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  1. To bad they weren't flat bottoms,. I would take them. Matt
  2. I don't have one of those,. Would you want to part with one? Thanks for sharing those. Very nice indeed!! Matt
  3. I thought you had 881 choppers in your fleet? Nice looking setup regardless. I still like to see that older equipment being used. Matt
  4. Is it because they listed the horsepower in kilowatts first?
  5. I don't think the 18.4-46s are going to clear your fenders. The 42s have to be pretty close now. Matt
  6. http://www.cngco.com/wiring_diagrams.html See if this link helps.
  7. Got one you can have. Matt
  8. Try calling Mike,. He will lead down the right road. Matt
  9. Great pictures Jerry,. Picture posting isn't a headache anymore!! 👍 Matt
  10. Those are build sheet for the future buyer. The date is in August of 84. Shows all the options available and the ones they took away.
  11. On the "Start to Finish" brochure,. Is that transmission backwards or did the photographer flip the negative for printing? Just was curious and it seemed odd.
  12. Here are some brochures that I have found over the years to add. I think I have more but need to do some digging. Matt
  13. All good descriptions on different tractors in the photos,. My eyes must be going bad!! Matt
  14. The MFD tractor seems to be the same one in each photo. But weights are added and a decal of some sort on the side panel. He must have hit some muddy spots in that bottom photo, I don't see any black paint on the front axle! Nice pictures of the old dealer books. Thanks. Matt
  15. I think he is looking for a tractor he used to have in the family!😉