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  1. Does anyone have a supplier for the headliner panel with all the little holes in it for the white ice cream box cabs?
  2. These aren't very good pictures but it's the best I could get off one of our salvage machines. Darin
  3. Had the same issue on our 886. Put in a new hy-cap mcv pump and relief valve, new hy-tran and filter, and supercharge elimination line and the pump primes within a second or two of starting it now and before it took a good half minute or more. Darin
  4. Thanks! I put the new Hy-Cap mcv pump kit in, new oil, and the supercharge elimination line, and it works great. Within a second or two of starting it up, the pump is working.
  5. When we start our 886, it takes a good half minute or more for the mcv pump to start pumping. I bought a new pump and relief valve but it is not installed yet. Is there anything else that might be causing it to do this?
  6. Just got a 666 gas hydro this morning, nice tractor but has a seized engine. gonna fix it up. I know up here this is the only one that I have ever seen. Were there many gas hydro's built?
  7. What paint code does everyone use for a 47 cub? If I read correctly, it should he IH #50 red. The body shop here uses RM but we couldn't find a code for it. I want to use a good paint that won't fade out fight away.