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  1. T6 Restoration Pictures

    The color is as near as I can tell , all of my research indicated that the red pigment in the paint could vary from one factory to another and during world war 2 the pigment was very scarce sometimes. I was able to compare the new red that is on the T6 now to a few spots on another machine where it had been exposed to very little if no sun and it’s very close , but I will say I’ve never been to a tractor show where all of the red tractors were the same color . Just out of curiousity does it look right to all of you or is it off , I’m kind of curious ! Thanks
  2. T6 Restoration Pictures

    One of these days I hope to be able to show what I started with
  3. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Now onto rollers , idlers , track frames and tracks
  4. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Here are the tabs , I hope this helps
  5. T6 Restoration Pictures

    I’ll take some pictures tomorrow so that you can see how it is secured
  6. T6 Restoration Pictures

    It has some tabs that bend over and hold it in place , it has five squares per inch , I was able to find some at Steiner tractor parts
  7. T6 Restoration Pictures

    I know it a bit difficult to see but the casting date tag on the engine block reads 12-30-N according to the quick research I did that was 1944, I don’t think it looks to bad for being 73 years old today!
  8. I ended up finding an original instruction manual on a large online auction , it was fairly spendy but worth it
  9. T6 Restoration Pictures

    It’s Omni MTK acrylic urethane
  10. T6 Restoration Pictures

    I got the hood and grille painted and disassembled the alternator and gave it a coat of my favorite color.
  11. T6 Restoration Pictures

    I didn’t , it is original , I had a source in another state that I bought it from
  12. TD9 final drive removal how to.

    When all of the bolts are removed there are dowels that are used to align the outer cover the the final drive housing and then to the mainframe I hope this helps
  13. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Thanks for the compliments I enjoy being able to share with other “ like minded” individuals
  14. T6 Restoration Pictures

    I honestly think it is the way you lift the cover since there is no other handle ,