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  2. Via tractordata the 3010 tested at 53 drawbar hp. The 4010 at 72hp. The 560 at 53hp. In other words I would take that bet.
  3. The Deluxe precleaner for a 1256-1456-1206 seems to be like gold...if you can find one. Would it restrict the intake too much to neck down to a 3" pipe and use the setup from a 20 series Deere? My tractor doesn't do any hard work. Mostly show/parade or very light loader work. I don't want to starve the turbo, but love the look of the big precleaner and screen.
  4. Here is my 7488 that I changed the decals on a 7288 and added STS decals too.
  5. Just buy the new 7288 from the Wisconsin show and make it a 7488? That is what I did. But they made a 7488 from the old casting too. Don't want you to do work that has already been done for you and that can be done easier with existing models. But to each is own and have fun doing it. Anyways, I do have a friend that makes IH castings out of Zinc and the rubber too. He makes IH offset rims and they are sharp. His name is Chuck Steffens. He usually writes for the Toy Farmer too. I can put you in touch with him if interested. I had an extra 3588 precision and I changed up the wheels and put 68 series wheels all around to give it a beefier look and I added a black curved pipe.
  6. Thanks everyone, I do have some more pics I can upload after I scan them if you would like to see more.
  7. Oops ! Had not though of that Rails will give . Castings will break. we'll give it consideration . If I haul I am usually tame and use ratchet binder but with big trucker , he uses big off center binder and the tighter the better. tony
  8. Did the 966 use a heavier than normal nut? I have a 9and a 1066 the both had standard dimension nut on the square head bolts . 560 has oversized nuts but they are 5/8 bolts
  9. The hand pumps are different. A hand pump for traditional IH steering will have threads above the splines for the steering wheel retaining nut. A IH tilt steering hand pump will not have threads on the input shaft, splines only.
  10. That is awesome!!
  11. ok figured you had a reason. I prefer to put hooks on frame rails. I don't like hooking to castings Jerry
  12. Just noticed it's been several weeks since anyone posted here. Thought I'd post a Case ad to go with the others and bump back to the front page.
  13. I agree. Sawdust makes for a cool light show.
  14. And now we know why steamers have canopies!!! (Not so much for shade on a hot day) Mike
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  16. Start saving your Dollar$....
  17. They Look pretty darn Good!
  18. That would not have been very impressive to a potential knowledgeable customer having to use your biggest rowcrop tractor against the competitors 2nd biggest. But I'm no 3010/20 fan either and I'm betting the difference between a 4010 and 560 was closer then a 560 and 3010.
  19. Good work. I did that to one last fall only I didn't have a rim to cut a patch from. That should last you a long time.
  20. What were you suppose to pit against the 4010? From a hp standpoint could you have tuned up the 560 engine into a 660?
  21. I would think a better comparison would be between the 560 and a 3010.
  22. Only if you really torque them down. I don't thinks it's going to be an issue. It's my first go around with it. The washers are pretty cheap
  23. Our mta did this too. We "fixed" it hillbilly style by angle grinding a little down on the edge of the brake drum
  24. There are about twice as many pieces for that set than are shown in that brochure. I think I have all of them except the cab handler pieces. I have a bunch of pieces for low profile tractors that I have never used. My A frame part is a copy and the roller assemblies have been shortened but they work better for me that way, As long as there is no fluid in the duals they work fine with the tires hanging over the end. It takes up a lot less room in the shop to split the rear axles off with the shorter stands.
  25. You want the narrow front? No need to change bolsters or frame. Just bolt tricycle to same place steering arm is now
  26. He got the new part that was the same, but it sounded like (from the dealer) a new improved setup was in the pipeline. I got the specs from the old and plan on building one with a longer tube so you can put a wrench on the braze on nut. Thanks for the help.
  27. matt where exactly did you find the spec for various models?
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