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  1. Past hour

    I was browsing today and found, anyone bought or sold guns etc thru them?
  3. Killing mold

    Zinzer makes a "mold killing primer". I just used some on the bathroom of a rental house. Hope it does what they claim.
  4. Killing mold

    Same company that makes fog u mold.
  5. U4 Power Unit

    Is that the same motor they put in the t6?
  6. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    I was told that the STS stands for "stolen technology systems"
  7. Farmall C Demonstrator

    All demonstrater farmall c's was made in 1952
  8. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Post it up, some of us enjoy seeing other colors as well.
  9. Whose Ready For Some UpTime Service!?

    Awesome, never seen that video before.
  10. IH 1456

  11. Today
  12. Whose Ready For Some UpTime Service!?

    the morning breakfast conversation is priceless...the wife is more concerned than the husband about the "4wheeler"
  13. Sept/Oct 1975

    i think I mistook your picture on FB as Billonthefarms and not apologies.
  14. Killing mold

    I found this stuff is good. Concrobium Mold Control
  15. A bit of trivia about metric/imperial threads. We have a pre war 1927 LANZ bulldog with all imperial threads and nut heads made in the factory in Mannheim Germany We also have a post war (after they rebuilt the bombed factory) LANZ in metric Now I drive a John Deer made in the same factory all in Imperial
  16. Texas

    Reports from have been that since Irma hit Florida, the spotlight has left Texas. They say communities like Rose City have had little to no relief other than small groups like and Cajun Navy/Army. They are asking where did all this donated money go? Rose City has about 1000 residents. I guess everybody forgot about Texas...
  17. Anyone else working on theirs?

    What kind of combine do you run
  18. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    They are all thread pitches You can't work on much in Australia without both Imperial and Metric tools. Yes occasionally you come across Whitworth as well. They all use standard 1/2, 3/8 or 3/4 drives on sockets. We have to adapt to a lot of Euro/North American earth moving and farming gear here. I doubt most people even notice though. Tractors all have the doors on the wrong side. Gearlevers are on the wrong side etc. excavators all are left hand access as are big mine dump trucks. I spent years mining here. You have to drive dump trucks that are left hand drive on the left hand side of haul roads. That means that a truck that has next to no visibility to start with (Cat 793) is even worse! John Deere made in Europe is all metric, John Deere made in the US is imperial. You just know what's going to be what from where it was built.
  19. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I once worked on an M where a spacer was added under the cover to raise it up about 2 inches and the forks were extended the same amount.
  20. Killing mold

    I am no expert and do not claim to be one. I do know that the 'Black Mold' that everyone is scared of and the black mold that grows on wet drywall and in wet areas is not the same thing. This comes from a doctor. The black stuff growing on wet drywall is just mold. (but you'll never convince my wife of it). From what I understand, the true 'black mold' just laughs at Clorox. And from what I understand, true 'black mold' can kill you.
  21. Anyone else working on theirs?

    You're lucky you've got red tractors or we might not let you in our club!😂
  22. neat tractor, anybody no whos it is

    Oh no.......
  23. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    And when you get to metric threads you find that they might have more options on a common diameter than the imperial ones. Chiefio has an interesting post on how the imperial measurements are based on fractions which I'll try and post tonight
  24. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    AF......American Fine NC.......National Coarse BSW ....British Standard Whitworth BSF .....British Standard Fine ....and the bloody Metric stuff .....all used on older farm equipment down under Mike
  25. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    1975 was the year the US was going to all metric. A few years before that the speed limit signs started being posted in both mph and kph. By 1980 or so most of those signs were gone. People just did not accept the change. All lot of manufacturing changed to metric about that time. Delco Remy changed the 10SI alternator to metric hardware about 1976. By 1982 when the 50xx tractors were released they were metric unless the parts, like the engine, were used on the older series tractors.
  26. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Gee Pete, didn't know you were such a BTO! That combine has more dollars worth of tires than I paid for my combine! I've been working on mine evenings for about 2 weeks checking augers bearings etc. Had the straw chopper off for some welding. I'd post a picture but it's the wrong color for this forum!
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