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  2. failed oil filter ?

    I’ve had the seal blow out on a couple of NAPA oil filters on a Briggs motor a few times when starting in sub zero weather. Thankfully the key switch was next the filter and I shut it down right quick.
  3. New Sled

    Try this site I have pulled out a 173 with a 3 inch paddle on one with my 154 summit. They are great, but I don't have one yet, everyone else does so I haven't got around to buying one they they are like a skid steer, ounce younhave and and see how handy they are you won't be able to live without one or understand how you made it without one
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  5. New Sled

    I already have the biggest Otter Sled I could get from Fleet Farm, which covers 98% of what I need to haul. My bud' up north has a huge old dogsled for bulky stuff like plywood sheets and firewood logs. I would appreciate a pic of one of the sleds your talking about, never know when I might want to build something new. My long term goal is to build this into a recovery/tow unit. Big winch, small A-frame on back, incorporate a HD 12v charging system. Once I reach semi retirement, one side hustle I'm considering will be automotive towing & remote ATV/snowmobile recovery.
  6. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Our oxen yokes got smoked this year. But they didn't burn!! Gary
  7. D281 sleeves

    Hello all, Looking for some info on 450d vs 400d sleeves. In looking to rebuild my 450D I have come across a much better deal on a set of 400 diesel sleeves & pistons. I always thought the parent bore on the 400 and 450 was the same but I noticed on bates website that they have a 4" I'd sleeve that is listed only for the older 8280 block casting number. Mine of course is the newer 347R5 number. Would the 400 sleeves work out? It equates over 500 bones cheaper, and for the minimal hp difference im ok with the smaller bore. Thanks in advance!
  8. babysitting tax question

    Use their services, demand a receipt, keep payment records...... play dumb and turn it in to the IRS, let them decide who is cheating and let them fix the problem.
  9. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Just watched the movie Wall E with the kids the other day. Seeing the fat lazy people being served by robots reminded of this thread. Diesel electric hybrid would be quite economical since the engine would be under a fairly constant load.
  10. New Sled

    If you really want to pull loads behind it look up Siglin sleds. Basic idea is they take a sheet of 3/8 inch UHMW plastic, same stuff as your Hyfax and a lot of plastic wear parts are, and turn it into a sled. It doubles your freight capacity. They are scary how much you can pull. It is what all the deep wilderness travelers use. And don't let anyone tell you they are not tuff, they will out last any two other sleds and pull twice as much
  11. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    I have no idea if this is correct or not, but the cab is setting a little to the left of center......but the seat is pretty much in the center. You sit closer to the right side of the cab. I had MF combines before I went AF, you wouldn't believe how many times I'd get in the IH and sit down only to realize I couldn't reach the door to shut it, so I'd have to get up again.
  12. Only 9 built.....heck I've seen more of them than that at tractor shows (LoL)
  13. New Sled

    Some specs of my new baby, 1992 Polaris Wide Trak LX, 5250 miles. Apparently there was only around 700 made in 1992, this was the first model yr for the LX. 488cc liquid cooled Fuji power. Surprisingly, it has the P90 clutches instead of the P85 a normal Indy 500 would have. Kinda sucks, I have a electric start and numerous parts for the P85. Low, high, reverse transmission. 156" x 20" x 1" track, new just a few hundred miles ago, and there was nothing wrong with the old track - that came with the deal. Articulated rear suspenion skid.... The back 12" of frame pivots independently to improve ride. Extra windshield and a cover. Original owners manual. Towing capability was rated around 1000 lbs on the standard rear hitch. This sled was so successful Polaris continues to build it today...... the hood is redesigned and they dropped the 488cc liquid for the 550cc fan, but the basic chassis is the same. And it's Red, almost even the correct shade.
  14. Grumpy...

    I got grumpy today...heard the first bell of the holidays good cause but I hate jingle bells, made me realize There is 30 days of the wretched Christmas music coming, 12 songs with 900 versions, that makes me grumpy...
  15. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Columbus here what part are you?
  16. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    I agree with Tony. I love the looks of those 8 and 9000 , 86-9600. Open station with those unique fenders they look real cool. Guy I work with had an 8000 and he says it was a beast and worked great.
  17. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    The 8000 - 9600 were pretty stout old tractors. Good friend of mine put way north of 10,000 hours on a turned up 9600.
  18. Know this John Deere fan?

    Dude is Sick ! Sorry J.D. Even you do not deserve this face.
  19. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    Those are sexy looking tractors and not many restored or at shows. Show it with your Reds and you'll be surprised of response. Nice, Tony
  20. Custom decals

    Out Here in Ca . we have a privately owned franchise outfit called;" Fast Signs ." They are fantastic in working with me on custom decals . Take them a picture and few details and they will make it for you. You must have something similar in Montana. Tony
  21. who all grinds feed still?

    ^^ That's a tough looking rig. I would bet that is still a workout for the SMD. Nice rig! are those radials on the back?
  22. Vintage Ads

    One of the more popular Versatile products in this part of Sask. was the 400 self propelled swather. I believe it was their first hydrostatic drive model. They sold a lot of these as well as the model 10 pull types. From a 1972 ad.
  23. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I was talking about this earlier this week at training. We both were shaking our heads while discussing millennials. He was mentioning a realative who was harping about being over qualified for her job, which sure didn't seem like the case. But a self driving diesel over the road unit would be right up the laziest generations alley, They could engage the autopilot and play on the net, watch a movie, take a nap, and still be getting something done. And taking the place of two drivers would change the market. Then add to that having a follow on semi (or two or three) with no one at the helm and you are getting a lot of freight across the country with very little labor. Regarding the electric power OTR units, I don't know what Tesla and his Ponzi scheme have planned, but I would guess that a hybrid unit would be more likely. Having a small generator with a battery bank powering an electric truck seems much more likely in the near term. The small gen sets (20kW) are very efficient and would make inroads on emissions while the electric portion of the vehicle would be able to do the work with current technology. The batteries are even available with life cycles that are realistic . There are some amazing videos where these systems are used in exotic cars,
  24. Engine with 436 crank but no IH # number

    Your overseas aren't you? After navistar was formed they had agreements with several companies to provide engines. Perkins and Detroit sold rebadged navistar (ihc) engines but I thought they were 466s
  25. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    Well its like I said if I were in a jam. I keep hytran on hand all the time so I can only think of once or twice I had to do this. You might be right but if your alternative is to run your tractor low on oil or use a couple gallon of cheaper oil I would take my chances on mixing is all I was getting at. I agree it is not ideal.
  26. babysitting tax question

    Wrong. I have been there and checked it out with my wife and son. He is all that matters to me. I want him in a good place. I could care less whether she is licensed properly if she does a good job. And after my wife and I check out the rest of the places and that's the one we like the best we will use her regardless. My point is child care is very expensive and can be a tax break. Since I pay for this give me one reason I shouldn't be able to write it off because she doesn't want to claim income. I am pretty sure she can watch up to 6 kids in home without getting licensed. She doesn't want to pay taxes is the bottom line.
  27. babysitting tax question

    NO, she is a middle aged woman working from her home. She should be claiming income and is not, which is why I cant write it off.
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