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  2. Almost Christmas and no frost

    Last year it never froze much here either. Same type of situation, except we were so wet the snow wouldn't even soak into the ground lol. We had just finished hauling hay this time last year, and we had been using the tow strap non stop, and not because there was too much snow. Heck, it turned cold here beginning of november this year, and got a good dump of snow and we had a stubble field we were pasturing that dad went and deep tilled no problem. He said it worked like middle of September. Only field without snow on it for a long time lol
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  4. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    In an area where a cold winter makes about -10C rarely I used to marvel at the cold weather operating instructions in our original 1952 TD6 operators manual - down to -50F. The replacement manual when that one frayed must have been tuned for Australia as it left those bits out.
  5. A US Navy band has some Christmas fun with an arrangement based on Dueling Banjos
  6. From an old Tennessee Ernie Ford TV appearance singing "Children Go Where I Send Thee" watch the boy to his right.
  7. ID This Cab on a 966?

    I didn't know the cab like that was offered on a 66 series, unless it's a modified 06 56 series one like Jass1660 mentioned. Don't see many 20.8x34 tires either. I'd like to find a cab tractor to do my spraying with. I do it with my 826 now. On a 1000 gallon sprayer. Sometimes I get a little damp from the chemicals. My 5288 and 5488 both have pretty big tires to go on 30" rows. I can't get my 1066 to 30" rows with the Year /A Round cab without removing the fenders. An 886 or 986 would be ideal, or a 3688.
  8. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    Truthfully to do this right I need another . However , Everybody has their limit and I think I am at my limit and very thankful for it. I have enjoyed this journey and now its time to make the most of what I have and that's going to be a job. Have 13 tractors two trucks and a hay baler , not to mention four plows , two hay mowers , and a blade. I see it as God gave me these to preserve and pass and teach future generations . I need to be a good steward of what I was entrusted with . I think I am at my limit . However BK ,its fun to Dream and I could see another shed and a few more items I do not have . I'll just leave it as a dream ! Tony
  9. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    MTO , Thank You ! That shed still doing its job. I am told that this is a" tractor storage shed" , Its our" new" phraseology for the old "AG Exempt status", by our, Dear ,Loved, Cherished, County inspector or else I have to file environment report on how much oil, waist, etc, etc .Traffic, I would generate, along with more loving forms, Soil tests, to fill etc. I will use my existing shop for work, Its Grandfathered ,( LIKE ME) and new one for storage , unless someday someone works out of there before I am notified and can stop him in time .! Always a possibility and old mechanic like Bob can get confused , or Danny can come out for a service call and not realize that he is not in MN. but in the Land of Brown.. Come to think of it ,A sign , That reads ; Guys you can only sleep and rest in this building , Working is forbidden . Signed," the management !" Tony
  10. IH Truck engine & Transmission

    Truck was not allowed to be registered in Calif so the owner got rid of it. I bought the engine and trans for a project that never materialized.
  11. Smoker are these the Goldies

    I contacted him.
  12. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    One. Its a 1953 with Fast hitch & wide front Cut lot of hay and raked lot of hay with a SC, Just like this one. Tony
  13. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    Thanks , Glad to hear you know Dustin, He is a great collector, Farmer and supporter of all these old tractors . His ailment started much younger age , so I suspect we'll see lot from Dustin. He has an infinity for the Pumpkin Orange and makes them proud with his restorations and one or two AC pullers. Tony
  14. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    That's what I'm thinking too. I have a lot of extension cords and outlets, I plug a lot of stuff in when temps start to drop in the fall. The one in it now, after two hrs, does not get hot enough to prevent you from being able to wrap your hand around that fitting and holding on to it. It's just kinda luke warm.
  15. Almost Christmas and no frost

    That is what saved our behinds last year. It was warm until November 27 then we got 3 ft of snow then an in December another couple feet from Jan to march. The ground never froze or the spots that did open ed up under the snow and all the snowmelt went into the ground and no runoff. Subsoil moisture carried us to 2/3 a crop. It has been colder earlier this fall but the last 3 weeks have been spectacular.
  16. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    Had them on the straight pipes ,would not pull them tight. They kept wobbling ,slightly. Also , we are using these clamps with connector nuts to hold heat shields more secure then the factory hose clamps. They have all been Cerimikoted and match . Tony
  17. Another cat topic

    Last night I took the squirt bottle to bed, that is a repellent, but unfortunately he's so little and wild it doesn't sink in for long, it's kind of like purple minions
  18. life in our corner

    Thk guys. We're going. But i am bringing board/table type games for girls to play. Table is right by kitchen and family room. I've asked few others about it. My uncle (guy were are temp milking at) said, "that damn kids always a pita to the other kids, pretty obvious hes a s...head". Sid, The 2 barns we will put the vms in are pretty good but need some tweaking from the owners tight wadness. Uncles is ok but stalls aint the best. Will put other herd there, 2x and herringbone already, and not expect much unfortunatly. Moving, new feed, new world. I may be calling you for donts with these robots. Pm your.#
  19. Smoker are these the Goldies

    B.J. , I think you should contact MAX soon ! I know how much you love that 656 . Max cannot give you an answer or a deal if you do not contact Him. Tony
  20. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    Can't recall the watts, was just focused on getting one that would function. Tractor starts good without it, just like to take the edge off so less wear on internals and starter.
  21. local 5488

    It certainly is possible that the flywheel sensor and the fuel sensor are the only issue. I just type what I think, I haven't seen the tractor myself. I just like to play devils advocate.
  22. Thank You AKWELDER, Had more free time Farming full time. lol. Sometimes I ask myself ,"What the H*ll am I doing?" , but its enjoyable and the time has come that its , ITS NOW OR NEVER ! Have to get these projects done so I can enjoy them ! If My body goes down ,at least I can enjoy them and tell about it . If nobody here wants to listen I'll post it on RP till B.J. hammers me , Saying ;" We have seen it all on the forum already", "remember the threads ?" Tony
  23. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I think every year it is getting harder and harder to work in the bush because nothing is freezing. keep us posted. thansk
  24. life in our corner

    You are a good Man, if not this bil thing wouldn't bother You. I bet it's not bothering Him!! I think I would go to family Chrismas, I would not let Him dictate what My family did. I would be ready with several different plans depending on what comes up. Wouldn't bring it up there, which will bother Him a lot more than You. If He does have Your answers worked out and stay on script, You can gut Him so fast He won't even know they hit the floor and You never raise voice or look bothered in the least. The calmer You are the more it will eat Him a new one. Will be praying for calming and wisdom to any situation that arrises. You can make this fun with a little thought.
  25. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    Excellent. My 806 and the neighbors 1206 do not have the threaded hole. But this 856 is three yrs newer too. I searched your part number trying to find a pic or description, but just the $42 part comes up. Mine is stamped 400w right in one of the six flats. Do you happen to remember seeing that on yours? If it's 600-700w I'll be getting one. Thank you again.
  26. Smoker are these the Goldies

    Maybe he'll cut me a deal??
  27. Pattern

    Was a 3A the same as a 2A?
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