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  1. combines in your life

    I'll be 50 next month. Growing up i remember a Massey Harris pull type. Then a Uni System with the combine and picker unit's. Then in 1973 a new, New Holland 975. In 1979 a new, New Holland TR70. In 1990 a new 1640. In 1994 a new 1644 (that machine was made on a good day, most reliable to date). In 2004 bought a 2001, 2388. In 2013 bought a 2008, 2588.

    Yep, the dealer i bought my Gerringhoff from in 09 is a case ih and New Holland dealership. They sell MacDon, Gerringhoff and Drago heads. I don't think they sell hardly any CNH produced heads.
  3. Was nice meeting you too Brian. Good luck, you got alot of work looking at you. This is that 15 i was telling you about that you didn't see. A 79 red power demonstrator back in the day. It left three weeks ago and went to Zanesville Ohio. I had no use for it.
  4. 2388 vs 8010

    Interesting you say that about the 4400 series heads boog. I thought maybe they had it figured out now and would be better than a Gerringhoff. I traded a 1063 in 2009 for a new Gerringhoff. No comparison. A 1063 was a good head in its day. I really like the Gerringhoff. Don't think I'll be looking at 4400 series heads then when it's trade time.
  5. who all grinds feed still?

    Have a Gehl 170. For beef i think a roller mill would be the cats meow. Even with no screen and running the mill at half speed i get whole kernels and one's too fine. Roller mill would be better digestible, but a 60000.00+ price tag on a new Arts Way doesn't work out on paper here. Arts Way does sell just the portable roller mill unit without the rest of the grinder, i never asked what those cost.
  6. Grinding hay in hog feed

    I remember dad and grandpa doing that. Gehl 65 grinder, fed the mill SLOWLY a flake at a time on the intake auger side using a small screen in the mill to get it super fine. Fed the grain/alfalfa concoction to the sows in the winter that we're farrowing. That was many moons ago..
  7. 1206 prices??!!

    I agree with Tony about the generation most interested in 1206s. Dad would be 73 this December if he was still around. Him and grandpa priced three tractors in 1966. A 1206, a 4020, and a 1100 Massey Ferguson. The mechanics at the IH dealership were so fascinated with the 1206s horsepower they said you drop a hitchpin in that and pop the clutch you'll break the hitchpin. Far fetched from reality, but they both thought it maybe had too much power for they're needs at the time. So what did they buy? The 1100 Massey. Dad said they picked the poorest one of the 3, lol, even though they had good luck with it. Dad still wanted a 1206 yet in 1987. We went to Yoder and Frey in Archbold Ohio i think December of 87 with plans to buy it together. There was a 1206 there, dad bid on it, brought 2800.00. Went to pay and found out it didn't sell. They gave us the guys number from Pittsford Michigan. Called but no answer. We went home and dad called him after milking that night and the guy said he wanted 3000.00. Dad said we'll give that. Well the guy had already drove it back home to Pittsford. Being tight, dad didn't want to pay for trucking so we both took turns driving the dam thing back from Pittsford Michigan. I drove till south of Lyons Ohio and dad the rest. Took 6 1/2 hrs. No heat, so you dressed appropriate. The guy had paperwork from everything done the last 500 hrs. I still remember, 6 new pistons, 5 new cylinder sleeves. New main and rods. Used ring and pinion set. New ta. We ditched the ICB and put fenders on. Repainted it and dad ran it on the 6 row 7000 with a cultiplanter in front of it. He also sidedressed corn with it. I never cared for driving it. If it got below 50° you better have a long extension chord or a can of nose candy otherwise it wouldn't start. Never cared for the shifting either. I bought his 1086 in 1988 and applied my half interest of the 1206 to the 1086 plus some money. Dad got tired of the 1206 and sold it in the spring of 1996 to someone from Indiana. I haven't missed it a bit. This is the only picture of it we ever took the day we brought it home December of 1987. It had 5800 hours. When dad sold it 7200 hours. I think every age group has they're tractor of choice. In my area seems the people in they're 20s and 30s fancy the 50 series tractors.
  8. Went and looked at one

    Like bitty said depends on the location, but around here probably 5000/5500.00 depends who wants it and who's handy fixing. Those fresh fluids and filters sales tactics mean nothing to me. I'd just sume they'd let dirty oil in everything. That way you can see and smell the oil condition and i highly doubt the majority are going to fork out the money for GOOD oil and filters. Probably screw on a couple FRAM filters and filler up with Traveler oil from TSC.
  9. Yeah i would have paid 7 for that 45. Keeping my butt outta the seat taking it to the field for a few old reminisce events would have developed into alot of reminisce events I'm afraid. Then it wouldn't be a cheap tractor anymore.
  10. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    Here's whatcha need rcb. Then you know you'll have plenty of room. It's a 2001 Jet 53ft with beavertail. No it's not for sale lol. Probably can find one for around 10k. I use it to haul hay and straw too.
  11. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    I agree. That Hydro 100 is a nice tractor but 27000 is too much for me.
  12. Red Tractors vs Green tractors

    They all break no matter the color, but a friend had a 2013 Deere 7000 series, don't remember the number, had around 240 hp. Got it new and he does not abuse his equipment, it had around 900 hrs and it just stopped in the field. Transmission failed. He only had 8 days left on the warranty. Talk about lucky! 35000.00 repair bill! Deere dealership kept everything hush hush about why it failed, but he was told that the big boy's at Deere were at the dealership with a sharp eye and closed lips inspecting it.
  13. Original Hydro 100 blackstripe in excellent shape

    Hydro 70, That's a fine machine!! I hope i NEVER find out where that tractor is, otherwise.... Lol!
  14. Dad and grandpa had a 1150. Had the factory cab on it. It was a 1972. Traded a 1966, 1100 on it. They both said the 1100 they had was a good tractor, the 1150 not so much. Nothing big mechanically, just small stuff all the time. 1150 left in the fall of 1976 for a new 1086.