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  3. Howdy all, finally finished tearing it apart. Got the fly weights free and they move while rotating the shaft now! I pulled the distrubution block off and free'd up those plungers (in the pump body) but only one is free in the distribution block.. whats the best way to free them up? (Soaking in solvent at the moment) as expected the fuel pump seal is gone, just filling it with solvent it weeps, no pressure needed. Ill just size it up and order a douple lip seal. Whats the best thing to use as a fuel pump gasket? (Between the sections) it seemed like it was a couple thousands thick.. Also the front cover has a giant A on it so im assuming its an A type pump is that correct? thanks again Dalton
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  5. I get to Smell the Smell of money every morning when I go out and when I don't, I miss it. ! Why do you think I kept my home place after retiring , I have a dairy 4 miles N/W of me and another 4 miles S/E of me, If I lost the smell of money I would be lost ! Don't forget I was darn near born in a cow coral My mother would help my Dad in barn , This back in 1945, and my mother told me stories about being in barn & starting to get labor pains So you can take the old Portigee out of the barn BUT you can NEVER TAKE THE BARN OUT OF HIM. Tony
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  7. Wrong rabbit
  8. Dirt farmer prob want it actually. So i assume it's solids he is hauling? Like from a seperator. He should hose the truck out, or at least jump in and kick all the loose stuff out like we do if moving manure to the farm that has the silage pile, but honestly if there are a few #s in 20 tons of silage it would be undetectable in the pile of silage at the dairy. Here we are not supposed to store in the field. Day or 3 be fine but a month not. So he should be OK there. I understand MI has some really bad manure mngt rules from a friends uncle up in Cadillac. They make no sense agronomicly to me. Stupid dates and formulas which only lead to over applying based on time not conditions or needs. Not sure if your saying he applies over the seeded ground..... Here few have been sprinkling with big guns over week seeded corn with good results. But not solids. We all do tillage so the manure is Incorporated into the dirt before planting. Ask a local you know about it or stop by the dairy a min. With out samples you dont know it they are over doing it or not. How deep is your well there? Or water table? Listen to the old portchageess dairyman complain about manure smell! After all them years of spraying them trees with toxic stuff now in retirement it's bad! The nerve!!!!!!!
  9. We don't tile in my area , however, out west they do. I understand its money well spent . Now your GOOD yield will get BETTER and you'll have a tax write off and value of property will go up . I think its time to buy another restoration tractor to help take the bite out of all the extra income that's coming your way . Uncle is salivating you know ! Hope to see you in Des Moines ,John. Tony
  10. I know that Case IH and other companies made Softcore Roundbalers and was wondering were and are this balers any good? What are the pros of this balers? We had only New Holland Roll Belt balers and now a Kuhn roundbaler (all of them are Hardcore) on our farm.
  11. In this area very few s120s were all wheel drive, do not go by the oil pan I think they are all stamped 220
  12. Well , Don't know the laws but can tell you what goes on around here . Mine you, Liberal. Snowflake ,Calif. If there was a law bet your life we would have it before anybody. lol. In my area there are very few dairies but many vineyards . Many of the vineyardist's have contracts with some of the smaller dairies that do not have enough land. To clean the corals' out several times a year and haul the manure and stock pile in fields along roads until Fall when they apply it to the vines . Chicken manure also is difficult to get and they stock pile it along roads waiting for fall apps. It creates a smell at times but I figure its the price of living in the country. Don't care for it but its part of Agriculture. Usually the guys try to stack it in a open area not across houses ,etc. But smell & flys move about. I will say this though , I just bought a Condo in a little Farm community East of Me and the complex is across the street from a vineyard ,(Beautiful Setting) and part of the Escrow was that I had to sign a ;RIGHT TO FARM disclosure which stated that farming was conducted across street and in area and it spelled out noise, spraying, tillage, dust ,smells associated with farming I had to accept with notarized signature. JFYI , Tony
  13. More than likely the sender unit. Take it out and connect it to an ohmmeter. The needle or numbers should go up smoothly when moving the float up and down.
  14. Safety wire the spiroll pins as suggested.....problems will likely go away....
  15. Its really good shape ,not a ding in it . Really good u/c. I might try to get it running then I might be game to see what it needs to fix . If it needs a bunch to get it running probably be a mailbox stand. Took our d7e and it was all it wanted to horse it around .
  16. yesterday....about 2 weeks early....?
  17. 826. Fuel gauge reads correctly only when under a 1/4 tank. When it's over a quarter tank the gauge jumps up and reads way higher than it should. Not a big deal as I usually keep tank above half. I currently have the tank off as I just set the valve lash. I figured there would be no time easier than right now to address the fuel gauge issue. Has anyone experienced this same issue? What are the causes? I see a couple cracks in the wire from the tank to the gauge, but they don't appear to have been rubbing on anything. A good coating of electrical tape will cover those nicely. Where should I be looking? Sending unit? Gauge? Thanks for any suggestions
  18. I would recommend recoring the original radiator over buying a new one if it's good enuff. Especially if you use it hard
  19. I have a question. There is a dairy farmer around my parts that is huge but not mega dairy. Well he has a ton of cow manure. He has no place for it so he has gotten other farmers permission to spread it on their fields. I do what he feeds the cows but it smells horrid. And I lived across from a dairy farm my whole life. He hauls it in dump trucks he also hauls sileage/cow feed in without washing them out. Basically the cows eat their own crap. He then piles it in fields and it will b a week at least before he spreads it. Can he do that? He has spread it on so think in places corn can't pop up thru it. Am I just being crotchety or is this farmer doing something he shouldnt? I just don't want my ground water contaminated. Thanks Chris.
  20. Great save. That will be a nice addition to your collection.
  21. A post started by Drewu223 a couple months back sparked some comments that led me to believe that DDA is not a favorite powerplant. I have 11 of them in various vehicles and wouldn't part with any of them. Over the years, I've noted that the 6V-53 is most frequently in the crosshairs so I will address that unit. Greasy? Yes. Noisy? Yes. But both situations can be minimized with a little thought applied to routing of the airbox drains and air intake. Someone mentioned that tuning them was an art. Maybe, but it was more of an art to be able to make them leak-free. I think the leakiest parts were the tin valve covers and blower-to-block gaskets. The cast valve covers were a major improvement. In '85 they were pretty dry motors once you got the blower glued down good. The blower, for some reason, seemed to just disintegrate it's gaskets every couple years. On the last try I glued the gasket to the block with super weatherstrip adhesive and another light coating on the gasket before setting the blower on it. Another common complaint is no guts. Pull a couple-miles-long grade in a single-axle with a trailer and a backhoe? Not in overdrive. In hi-direct with 3.70 gears , hammer down, you might get 40 mph. But we're only talking 160 hp here. I have a 1978 1800 Loadstar which my Dad bought new. When the 446 wore out for the 3rd time, he went to the salvage yard and picked up the 6V-53 that is in it today. An otherwise reliable truck, it was about 2 seasons of changing to heavy-duty components before it could be run for more than a week without breaking something. The I.H. trans with less than 20,000 miles was the first to let go. Replaced with a post-War 5W43 Fuller. Twisted the slip yoke off next. Broke several axle shafts, then years later it was unwise to take it too far from home because the ring and pinion were getting so bad. Recently, a friend had given me a complete rear axle assembly from a '91 Ford L9000. I was a little worried about making the jump between 4th and overdrive with a single speed axle (the L-9000 was a 7 speed ) but with a 4.11 gear it worked quite nicely. It may not be a world burner but there is enough power to get the job done, and is a real fuel-pincher. Maybe I was mis-interpreting those whom I call Detroit bashers, but I can't equate all these broken components with "gutless". The underside of my 1800 is bone dry, by the way. As an experiment, brazed 3 nipples into the Y-pipe to attach the air box drains and draft tube. Muffler filling with oil? In a few weeks, we'll see!
  22. Don" drive past DOT is how you haul that legal.
  23. I need a new radiator for my 5488. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a new one that is of good quality? Thank for your help.
  24. Female best. My vote for worst female singer is Janis Joplin. She's like a female Bob Dylan. Can't hardly understand her at all. Or Cyndi Lauper.
  25. Tell us more shot gun By the way, how did they get it down over those trees? lol What's your plan and what did it take to get her moving? I liked working on those things back in the day. Dennis
  26. I haven't got back to it yet either...............building a transplanter cart that is sucking up all my time at the moment.
  27. Nice pics. Will you have any issues with the tile line settling?
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