting feeler gauges and put the piston in the installed sleeve to check the clearance . I do give the # 1 and # 6 cylinders .001 - .0015 extra clearance as I believe these cylinders run a shade hotter . #1 cylinder close to water pump , my thought process are coolant flow maybe a little more turbulent and pickup heat a little less and # 6 further from the water pump maybe slightly less coolant flow , but it is purely my thoughts . Never had a problem doing this . These are a great engine and run thousands of hours when the time is taken to overhaul them right and not cut corners . Might be more expensive and time consuming to do when compared to the wet sleeved engines but experience they can out live the newer engines almost 2 to 1 . As far as the engine kits I used kits from Toms Agridiesel , they have since sold out so I cant comment on the engine kits as far as quality since I haven't had to get one for awhile . Take your time , do it right and you will get many years of service out that engine . Bob
  4. Roosa pump question

    Could be a sticking metering valve , it is acessed after removing the top cover of the pump .
  5. Rescue these and paint them RIGHT!!!...(pleeze)

    John Deere boys tell me " nothing runs like a deere " , I tell them nothing smells like a "John "
  6. 706 hydraulic pressure

    Also something to think about is your loader cylinders . Does both the bucket and the lift arm circuts seem low on pressure ? If 1 of cylinders on a circut os leaking you wont have pressure on that particular function as both cylinders are plumbed togather . Does the 3 point lift have good pressure when lifting ?
  7. Fiery Accident in the Area

    ^^True Dat^^ That is as bad as they get . No way in heck can i go to bed after calls like that , need to unwind and decompress and be thankful for the things that mean the most to me . Sometimes i find myself reflecting back on some of the bad calls over the years and the good ones also come to mind : Doesnt happen often , but i have delivered 2 healthy babies . I have had patients that were in cardiac arrest and with CPR ,defibrillaion , intubation and medication obtain pulses back and after leaving them at the hospital and not hearing thier outcome to have them show up at the station a month or 2 later to personally thank the crew . That is a pretty awesome feeling . This makes everything we school amd train for all worth it and makes the bad ones a little easier .
  8. Fiery Accident in the Area

    R190 I whole heartily agree ! I too have done all my time in Rural EMS with long transport times to the hospital , an hour on average covering small communities . Seems at least one crew member knows the patient . I remember when I was a new " Para Pup" , fresh out of school thinking I could save every patient , doesn't take long for the reality of the job to sink in . I had an awesome partner who was Veteran in EMS that helped me through some of them first bad calls . He told me these words that remain in my mind yet today " there is only so long we can have a tug of war with God , when he makes he mind up for a patient to come home there is nothing anyone can do to change the outcome " I had alot of respect for him . Now as a Veteran myself I try to give guidance to the new personel with the same respect I was given when I was the new guy . I was on duty the day my Mom had her cardiac arrest , worked on her but she never made it . I was also was on duty when the tones dropped for an MVC rollover unknowing it was my own daughter until arriving on scene . She had a 2 month recovery from a head injury but turned ok with no long term affects .
  9. Fiery Accident in the Area

    I have worked 2 jobs most of my life 30+ years owning a tractor repair buisness and have been a Paramedic for 26 years , I have seen my fair share of people come into this world but without a doubt more leaving this world . Some things I have witnessed will forever be ingrained in my mind ; the smell of burnt flesh , the pleading of a parent in the ditch at a rollover vehicle accident where 2 of her children were involved , a 14 year old and a 9 year old and having to pronounce the 9 year old on scene ( ejection from vehicle and rolled over the him , non life sustaining injuries ) had to move on to the other child whom did have lessor injuries , suicides young and old , breaking the news to a wife / husband of 40 , 50 or 60 years that there is nothing more that can be done for their loved one , the look in their eyes I never forget . These are just a few . Over the years I have had people ask me how EMS personel cope with these things , at least for me , I get so focused on the care of the patient(s) that you do what needs to be done at the time , it is after the call usually when doing the paper work that things set in and am not afraid to admit that some calls do bother me , it is the human factor in all of us . I have an awesome Wife of 33 years that allows me to vent when needed . My faith and my family helps to get me through . The day a person gets so calloused and the human factor leaves is the day I hang up the EMS career , I don't foresee that happening anytime soon though .
  10. Precup puller

    I have an original IH precup puller for the old Farmall and IH engines . There has been discussion occasionally on how to remove stuck precups in these engines , I will be leaving this afternoon for Red Power and I could certainly bring it with me if anyone would be interested in getting measurements for possibly fabricating one . I am not interested in selling mine though , they are kind of hard to come by . I aquired mine from the sale at a dealership I worked for quite some time ago .
  11. Anyone service old IHC injectors ?

    DK Diesel in Watertown SD . Phone number : 605-886-2750 .
  12. Working on a 460 clutch type pto right now that was doing what yours is doing . Pulled it out and found the snap ring that secures the over center clutch assembly on the shaft broken and out of place allowing the whole assembly to move on the shaft when trying to engage the clutch instead of overcentering and engaging the clutch .
  13. Tomatoe Farmer where are you

    Happy New Year to you too . Our conversation was via PM . He never said if he got the tractor running or not .
  14. Tomatoe Farmer where are you

    Happy New Year to you also Mike , Yep I am still a Paramedic in Clark have been in EMS 26 years as well still at my shop on my days off , been pulling wrenches for 33 years , kind of like an old Farmer hard to keep them off a tractor , and it is hard for me to keep a wrench out of my hand totally . I have been in contact with Tomatoe Farmer in the the last week or so , he was going to mail the service manual back to me . I will buy you a cup of coffee and a donut next time I see you at the Diner , Service manual or not . I allways enjoy good conversation .
  15. 1466 PTO retainer ring

    Yep after rereading it you are correct , sorry for any confusion . On the first read I took as he was turning the output shaft ,