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  1. We bought a 1050 last fall only ran 8-10 loads through it so far. But like it so far
  2. I was thinking the same thing I have a 1066 that could use a set of dual hubs and rims for that price. I never find prices like that here in upstate ny
  3. Even with 34" it's a 4 bottom tractor around here. But days of that kinda work for her are gone
  4. Yes 34" centers with 38" rims
  5. New Firestone's extra deeps on the rear
  6. Thanks again everyone for all the kind words
  7. Steps are K&M they made it much easier to get on
  8. Yes she will see some work. Think I'm going to put it on the grain drill this year. It will take hay and haul wagons. Ran the silage bagger with it last year probably will again this year to.
  9. I'm not sure of the sn break. Dad was bumping into them getting on the tractor so they had to go. To fill the holes tacked in some body metal and filled with body filler.
  10. I took them all off to remove the rim then put them back on to paint them
  11. Thanks for all the comments guys
  12. One more
  13. Finished product
  14. In process
  15. The day we brought it home in June