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Do you loan stuff???

try not to

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Posted Today, 01:21 PM

Yesterday this fellow calls waning to borrow my car trailer. He says he has a car in Pueblo and will cost another $30 if there another night. Just a long dumb story and I said (Well you can take the trailer and just pay me the $30) he comes and gets it and this morning he brings it back and I pull up beside him in the pickup while he is unhooking and hold out my hand with the palm up and he said what you want and I say my $30! He then says (are you serious??) I say yes I do not keep this machinery and equipment around for my health and it is not free upkeep! He then says well you will have to wait until I get caught up before I can pay you.

I said well my sister is moving this weekend and you can go help move furniture and appliances out of the basement and if you do not I will definitely be looking you up. Talked to he boy who is helping her move and he said this fellow owes the rental place over $1000 and they will rent him nothing.

I have tried to cut all loaning stuff off and I think this iced the cake. My cousin whom died this last Oct would use my tractor and disk or what ever but he worked in town and he would weld difficult things for me as he was a welder. I always felt it always came out in the wash.

Have another neighbor who needs to purchase some of my cousins machinery but he is too CHEAP and  he will come down this spring wanting to "rent" something as always and I have decided to hit him with a very still rental fee and if he does not pay I will not let him do it again.

My mom always said first time is not my fault but the second time it is.

How do you guys handle always borrowers neighbors ?? But the heck of it is the ones who want to borrow something usually have nothing worth using is why they are wanting to borrow.

This one old Dutchman told  his brother n law once to go to the bank and borrow the $$

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Posted Today, 01:35 PM

I am happy to share my equipment and tools with several close friends and neighbors who in return have stuff for me to use.  Around here most everybody knows everybody and you know who NOT to loan/borrow stuff too.  If a person comes asking and I know they have nothing to offer in return (either immediately or in the future) I simply offer to just do the job for them,  usually reasonable enough that i'm always taken up on it. 

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Posted Today, 01:38 PM

Lot of repair shops in my little town. We borrow "specialty" tools from each other all the time. Always returned in a timely manner. An individual wants to borrow, I do like Auto Zone does. I sell them the tool and return the $ upon the tool`s undamaged return. Many have no problem with that and the one`s that do don`t get it. My tools weren`t given to me, period. 

Don`t lend trucks,trailer,tractors unless I go along as the operator. Simple rules and no issues ever since. 

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Posted Today, 02:02 PM

I always want to help someone out, but sometimes it seems even the best of family and friends still get things screwed up or don't bring it back. Over a year ago I loaned my JLG scissors lift to a friend to use on his barn, he would get the lift in exchange for replacing the batteries which cost $400.00 for 4, 6 volt golf cart type. seemed like a good deal for both of us. He has been finished with it for 6 months now and every time I ask him to bring it back he says he will get right to it as soon as he can get his BIL'S trailer. I'll call him again.

I loaned my miter saw to my Brother, he is known for taking pretty good care of things. Still it came back with several of the carbide teeth chipped off the blade.

And lastly and this peeved me a bit. I loaned my 300U to a good friend years back, I sold it in 99 or 2000 so it was a while ago. He used it for a couple of weeks raking and hauling wagons, when he brought it back he said he really liked it and that it was a good tractor and really pulled the wagons up hill. But he said it had a problem: When he pulled back on the brake handle it tended to speed up when going down hill and that I should get that attended to because he had headed down a big hill and it started to get away from him but he was able to jam it in fourth gear and get it slowed down.

I explained the operation of the gears and the T/A but  while he was a great guy, instructions were a bit lost on him. Fourth gear now had a bad knock as several teeth were missing and I had a repair bill coming. The bill came and he said " how about we go 50/50 on it? No loaning of tractor or equipment!

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Posted Today, 03:14 PM

I am pretty open with loaning out certain items. I am actually more ready to loan out a trailer than my tools. I will loan out until there's an issue. If there's an issue then I confront them. If they make amends I'm fine. If there start being a lot of excuses then they don't get to borrow it again. I think it's only happened once that the damage was disavowed.


If someone needs to borrow tools, I usually go with them to help.

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Posted Today, 03:29 PM

I don't loan anything except to 1 nephew. He always brings things back pretty quick and if he breaks something he fixes or replaces it before returning it. Everyone else has me chasing stuff down. So I ain't playing that game. Have one BIL who's terrible. He "borrowed" my trailer when I wasn't home. When I got home and my trailer was missing he's the first one I called. Said his son broke down near my place and that he'd bring the trailer back "in a day or two". A week later I had to go looking for it, he wasn't answering his phone, and found it at his friends place. I told him if he took it again I'd report it stolen.



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Posted Today, 03:33 PM

When I loan something it's either to a select few who I trust, or something I am ready to never see again.

I would rather not borrow from others, but sometimes.....

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