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  2. You can install guage and see if pressure is dropping. This a.residual pressure is present. It must be zero when clutch is down. Even 5 psi will drag it. You check this by the left front cab mount. There an acorn nut there or a line that goes down to shift cover. If you do have line throw it away and cap both fittings. This li e is no longer used. Mike
  4. I think I had continuity on one of the posts and ground.... If I remember right. What's that from? Bad field windings?
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  6. Those are sloughs. (potholes) and some are quite large. Those dead trees standing in the water show that it was not always that wet. That quarter had 120 cultivated acres back in 1989 when I started working it. This spring I was able to seed 65 so we have lost a lot of good land to flooding over the past decade. We grow a lot of ducks, geese and bulrushes now :-) . Not much money in it. My nephews got a boat recently and found over 8 feet of water in one spot. Fish? No, just frogs.
  7. I heard an interesting story about the Farmall 340 and Farmall 504 sales back 47 years ago. I was working for JD at the time and we were on a field trip in the upper Midwest (North Dakota / Montana). I had met up with the JD sales manager from the Minneapolis branch sales office and he had an interesting story. He used to work for IH and at one dealer meeting in 1960 with Brooks McCormick (National Sales Manager at the time), Brooks asked why the Farmall 340 was such a poor seller. Everybody clammed up and finally Brooks asked again if someone knew the answer. This fellow being young and somewhat not yet into the internal IH politics then volunteered as asked. He said that the Farmall 340 had the following problems: 1. Seat mounted way too low such that if cultivating you were always eating dust. A high deck was needed. 2. No proper draft controlled 3 point hitch 3. No side frames for mounting spray tanks on 4. Wheelbase too short to keep it from rearing up if you let the clutch out too fast 5. Thirty six inch rear wheels instead of the usual 38 inch rear wheels. 6. Engine was too small and didn't have enough power 7. Fuel tank was too small 8. No heavy duty power steering system for use with the wide front axle. Brooks then thanked him for the information and a week later he was fired. He never knew who was responsible for his firing. Anyways he applied to JD shortly afterwards and never looked back. The interesting part of the story was that two years later at the beginning of 1962 when the Farmall 504 was unveiled it had everyone of the fixes he had recommended to Brooks. He told me he felt good about that and had the last laugh on IH and their silly internal politics.
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  9. Tractor data website sez 1700 built, '59-'64.
  10. Not those ones they are governed at 45.
  11. Very nice! Always love you videos. No dust here, got over 2" the last 2 days and about 7" for May.
  12. That is some great footage. I liked the music to.
  13. The guy that was the first Tire dock supervisor I worked with had worked at Melrose Park before moving to the Quad-Cities and working at Farmall. Melrose sounded like a crazy place to work. They built about 500 engines a day on one side of the aisle, and about 50 crawler tractors up to the real monsters like TD-25 and TD-30 on the other side. Another big IH construction equipment plant was the Libertyville, Illinois plant. About everything else IH built in the way of construction equipment was built there, Pay Loaders, Pay Scrapers, Pay Haulers. I can't believe IH didn't build a Pay Grader.
  14. I do hope that's the the model that has no return for the left hand turn signal, after retirement it's nescisary to drive with that on where ever you go.
  15. Unhook both wires on generator. With a ohmmeter you should have good continuity between A and F posts on generator but no continuity between either posts and generator case. If no continuity between A and F then most likely brushes are worn or armature is dirty where brushes ride. Once it's wired back up. Before you start it just flash between BATT and A lugs on regulator to polorize.
  16. school crossing
  17. Thanks for the tips Guys...... Think I will remove the head again, prior to initial start up, just to check valves, injector seals etc. I had reused the head gasket as it was previously new and engine had not run but think I will change it as a precaution.
  18. Thats cool! Are those ponds or just puddles? Any fish or do they freeze out?
  19. It's not pin or linkage. Cable and adjustment is good. Could it be in valve or am I looking at a tractor split?
  20. found some info but no break down all US crawlers apparently were from melrose park
  21. The explosives instructor at a course told of drilling the set concrete for small charges and using the "concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension" factor to break it up
  22. I got some photos from facebook recently. They seem to come in spurts. I like this sidehill McCormick-Deering #51 sidehill pull type combine behind a TD-14. This could be out in Greg Druffel's Palouse country. I remember when I got to see a TD-24 at the Great Falls International Harvester company store in Great Falls, before I started school in September 1949. I believe it was about a year before? This is a photo inside an IH dealership. It sure brings memories back to me. Not only did I work in later years as a partsman for IH, but when I was a small boy, I'd play on the new tractors in the showroom. While these aren't "antique" tractors, they are getting old, since I am too. I never saw very many of these IH Cargo Star "COE, or cab over engine" trucks. This last "KB something" is a neat looking semi tractor. Gary
  23. Check the cable for proper adjustment. Put a guage in and check pressure. Sounds like you have a lube leak into the pressure side of clutch. If it does it on odds and evens and all ranges its in the master clutch Mike
  24. I have some recent drone video of me and the 7130 Magnum hard at work planting canola. Nice to see a little dust in the air after years of mud.
  25. I had that problem once and was lucky enough the linkage pin came out behind the steps. It was on a 5088 and the owner called in and was sure it was a major problem.
  26. Also, I was unclear on the polarize process. Do you have to have the tractor running or shut off?
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