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  2. They do well 95% of the time. If the hay gets into the stage where it's very sticky they sometimes will bind and slip the belts. Pure grass can be a problem with them sometimes as well. We are very happy with them though. Keep the auger wipers set and spare belts on hand and we're good to go. The four we have now are eight years old, the four before that I think we kept for 10 years.
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  4. BIL had the same problems on his 94. He did most of the things that were suggested here and replaced a lot of sensors. With the tach acting funny at times and everything you have done I would suspect a faulty ECM. If the computer works but not correctly it can cause all the problems you describe. And if it works enough to start and run the engine it can and will either throw codes or give the system a clean bill of health. a scanner will not detect a bad computer. I'd check the vacuum and fuel pressure, check the timing again and adjust as needed. Check the EGR, that can cause all kinds of funky running too. If everything checks out good then look at the ECM. On the grounds. If someone just replaced the eyelets with standard crimp on connector I'd recommend replacing them, solder the connections and put shrink tubing on them. On a side note I bought a used boat about 11 years ago. I had all kinds of electrical gremlins. Every year it had issues I had to work out before fishing season. About 5 years ago I went through all the wiring and replaced all the factory crimp on connecters with ones that I had to solder on. The only electrical problem I've had sense is the bilge pump going bad this year. The fill pump and aerator, lights, tilt and trim, depth finders, trolling motor, GPS and lights all function as they should. Amazing how trouble free it's been sense I did that. Good luck. Hope you get it sorted out. Rick
  5. They destroy barns!!! About 15/20 years ago NH sold a bunch of them to guys and after about 2 years they were all traded back to tractors. They just wreaked stalls and gates and walls and milkers hated them. I have tried 1x with the bucket and I dont think I finished and said never again. The guys who did it had tire blades with a rubber edge along top to get corners. I am amazed when i see these 2000 cow dairies using skid steers to scrape huge barns. And tractors are nearly half price!!
  6. WOW! This gives me some big ideas. Your tractor is awesome
  7. I'll bet that engine is spotless inside even if its totally worn. Those MM U 's are pretty nice. I restored one several years back and I just love it . It has that unique MM propane sound and its one of the nicest old tractor to drive. The MM board on YT forum has a lot of knowledge, Welters Farm Supply in Verona Mis. is very helpful. A little before and after on mine. Good luck with it. Tony
  8. All good now? Good deal
  9. Another picture of Cajun Queen II. I wonder if this was taken at the American Royal. Anybody recognize the location?
  10. Could you measure the distance between track pins? It should be something like 7 and 1/16th or 7 and 1/8 of an inch.
  11. Seat looks correct and was more brown when new I bet. Your step is off an 86 series two wheel drive. You are right you need the black steps, but they are specific only to the 2+2's. The 50,52 and 5488 steps are different.
  12. Nice find. Those MMs seemed to be unique in their own way. I would like to have one some day since our first tractor was more or less a MM. It was actually a TC 21-32
  13. Looks like the price was right. LE
  14. JD might not have had anything to do with the formation and manufacturing of Velie but for a short time you could buy a Velie car through JD. There was a local JD dealer around here a hundred years ago that also sold Veile automobiles. That is not a coincidence. The dealership closed up in the 50s. This is about as close JD came to producing cars.
  15. BINGO!!! Mike
  16. My wife wants to take both her tractors to a show we have coming up in July. It is about 260 miles from home so not doing multiple trips. She has an H and an M and our equipment trailer is only 10k gross so I can only take them one at a time. A local trailer rental place has an equipment trailer they can rent that is a 14k or 15k gross with an 11k load (cargo) rating. I can't imagine they would be over but I have never had either on a scale and don't really trust all the weights I find on different sites all over the internet as they vary so much so would it be reasonable to put both an H and M on a trailer that is rated for 11k lbs? Neither has loaded tires, both have belly pumps and belt pulleys and no wheel weights on either (the H has one set but they will come off for paint and don't have to go back on for the show). Thanks for any help.
  17. Oooohlala
  18. Yes, the pump pulley lines up with the crankshaft pulley. I can't find any mention anywhere of a spacer. I'm going to have to make one. The original pulley hub has the fan 3/4" further forward than the new set up. It only needs about 3/8" to safely clear the crank pulley, but there must be a reason it was so far forward.
  19. You are very fortunate to have these three projects - I personally like the 806 and 66 series - plus you have tractors that are in the family like others said. I will probably never get a chance to get back the tractors my father sold in 1986 (1256, 544, and others). On a side note I unfortunately have to take the fast route to the Outer Banks this year, but typically we take the back roads of NC to get there to enjoy the farmland and see the iron in the fields. Thanks for sharing your pic!
  20. Just curious why you prefer to scrape with a tractor? This area you will usually find a skid steer on that job. We have no choice but skid steer because of the barn layout.
  21. there are 3 short bolts, 1 at the top, and 1 at the bottom, they hold the PTO together, the 3rd is in the bottom left corner kind of under the PTO leave the 2 short in snug so the PTO says together, other wise you will most likely have the take it all the way apart and replace the gasket and re align the tabs on the thrust washers
  22. Do the twin augers work ok in haylage? I bet they unload smooth for corn silage.
  23. I had a TM120 with the full poweshift. In the course of learning how to fix it, I found out that there was a run of them that had defective components in the partial power shift tractors.
  24. At least it has a flapper on the stack but the bad is a a 1" plug is missing on the tank. Guy said it be sitting before he was born so 40 years or so. I going to make it a field decoration along the lane. Might give it a whiff of ether if she turns over.
  25. Looks like a nice upgrade, especially if you have more energy when you get home at night.
  26. Scratching my head here, as I don't remember a spacer. Doesn't mean there isn't one. But, does the new water pump pulley line up properly with the crankshaft pulley. Could be the hub is too far on shaft, or maybe it is flush, don't know
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