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  1. 1586/1566 Dual hubs 67377c1

    Do you still have some of those laying around? Matt
  2. 86-88 door seals

    Not sure, but would be great to spray on tractor, let soak and wash off with a garden hose or pressure washer.
  3. 86-88 door seals

    Can you get me some? I know of a good use for it, lol. Matt
  4. 86-88 door seals

    I have tried the brake cleaner with a small scraper and putty knives. I probably was not letting it sit long enough to do it job. Just one of those things I hate doing. Thanks for the help!! Matt
  5. 86-88 door seals

    Has any one had much luck with removing the foam door seals and glue that was used to adhere the inside seals? What to use or not to? Tools? Or just good old elbow grease? TIA, Matt
  6. Rear Tractor Tire Suggestions

    Went with Firestones on the MFD 54. Rides good, good traction as well,. No loaded tires, just front weights. On the 2wd I have Michlens agribib 45° bars. Ride is great and they get great traction as well. Only extra weight I have on it is 13 suitcase weights and the 2 sets of rear wheel weights. Matt
  7. Midwest storms

    Been working since Sunday night, 16 hours on 8 hours off, don't all over again until we're done!! Matt
  8. Do I have the last 3488?

    I would say yes, you have one of last 3488s built. If it is all original you can find some date codes on the tractor that will give an approximate month and year when it was built. Matt
  9. Do I have the last 3488?

    The data shows 466 built, but others slipped by. With the data showing #966 as the last one built. That makes 466 tractors. Not 465. When the first number and the last is subtracted you just eliminated the 501 tractor from the count.
  10. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    A plus feature of the right hand door, also one could turn the PTO on/off by standing beside the blower. Matt
  11. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Are there any more pictures of the 5488 at the top of the page? I would like to see some of the work the gentleman put into that project? The one at the bottom would be nice to have as well. Pictures are always good!! Matt
  12. Blue jeans

    FR Carhartt blue jeans for work, $60 bucks. No way around it!!! Matt
  13. Anyone need an International silage wagon

    Red,. Sent you a message in your mailbox. Matt
  14. Anyone need an International silage wagon

    Where at and what model ? Matt
  15. 5488 running hot

    I am baffled with holes in the side door to the airbox, was the idea to pull hot air of the engine and push it thru the front?? If the hood seals are in place and everything is correct, hot air should move off engine on the right side thru the air channel to the front of the radiator. JW, Matt