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  2. Great looking project
  3. Looks like a fun project.
  4. I really like the stance of it in that second pic. Wheels have good amount of flash but not over the top. I think it will be a great pairing.
  5. So, what's hangin in the tree, that looks like a LONG dead rabbit??? Mike
  6. With loader on ,the front wheel weights would be better utilized on the rear of the 300 to counter balance loader work. Rainman/Paul
  7. Some, on peaty ground we can just disc, chisel, disc/rolling harrow. We near all plow [all silage] to roll the warmer grd down to the root area. Did tons of trials and alway yields enough to justify. 1 local guy who had grown corn on corn for 20 years rips, 1 passes, seed beds and does ok. Usually gets manure on as well. He says it is good b/c the soil is so stirred up. Its all heavy river btm land so its like cement by spring from rains. I've trucked off them fields......i think he should go back to plowing. But he sells it off the field so does not want the expense of plowing added to his cost.
  8. How about some of those stories????
  9. Probably better known for his "Bloody Mary" V8 bikes. One crazy dude!
  10. I'll bet he's not the kind of guy who's likely to sell anything.
  11. Warm here in east-central SD this weekend. Highs of 70 both yesterday and today. Overnight low was only 45. Supposed to freeze middle of the the up coming week. More rain and snow. Still got 9 more to calve. Got some manure to haul ahead of corn planting but I'm just not excited yet. BTO's are pounding the corn in hard this weekend.
  12. Today
  13. Got snow flurries going on here in northern North Dakota. Usual last frost date for us is around May 20. Not unusual to have freezing temps into the morning the first couple days of June. Bright spot is we got going running a coulter on corn stalks yesterday. Want to start seeding wheat in a week maybe.
  14. I certainly get what you're saying, but this wasn't feeling less torque, this was legitimately less torque. I could throttle back to 1200 with the chisel in the ground and keep going. With the MX if you put it in the ground at less than 1600 you will snuff it!
  15. cake baker
  16. Throttling it to get it "whistle n make noise" can back the nut off the intake wheel ........ and well you know what happens when solid objects enter the airstream and get inside the combustion area ................
  17. If I remember correct the two tractors he pulled were called "Double Ugly" and "Beautiful".
  18. Finishing touches on exhaust. Ready for upholstery ,while waiting for wheels to arrive. Working with Hagerty to bind insurance on it. Tony Unfortunately, hood is ajar, not completely closed thus the larger gaps.
  19. Thanks Pete23, I always appreciate your knowledge and advice. Sadly, I know the inevitable is coming and will have to replace the TA. I'm trying to prolong it until we get through first cutting hay, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a low pressure or pump flow issue that is causing the long engagement. When it's leaking internally, would that cause a pressure loss affecting the steering or brakes, because those seem to be ok. Do you believe it worn ring seals or something else? That and I don't understand the clunking, popping, and jerking. Basically, I don't want to install the new TA and find out it has the same slow engagement and noise then have to pull it apart again for something I should have fixed the first time. We use the TA to much. To nice to slow down on head lands and leave the power and hydraulics at speed.
  20. CaseIH actually did sell a "Case International 484" for a short time right after the merger, it was identical to the "International 484" except the red/black/silver colors and "Case" decaling. still had the IH style grill.
  21. I might add that the IPTO also takes Hy Tran and not gear oil, Level plugs on the side of the unit.
  22. Yep, Saw E. J. Potter pull many a time back in the day. He came to our local Monroe County Fair pulls in Michigan. Great old times.
  23. If it has a T.A. better use HY-Tran If no T.A. like 664 CDN stated then gear oil okay. Just wanted to re-iterate it . That's important. Tony
  24. Good out here Ya east of atchison in Missouri Bet I know the guy who owns it !
  25. Way to go . Josh ! Tony
  26. Put a muffler on and you won't know the difference!
  27. I guess he used twins so that his steering linkage would have a nice straight shot.
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