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  1. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    The company I work for wants us to use OEM or NAPA Gold. NAPA filters are made by Wix. The local NAPA will sell Donaldson if I ask.
  2. I don't think it has an SV engine. There is no script on the rocker covers that I can see.
  3. Information on this engine wanted..

    I knew it was based on the 9 series and I couldn't remember which one. The three 9 series displacements are 335, 350, and 370. That makes the six cylinder engines 501, 525, and 554. the TD-18 is a six cylinder version of a TD-14
  4. What to do with old tires ???

    You don't say where you are located. in BC Canada, all car, pick-up, trailer, and large truck tires are subject to a tire "levy". Don't know about tractor or motorcycle tires. All tires with a levy are recyclable free. The levy is supposed to pay for it.
  5. Information on this engine wanted..

    I can't remember exactly, the UD-16 engine is either 525 or 554 cubic inches. The TD-18 is 691
  6. Electric brake motor is for emergency power assist when the engine stops running with a hydraulic power boost system. Sometimes there is a sticker above the windshield with the shift pattern on it
  7. T340 questions

    Get the original ones rebuilt. They will be much better than any cheap replacement cylinder.
  8. Steering cylinder rebuild--tool FES 65?

    Is the o- ring in the piston? I have seen an automotive piston ring compressor successfully used on the piston seals of a hydraulic cylinder. Use lots of oil for lube.
  9. Spark plug Question

    In the late '80s I was road racing, most everyone I knew was using NGK and changing them frequently. Guys with deep pockets it was every race weekend.
  10. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    I would start with tightening the alternator belt . Then check battery voltage before starting. If it is below 12.8 volts charge the battery before starting. If the voltage drops and the alternator heats it could have too much load on it.
  11. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    The electric backup is meant for stowing the lift in the event of failure of the primary power source. They usually have a 25% duty cycle. Have you tried to pull the pump off the pto? Is it a spline drive or a key? I know of one time when the spline stripped and the crew pulled the pump off and jammed the broken off end of a chainsaw file in the splines as they put the pump back on. It lasted three weeks.
  12. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    Electric backup power on a hydraulic lift is always an extra cost option. If the person who spec's the truck is cheap it won't come with one. I have a friend with a small lift that is only electric, he uses two group 31 batteries. with the Hi Ranger I ran, the solenoid button was hard to push. I would use a hammer with the handle on the button and lean on it with my hip
  13. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    I ran a 6H-65PBI for three years. It was closed center hydraulics, I believe yours will be with the pilot controls. When it was new we had problems with it randomly shutting off. It was a loose wire on one of the brushes of the slip ring at the bottom of the hydraulic rotation block. We would press the button on the solenoid to make it go. Later in its life (about 15 years) when it didn't get used much, there was a problem with corrosion on the slip rings that would stop it. There again pushing the button would make it work.
  14. 1948 KB 5 restoration i see lots on e-bay
  15. Small tire foaming

    At work they have a Billy Goat mower. It was constantly getting flat tires from blackberrys, tried slime and other tire sealers. It just leaked out the holes. Got new tires with tractor tread and had them foam filled. They are considerably heavier and it as better traction now.