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  2. Exactly what RKO said, It's like that old question "have you stopped beating your wife yet."
  3. Cool. I have relatives in Newton.
  4. I like the looks of that but what is this? " 8.0 Ulead Video Studio is not included " Looks like I might need that too. I like the idea of digital storage.
  5. Yes, it was great meeting Paul in person! Lot of talking about tractors, trucks, Farmall Plant itself. I hope Bermuda Ken's ears were ringing or burning, we talked about him too!
  6. My chewy has 287,352 on it and I pull a 24 foot trailer hauling wood for the wood burner which is normally logs most of the summer, I help a friend sometimes hauling round bales. It's normal up keep on all my vehicles. But never mind everybody has their own opinion.
  7. Complete except for the Big horseshoe drawbar. Didn't we discuss breaking those things two weeks ago? Almost looks to me like somebody had the top cover off the transmission & rear end and got tired of working on it either before they got it apart or before they got it all together. Good parts tractor except if you need a grill!
  8. Welcome aboard
  9. You can either look up a company to digitalize them and you can burn DVD off the copy, or buy them from them, or you can still order a VHS at Amazon. Then they sell a kit to digitally record them yourself. Try amazon and type in VHS. Start looking, just make sure you check the reviews and the dates of them
  10. And a vhs player off line.
  11. Someone has got to digitize them for cloud storage...
  12. Danny that's NOT what I wanted to Hear!!!
  13. Newton, farm is West and a little North of town.
  14. I have a book by C.H. Wendel that lists all Nebraska tractor tests from 1920 to 1985. The test report on the Farmall 340 says the tractor's differential casting failed catastrophically just seconds into the 100% drawbar load test. And people wonder if the 460 & 560 rear ends are durable?!?!? Anyhow, I would spend a little time and hopefully little cash and get the H running well. If a cousin comes and wants to lay claim to "Grandpa's tractor". get out your receipts and show him/her what you invested in Dollars to get it running right let alone your time and talents and make sure you get reimbursed accordingly if the Cousin insists on having the tractor. My Cousin wanted Grandpa's old F-20, was about a '38 vintage, H's & M's were in the field when Grandpa got it. It had settled in the dirt where it sat at my other Uncle's for decades. Cousin pulled it in two trying to pull it out of where it sat frozen into the ground and onto his trailer. It ended up being a parts tractor to the other F-20 he bought. What you are afraid of is like Me going and asking or expecting my Cousin to give me that F-20 after he restored it. I would not do that, and I would hope your cousin's wouldn't either. The H can pull a 2-14 pull plow, 7-8 ft disk, 5-6 ft bush hog, 2-row cultivator. There were almost 400,000 made, used parts are plentiful. Guys back in the 1940's & '50's farmed 80 acre farms with them. My other Grandfather had two unstyled JD A's that even the JD dealer a mile away didn't want in the mid-1960's. And an early WC Allis-Chalmers, none of which I was interested in, in the least.
  15. Yeah but how many 300,000... Huge quality difference from 80s to 2000s imo, And how much upkeep is that 80s rig... And it cannot do what today's equal rig can. Ie half ton to half ton, 3/4 to 3/4 etc.
  16. Heck I've got all the oddballs. 1026, 826, and a 664
  17. Thanks, Putter! I figure I'll take my "community battery" (the battery I seem to stick in everything to try), and a new 6 volt for the BN, just to cover my bases. How does it handle with a loader? Not sure if I could find one, but it would definitely be nice to have! The Deere we've got just doesn't have a lot of "oompfh" behind it.. I agree, 660 Driver! Love to have the whole line-up.. gotta start somewhere, right?
  18. What's everyone doing now days for home videos? We started out in the 90's with a VHS camera and got a lot of video of kids as babies and so forth growing up. Lots of relatives on those videos that have passed on. They are all simply priceless. I transferred some of those to DVD tapes. Then in late 90's or early 2000's or so we got a VHS "C" camera and kept filming. We bought an adapter to play the C style tapes in the regular VHS player and got a dual VHS/DVD player and copied some more of those tapes to DVD. Then in the later 2000's we started filming with digital camera and putting clips on computer. My VHS player wont play now and you cant buy new ones anymore. Not sure even how safe video is on DVD either. Would like to get them all copied to some format that is safe forever. Anyone have any ideas?
  19. Sorry Troy but I know of some 80' chevy's that are over 200,000 and a few Ford's.
  20. Welcome to the forum. Them 10's really fly. Drove one once with some 20.8's on it and 2750 redline. I bet it went 26 or 7 maybe. You around the Sully area?
  21. My 340 is the same as yours but with a wide front end. It was originally 6 volt and I had it converted. Yours looks like it has a generator on it so I'd make sure what you have before you go over to pick it up. Putter
  22. I have a Farmall 340 and can tell you a few things about it. I have a 3 point conversion like you mentioned and recommend using one. I also have a ferguson 3 point cultivator that works good for my purpose if I go slow. I have a C20 plow that was built for the Farmall C, it is fast hitch but with small prongs and is probably 14" but i'm not sure, but still does a good job. I use a 6' disc, the cheap one from the farm store, that works okay but i'm sure it could handle a bigger one. Fast hitch implements are hard to come by in my area so when you see something you need on craigslist you better be buying and not waiting for it to go down. I also have a 2001 loader on mine. I'll try to answer any questions you might have. Putter
  23. Hey that thing looks nice! I would love to have a 240,340,and a 560 since we already have the 460 and 660.
  24. How did the 806 stack up cost wise to a 4020? It WAS a direct competitor and often times could outpull a 4020. So why didn't IH just rebadge and 806,change it over to '56 style shifters, and keep the killer engine it had that already was capable of outpulling a 4020? I'm not arguing I'm just curious. I would think it woulda been a much more cost effective way for IH to keep competing with the 4020 cost and performance wise. Unless the d358 was that much cheaper to produce?
  25. Thanks Guys, should have mentioned I have three cub cadets too. A 782, 149, and a 1650 that I don't have a picture of. Here is a shot of the 782 and 149 (which now has a No. 2 tiller on it full time. My WD45 got into this shot.
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  27. Row crop, tricycle front. I have a picture, but it's not the best.. I had more, but they mysteriously dissapeared. thanks, sledgehammer!
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