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  1. Chopping Corn Extreme

    I can see in some of the videos things get much steeper than in some of the first one. I sure wouldn't want to be trying that in the wet conditions corn silage has come off here many years. You can see they have quite a time keeping the machinery headed in the right direction in dry conditions. I'd like to see there storage/ feeding system.
  2. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    Thanks for all the pictures Tony. Still seeing stuff I missed. I apologize for not having time to visit on the Friday nite but we weren't sure how to find our way back to the truck ,an hour from our motel and needing supper . It sure is an amazing show , I hope to get back again someday.
  3. Mr. Rick G

    My Sympathy to you and your family. 94 years is an amazing run !
  4. fencing pictures

    Glad to see you finally get rain! That barn is good and tall!
  5. early corn silage.

    Bill , I see the red Chevy is still going! Looks like some decent corn in the pic from the back of the dump wagon. I haven't heard of anyone cutting corn here yet, been a cool wet summer here to , everything is behind.
  6. A Rich Vein of IH tractors ( Pics)

    Man that is a sharp bunch of equipment! I like that International Muscle decal on all the equipment. What type of farming do they do? Interesting to see that the 886 has the American 360 engine and that the 1066 appears to have an American style cab .
  7. Happy B/day, Brady Boy & Augercreek

    Happy Birthday Folks. Also my Mothers Birthday, Augercreek ,you and my mom are the same age.

    That will be for liability insurance.
  9. Got a real problem.

    Interesting , have you talked with any of the Ontario dealers who import tractors, I hadn't realized that origin mattered on a Farm tractor into Canada. I'd be interested to know what the X240 in that number represents. I would wonder if they didn't input the wrong number. Maybe Richards might have some suggestions on how to get satisfaction.
  10. Sorry I was trying to post a video but for some reason my dumb phone set up to edit those 2 pictures. I thought I had it straightened out but I see it's reposted them! Here's a couple more pictures.
  11. If I remember right it was powered by a Chevy engine. Never saw this model of Allis before.
  12. These 3 sharp Turboed ,Elwood equipped all seem to belong to Wilke's Allison powered Allis D21
  13. If I remember right it was powered by a Chevy engine. Never saw this model of Allis before.
  14. Yes good to meet you too, that was a good afternoon. Thanks. No doubt , an amazing show.
  15. It was good to see you all. Looking forward to another get together. Bill I'm finding the same thing. I know I never was to the horses and mules or the corn drying area.