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  1. Kevin you crack me up
  2. Fleet filter is not as fast as I want most of the time. Nice machine... As the others have mentioned. May want to really make sure the motor is not locked before hitting with starter.
  3. Hello WBF, I have a 150C. It is able to spin the tracks but that depends on the down force applied by the bucket. This model has a torque converter and a D282 engine. The Engine RPM on mine at wide open runs just over 2K. I think max is 2.2K. I run mine on 2 or 3 notch down and when I need more power raise the throttle to WOT. Mine will overheat if doing a whole lot of pushing there. I believe you are not in the powerband for the torque converter because your RPMs are too low. I believe you will find the power you are looking for there. I don't like running it WOT either but that sounds like your issue. At lower than WOT I think the torque converter limits power applied by a lot.
  4. with coupler
  5. I think the stuff I used was from a case backhoe. My 500C never had too much up time but it worked while I was using it :). My pump was shot so cant remember if something was different from spline standpoint. But I like to take pictures and post anyway.
  6. Hey TNHillBilly, That 450 sounds like you could get your feet wet or hands greasy. I think in a weekend it might help you decide. Where in East TN are you ? Im in Maryville.
  7. I think his price sounds like a deal to me.. If you got lucky and got something that could clear just that job and you paid 5-6000. You would end up like me.. I keep buying things ... cant seem to stop myself. I have this great loader and now I need a dumptruck.. and an excavator. It is a very danger hobby. I stopped fishing... It replaced all those fun things I use to do.. Its almost a habbit. But I do like it..
  8. I just saw this if anyone has lots of money and freetime they don't need anymore. Who ever it is did not post any pic sorry. Just FYI. http://knoxville.craigslist.org/hvo/5984816828.html
  9. You are welcome. There are some awesome guys on here. I don't know if searched or read this one but it has some pictures of what all I did to my loader. It is a difficult process due to loader arms constantly being in the way and having to climb up to get to the work area. I wrote up some stuff on parts and other items on page 3.
  10. I like mine. I had to go through quite a big rebuild to get mine to be useable. Wish it did not have street cleats and it takes lots of effort to run from the operator with lots of levers . It is an old machine. I would not anticipate 2800 to be all you will have to spend to get running constantly. Best of luck, Shawn
  11. Nice looking 500c. I think Rawleigh idea is a good one. Starter is kind of easy to pull the 3 bolts from .. Just need some long extensions. And I pulled from under machine... Kind of tight if not up on some kind of blocks. I wanted to say go in front cause radiator and front just lay down but I was removing pump so it was not a big deal to me. Good luck
  12. That number looks very similar to the large body one I have. I had brought the old starter out from under the machine and cant start it to lift the arms or put it up on anything to get some space so it is quite difficult. I just don't see any way to get it to fit but I'll look again. If any pointers getting the large body starter in let me know. Thanks, Shawn
  13. Hello, My little 500C with D155 has been setting in need of a starter ordered one off EBAY. The starter is drastically fatter than the old part. Old starter did not have a number on it. Does anyone have that part number so I can try to get replacement from EBAY guy? My issue Is that it wont fit up between frame rail and block. Old starter is in horrible condition and I think I only can get replacement at this point. Thanks, Shawn
  14. That was good of him. They are pretty nice people.