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  2. O Ring Boss (ORB) question

    O ring boss is straight thread not tapered
  3. O Ring Boss (ORB) question

    From the chart it looks like the 7/8 is the corresponding tube size, not the thread. Check out -14 line on chart. Hope this helps.
  4. Hired Grain Haulers

    Always take ether off my tractors plug them up don’t use much in cold weather . Just 5240 to feed with it will start anytime
  5. 1086 ta trouble? Maybe

    And if you think it's the pump should I just order a new one or rebuild it. Are the aftermarket ones any count or go thru ih
  6. New addition Farmall M

    Update the M is running good. Just a carb clean and a pop start to get it fired up ! It runs good, but i think it may need a few RPM's. There is some valve tap, still runs smooth though. Doesn't smoke hardly at all. The tires seem to have some " bounce " in them when in 5th gear. Could this be from sitting flat for quite awhile ? Or maybe the brand of tires ? Jason
  7. Farmall H hydrolic lines.

    Okay so what your saying is I only need one line? What about implements with two lines comeing out? Just don’t use them?
  8. They must have been running the engine flat out. I would increase the engine pulley size and give the engine a break. W
  9. Hired Grain Haulers

    Had this happen just the other day. Not only did my helper hit the button and not wait, he started it with the throttle about 75% open. I heard the same pinging and heard the clatter. Then I smelled the ether. Funny thing is I know that can is minimum of 10 years old and I have never even used it. I did nt even realize it worked because that tractor starts so easy. Its unplugged now. He didn't do any damage but it sure made me cringe the same way.
  10. Hired Grain Haulers

    This is off topic but reminded me of my '72 656 diesel. It has the factory ether with push button under the steering wheel like other 66 series. It doesn't appear that it has ever had a can of ether on it but I've always thought that was a dangerous decision by IH to put ether on an engine with glow plugs.
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  12. Farmall H hydrolic lines.

    Okay do I do need a line as a return? What if my corn planter has two ports?
  13. Very nice display, Matt. Your group sure does a great job. I had a really wonderful conversation with Red Bibs Bill last night and your name came up several times. All good.
  14. 527 DMI

    There will be an 8450 JD on front. Hopefully it has enough power.

    Things are looking good, the forecast is very promising. I don’t want to jinx things today the last of the beans should come off. So all systems are go. And temps are favorable for the bonfire and hotdog roast. I’ll keep things up to date. Don’t be afraid to call 574-354-7244 Rob
  16. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Where is everyone's MUD?? No rain all summer and have had about 9 inches in the last month. Started beans last night very muddy Nate
  17. Brochure Comment and Video

    Wow, great, thanks, I'd forgotten back when we used umbrellas on them! And those "spade lugs" on the wheels. best, randy
  18. UD 18 American Bosch pump

    I have a parts manual UD18A and have a AMERICAN BOSCH injection pump
  19. Going look at a 1970 Pick up

    LOL 🤓Fellas there all "worth a look" Good luck bud.
  20. Vintage Ads

    Hurlimann D 70 Brochure pic:
  21. TD7C dozer mounting clamp missing

    Broken off bolts, rarely are they easy to get out! Welding something to the end of the broken bolt sounds good if you can get down in there? I think I might try to drill the bolt and use a easy out first prior to welding.Heating the exterior around the bolt might help too. Sounds like they are not in a good spot to work on either! Regards, Chris.
  22. Non corrosive tire ballast (fluid) ?

    I'll have to check into that. I've never heard of anything other than calcium here in MB. I'd sure like to try something else. Although we've never had an issue with rusty rims. We always clean em up real good whenever the tire is off. I just hate dealing with calcium. Seems to get everything sticky, and I'm pretty sure my good gloves I was wearing the other day shrunk from the calcium when I had to fix a tire lol. And its hard on the pumps, but that I can live with
  23. Brochure Comment and Video

    Definately an unusual transmission in that machine. Housing is more rounded than production models.
  24. 826 power steering

    I haven't checked the pressure yet, I did not have a gauge.
  25. Farmall 544, meet Knox.

  26. Happy Birthday

    happy birthday to all.
  27. 826 power steering

    the steering will not turn the wheels when I am parked and the front end is on the ground. When the tractor is moving or the front end is lifted it will turn normally as if the power steering is working as it should. It acts exactly the same with both with both hydraulic units/pumps, The power steering was like this when I bought it a few weeks ago .
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