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  1. I forgot to mention.. My setup worked with some machining to put the 4 holes in metal pcs bolted to the crank, but my loader stopped working after a short time so I cant speak to the longevity of the adapted parts.
  2. I would think first is that part number does not look right.. I think IH part numbers usually look like XXXXXXr91 so I think you have to many digits. Inside the thread Kevin posted there is a 677702R91. Ebay usually has this pump but I don't know anything about them so you need to make sure of all information. My pump was double pump and I found it at EPSstore.com D126580 it fit my bracket for alignment and I just adapted the case 580 pump setup to my machine.
  3. HAHA.. looks familiar!
  4. Starting to fix steering clutch on TD-9

    Hello, I did my steering clutches also. I would definitely recommend some hoist or come-along. My question is It wont turn so the clutches wont disengage is the problem. I thought this comes from long term setting and rusting together. Your machine looks very used so I wonder if it was a linkage problem. Too late now to check but good luck..
  5. IH 500C crawler; transmission running hot

    I was gonna say from my understanding any hydraulic temps over 180 F are bad so I am surprised the gauge has those temps at all. So I would have almost guarantee the measurement was off. Google is my friend: Hydraulic fluid temperatures above 180°F (82°C) damage most seal compounds and accelerate degradation of the oil. While the operation of any hydraulic system at temperatures above 180°F should be avoided, fluid temperature is too high when viscosity falls below the optimum value for the hydraulic system's components.
  6. TD20 200 Series find

    Kevin you crack me up
  7. TD20 200 Series find

    Fleet filter is not as fast as I want most of the time. Nice machine... As the others have mentioned. May want to really make sure the motor is not locked before hitting with starter.
  8. IH Drott 150 low power

    Hello WBF, I have a 150C. It is able to spin the tracks but that depends on the down force applied by the bucket. This model has a torque converter and a D282 engine. The Engine RPM on mine at wide open runs just over 2K. I think max is 2.2K. I run mine on 2 or 3 notch down and when I need more power raise the throttle to WOT. Mine will overheat if doing a whole lot of pushing there. I believe you are not in the powerband for the torque converter because your RPMs are too low. I believe you will find the power you are looking for there. I don't like running it WOT either but that sounds like your issue. At lower than WOT I think the torque converter limits power applied by a lot.
  9. IH 500 lost all hydraulics

    with coupler
  10. IH 500 lost all hydraulics

    I think the stuff I used was from a case backhoe. My 500C never had too much up time but it worked while I was using it :). My pump was shot so cant remember if something was different from spline standpoint. But I like to take pictures and post anyway.
  11. Farm dozer/loader recommendation

    Hey TNHillBilly, That 450 sounds like you could get your feet wet or hands greasy. I think in a weekend it might help you decide. Where in East TN are you ? Im in Maryville.
  12. Farm dozer/loader recommendation

    I think his price sounds like a deal to me.. If you got lucky and got something that could clear just that job and you paid 5-6000. You would end up like me.. I keep buying things ... cant seem to stop myself. I have this great loader and now I need a dumptruck.. and an excavator. It is a very danger hobby. I stopped fishing... It replaced all those fun things I use to do.. Its almost a habbit. But I do like it..
  13. TD-18 in NC ad

    I just saw this if anyone has lots of money and freetime they don't need anymore. Who ever it is did not post any pic sorry. Just FYI. http://knoxville.craigslist.org/hvo/5984816828.html
  14. Considering a well used 150 4n1 track loader

    You are welcome. There are some awesome guys on here. I don't know if searched or read this one but it has some pictures of what all I did to my loader. It is a difficult process due to loader arms constantly being in the way and having to climb up to get to the work area. I wrote up some stuff on parts and other items on page 3.
  15. Considering a well used 150 4n1 track loader

    I like mine. I had to go through quite a big rebuild to get mine to be useable. Wish it did not have street cleats and it takes lots of effort to run from the operator with lots of levers . It is an old machine. I would not anticipate 2800 to be all you will have to spend to get running constantly. Best of luck, Shawn