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  2. and don't forget the medical card if traveling outta state
  3. good luck you or fab shop could make one if someone post specs
  4. That's a 1968 right? Must have about a 3.50 ratio rear axle. 2700 rpm @ 60 mph. mph x gear ratio x 336 divide by tire diameter. My first car was a 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 2 door with a 390 2 barrel. Hope your 390 runs better than mine did. I've had a lot of vehicles since then. A few Mopars and pretty much Chevy now. I know of a 68 Torino 390 4 speed in need of a restoration for sale.
  5. Kit P/N 64578C91 For some reason it is only shown in the 66 series parts lookup. MFSRP $172.00
  6. "Meter looking thing" If you are talking about the square, box-shaped piece located just below the oil fill, it is an hour meter.
  7. This is just a way for the bank to pocket $15. Think what that adds up to over a bunch of loans.
  8. if all he said was lining down you should be good as it took 30 + years to wear and they are relatively simple to replace and buy otherwise if it had been setting....left clutch could be stuck and cause of brake having little effect that is more involved but usually not very $$$
  9. When you get the paper title it is technically a "replacement" title, thus the $15 fee.
  10. Gotta agree, lots of car/truck booms on the tube, beaver dam too. I don't know how well daisy chaining that stuff will work. May go too fast from one to another to really be able to see a delayed reaction. You may have to experiment.....I know a boring task.....HMMMM you can always try to do one of those really big ones in a dump truck near a nuclear power plant....... Rick
  11. No disrespect intended to any one but im just not a big fan of swapping dif size engines out of a totaly dif tactor espec if all that was wrong was the injector pump. Jmo , if it is going to be done tho i agree if you do it right you wont be able to tell any mods to tractor.
  12. Yea, I know a jockey who uses diesel. We used it on our tanks for displays before the CARC paint came out. Rick
  13. Funny Mark! WOW, bad day? a) sarcasm ˈsärˌkazəm/ noun = the use of irony to mock or convey contempt b and iii) poorly played attempt to shut someone down through ridicule often used today by a certain group of people trying to shut down free speech. Other tactics include trying to shout others down or blocking speaking events. The same group that has proposed trashing the Constitution and rewriting it to destroy freedom of speech. Rick
  14. The real pizzer about it they clipped me for tax and title when I bought it. Yea it is only 15 bucks but it just stinks.
  15. Anybody got a part number? I've called the two closest CIH dealers, and they don't have a clue what I am talking about. The way they act, you would think a 706 was in the same category of obsolete as an oil pull or a steam tractor (no offense to oil pulls or steam machines intended)!
  16. It aint grandpas merc but it still puts a smile on my face. Hadnt had it out since last fall sometime. Needs cleaned up bad. Took it for a spin and put sum.fresh gas in it. Wife thought son and i should go to a small local cat show tonight in it but he already had plans....maybe next time. Have owned this car since 1982 or 83. Was in tough shape when i got it and spent all my savings having it redone at the time. Needs redone again as can be seen but at least i still have it...
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  18. I don't think lever binders are even legal here any more. Class A must be over 26k combo, with a 10k+ trailer. Over 26k combo with 10,000 or less trailer is Class B. 12,000 truck and 14,000 trailer is Class D. States may impose stricter rules, those are the Fed rules.
  19. Most of the Case stores were company owned in our area so the IH dealers got to stay.
  20. Same here. They sold 55 gal. drums of lever binders and went to the ratchets. Those ratchets take a little getting used to but seem to work just fine
  21. Down to just one in the hoosegow now!
  22. Isn't the 504 distributor the same mechanically as all the earlier 4-cylinder engines like the letter series up through the 140/240/340? It should use the same points as an H or an M, I'd think.
  23. You can also go to RADIAL tires for additional height. Some brands of tires are bigger around than others too.
  24. There needs to be a test to qualify for pulling a trailer of any shape or size!! If you cant pass the test you shouldn't be able to pull one on the road. Jmho....
  25. Yeah you are having to pay for your ex governors making license plates!!!!
  26. Take all the paperwork the bank sent you. DMV should know what they need. I know every state is different but i would want that title clear in my name any time it is not used as collateral on a loan.
  27. In North Carolina all the Case dealers took a buyout except 1 in the western part of the state. That left all the IH dealers intact.
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