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  1. unisystem brake part

    The group is New Idea Uni-Harvesters looks like the piston is the same as some Gleaner combines and some older Case tractors too. Someone from Widders Parts in Carlisle Pennsylvania is going to check in the morning they think they may have one.
  2. unisystem brake part

    I don't know if you are on facebook Bill but there is a uni harvester group on there they will likely know where to get the part. I can ask.
  3. Thanks , and Happy Birthday to everyone else.
  4. Trip to the USA

    Sounds like a great trip ! You're getting to see places a lot of us would love to but may never see! Enjoy!
  5. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Looks great ! I'm just curious does anyone build wood framed buildings in California? I can understand for your purpose that the steel frame building is the best option . Here in Ontario, Canada the majority of farm storage buildings and even large livestock barns are wood framed still.
  6. Happy Birthday ny bill o

    Happy Birthday Wild Bill. Hope you have a great day. Will Linda take you out to Karaoke tonight? I haven't seen anything mentioned lately so , do you still have cows to milk?
  7. 3 point plow settings

    Definitely need to roll the offset bar 180 degrees .
  8. Happy Birthday Smoker and others

    Happy Birthday to you all.
  9. thank you.

  10. plowing

    I agree.
  11. Galvanized dump trailers

    The only issues with the trailer have been minimal. One brake applied harder than the rest when empty and scuffed one tire pretty bad . The battery drains and doesn't get charged enough when the truck is connected (typical of dump trailers). The aluminum cover for over the tarp isn't real sturdy so when something heavy hits it it doesn't resist dents. Considering its use it's doing quite well. One thing that doesn't effect the use of the trailer but is just a little odd is that on his trailer the fender on one side is mounted further back than on the other side As far as the hoist return speed it does quite well, the temperature does affect its speed. Considering you are going to tow it with a 1/2 ton I think you will find the 6x12 would be more than enough trailer full of split hardwood. My trailer has a deeper box and a grain door in the tailgate , it's handy for hauling grain from the combine or when I purchase some off farm. With the 6 x 10 box with 34" sides I can get almost 4 metric tonne dry corn on.The grain comes out of the trailer much easier than from a gravity wagon.
  12. Galvanized dump trailers

    I had a dump trailer custom built for hauling wet brewers grain , in March of 2014 , it is powder coated ! I towed it home on sanded and salted roads about 6 days after being powder coated . It gets the juice from the brewers grain leaking over it. it gets some winter use on cruddy roads about twice a month, It already looks 10 years old and is flaking and rusting. The guy I work for doing house construction was looking to get a dump trailer and I persuaded him to buy an an N&N like you are looking at , his is 6 x 10 5 ton , bought it in August 2015 . The galvanize has faded , It does see some winter use ,it doesn't get the brewers grain gunk . But it is still a sharp looking trailer after 2 years. I wish I had found them before I bought mine , of course hind sight is 20/20.
  13. Once in a lifetime rig!

    Very interesting, thanks for posting the pictures. Any history of the truck such as to why so few miles?
  14. case 485 forward clutch problems

    I don't have any experience with the F/R shuttle but do have a bit with the T/A in the 84 series tractors . I'm going to guess the previous owner probably wore out plates in the forward clutch . Hopefully somebody with more knowledge will chime in .
  15. IH SW6-TA help

    Albeit a little late but welcome to the forum and to ownership of a SW6TA. Although they are rare its impressive the number of them still around. I have a diesel version my dad bought in the 70's and about 10 years or so ago i had made up a list of SW6TA's I knew of within about 100 miles of me and came up with around 20, I'm not sure if they are all still in Ontario today but most are. It would appear your tractor doesn't have the original live hydraulic pump as there is no sign of the hydraulic lines running along the frame below the ignition distributor. I think redturbo's suggestion of the pto driven pump is a good one and probably much simpler than trying to get the original setup . The original pumps only make about 1250 psi and almost all the used ones leak oil into the crankcase. You will also require the manifold block and the lines that attach to the engine driven pump. Another option would be a crankshaft driven front mount pump. I maybe mistaken but I think redturbo has a setup like this on one of his tractors.