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  1. International T6 project

    It would depend on the size of the alternator and the electrical load. Personally, I would not use smaller than 10 gauge unless I had a very high load
  2. International T6 project

    The one wire goes to the battery positive. Often it is connected to the starter at the same terminal as the battery positive cable.
  3. TD-340a battery???

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that all diesels were originally made 12 volt.
  4. 1486 pressure plate splines stripped

    A little bit of moly on the splines won't save them if there is an impact type of load on them. I have been repairing brush chippers for more than 30 years and have seen just about every type of clutch failure there can be. Stripped splines and centers torn out of the disc are the most common.
  5. Another TBI question

    Big block truck tbi is model 295, small block pick up is model 220. Both have a minimum throttle opening adjuster screw. Capped at factory. If you move it too much it will set a TPS code. The cold weather high idle provision is in the computer.
  6. Another TBI question

    At work we have had 16 topkick trucks with 366 gas engines. The 1990's had two wire temp sensors, and they all got changed a time or two. The 1991 and newer ones had three wire temp sensors and I don't think one failed. We changed lots of caps and rotors, some trucks three times a year. The ones up to 1995 all got new distributors on an "update" (don't call it a recall). They all wore out more distributors. Lots of fuel pumps, if a truck got rust in the tank a pump wouldn't last three months. When the pump is on it's way out they lose power on a hard pull at high rpm. We changed a half a dozen tbi units because the pressure regulator would start leaking and we could not get that separately. Changed two or three egr valves. If you haven't already, I would change the fuel filter, check the distributor bearings and the timing. My 1987 gm pick up started dying when I stopped at a light. I chased that problem for a long time. A new distributor fixed it. I had previously changed the module.
  7. Truck won't start

    Take the carburetor apart and clean all the little passages
  8. Apple question.....

    I have a Yellow Transparent tree. I believe it is the earliest ripening variety. I usually can start picking in mid July. I took the last few off last weekend.
  9. International d500

    Almost forgot about the dash pics. I know the labelling is not stock, but most everything else is.
  10. International d500

    Yes, previous owner put an extra spring on it but that wasn't enough when he stopped using it regularly. I just stopped using the brakes lol
  11. Gmc topkick clutch cable

    We have had a bunch of topkick trucks at work, and yes a worn cable will be stiff. There is a plastic liner that will start moving and jamming things up.
  12. International d500

    Hi Logun, my machine's engine runs good. A bit smokey at times, and leaks oil from the rocker cover. It has a bit of a problem in the hydrostatics. It doesn't like to shift into high speed forward and reverse. It wouldn't shift at all when I bought it, but the brakes were dragging badly and it could not get enough speed up to shift. i still have to start working on the brakes. I can get pics of the dash tomorrow.
  13. International d500

    Hi, I bought one of those last fall. It is a bit rough, but fixable.
  14. Winterizing TD6

    Fill it full of oil??? Then some sort of cover to prevent water from getting on the oil as it would sink and rust the pan
  15. I would imagine that the shaft has to slide in the clutch plate spline to be able to remove it. that being said, I am also surprised to hear that one can remove the clutch without removing the engine first. I will check my parts book when I get home, but I do not remember seeing an input shaft coupler in the bell housing. About the different clutch pedals, I believe that a LP machine has a different pedal than standard. I will have to check, but I think that my machines have different pedals. One has a reverser with a front pivot pedal, the other has a T/A and IIRC a mid pivot pedal. The rear mount hydraulic pump is an add-on, and to me, the blade looks "home made" ( not IH)