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  2. Personally I much prefer the CaseIH setup. I always forget that the speed up/slow down of the propulsion lever works in reverse when you are backing up; a couple times I've almost went through our shop walls when backing a machine into my stall because I sped up when I was trying to slow down. If all I drove was the NH setup, I'm sure I would get used to it, though. Like I said before, the CaseIH CVT operates much like the old hydro tractors from IH as far as controls are concerned. Another reason for the CaseIH setup that I like is if I want to run a specific speed I just move the lever to the desired speed and leave it there. With the NH there is an Auto Ground Speed feature that you can setup to do the same thing, but I don't feel its as user-friendly. Also, as far as the snap ring issue I mentioned earlier, that was fixed a few years ago in the later Tier IVa machines.
  3. I take those covers off so I can see what is happening. do you have any springs for the steering clutch levers??? KoO
  4. I've got his phone number. I will call/text him when I get there Friday. I'm no BJ when it comes to this stuff. You get what you pay for with free help like me.
  5. How can you contribute the yield difference to no-till? Wouldn't the sandy soil yield less in a drought due to moisture availability? I agree about maybe not plowing sandy loam. Sandy ground plowed around here would have terrible wind erosion in the winter.
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  7. Tony's been posting on face book
  8. On the 3rd valve, make sure that both tractors have the same style hydraulics, open or closed center. Put a 3rd valve on my 1586 a few years back. As handy as a pocket on a shirt.
  9. Best bet is to call Rollie at Herrs machine in Kansas. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have on those tests blocks or has them made he is an expert on the hydros
  10. Open your glove box and release the 2 clamps on the side. That will let the glove box flip all the way over. IH pasted a line set on the back of the glove box. Hopefully it's still there.
  11. Welcome and congrats on your 1256!
  12. I would guess they were almost the forerunner to the 6.9 and the 7.3's. IH would have been better off with a 7.3 in a '66 series but they werent even a twinkle in the truck sides eye at that time.
  13. Those HD's were made by Aermacci
  14. Going EMD would solve a lot of problems, but is there HP loss going through electric motors? Would it be similar to a torque converter where you get slippage unless there's a "lock up" clutch? The infinite drive would be awesome but maybe not practical.
  15. ....was another way of IH to market their disastrous V8 diesels. Other than it looks cool, it was very impractical to own one because the 400 series counterpart would walk all over it. The longevity, economy & torque compared between the two wasn't even close. It's only a collector novelty tractor.
  16. mat backing
  17. Sd Would you say you prefer the nh or ih set up?
  18. Well, it looks nice. With no other info I'd assume it is nice. Nicer than my 1066 so i best not talk...
  19. After I wrote the reply and posted it, I remembered those round covers, and figured that may have been what you were talking about. I will look, but am pretty sure all of my machines came with just holes. That was the problem with them, thumb nuts, that people would not get tight enough to hold and then they would fall out, or the threads would rust up and they would never get put back on the way they should be. Will let you know what I find after the sun comes up. George
  20. On the rear of the main frame there are two round covers (one on each side) with thumb nuts
  21. Just got email from tony. His iPhone is all screwed up and won't let him on the forum. He is getting closer and hopes to be in Rantoul on Monday. Only running 6 hours a day and fixing small $hit the rest of the day. His toolbox has come in real handy. He sent me some dessert pics. Need to get him hooked up with Sledgehammer when they get here and see if he can get that phone to work. Jerry
  22. Completely irrelevant to tractor pulling but I couldn't help but think of this comedy sketch.....
  23. Where you located tn?
  24. A Grizzly is basically what I am thinking. I think that would be perfect for my needs. I never even thought about the dirt. I have a mountain of black dirt scraped up from barn lots that is rocky. this would probably work good for that also. I thought about making a grizzly on coil springs and could always add a shaker later. One question I do have is about the bars. The creek rock I have the biggest rock is 4-6''. Not much bigger than that. Do you think a 3/4'' solid sucker rod would hold up for light use? I see some made from round stock but wonder if the rocks will wedge between them and get stuck? I see a lot of people are using square tubing and turning it diamond shaped. Sucker rod I can get cheap. Like .20/ft. otherwise I will have to search for angle or something else. I know for high production they only use bar stock turned upright, that would be pricey.
  25. Reminds me of a deal I seen on YouTube I think. Have to buy just three items any three to get the cashier to ask what you are up to. One guy got cake mix, a sympathy card, and rat bait lol.
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