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  2. 1.1 inches at the house yesterday afternoon, the temperature went for 100 to 70. The official town rain measurement was 2.4 inches, which I assume is at the airport, about 3 miles away.
  3. Found a few The Rough Rider Creeper TraXion 1-200 King Crawler Creeper - All-terrain Creeper Products – Creepex
  4. Art since you started another thread for this I'll re-post some of the pics. The 6000 LP is at Anson. Texas. Matter of fact at the same place Tony got his 806 LP. The Ford baler and moco was at a abandoned gas station in Roby, Texas. And a pic of a Cat 212 blade on a lease 14 miles from the nearest public road near Albany. Texas. Pumper said they run it about twice a year to smooth out their lease roads.
  5. First time I have seen horses laugh that much since Mr Ed went off the air! Our professional driver was hired because after demonstrating backing a 48' stepdeck behind a LWB CC Freight liner over 100 yards in a narrow driveway without a single problem. We recognized a true truck driver. I have ridden a few times with him on short hauls. He was always on top of things.
  6. My F-20 has high speed gears in it and will do around 10 MPH in high. It would be nice to get to 15-16 MPH for tractor drives and getting to parades. (15 is about as fast as I want to go on a tricycle front tractor.) I understand there are a lot of variation in the different overdrives. Some require you to engage them and put the transmission in neutral as they drive the top transmission shaft from the front. Some are available with different gear ranges? Which one would give you 15MPH in high? I have 38" tires. It would also have to clear the belly pump on the lower part of the transmission. What is the most desirable one to have? Brian
  7. We got over an inch on Saturday. It poured so hard you couldn't see 100 feet. WE got intermittent showers on Sunday too. Everything is green here.
  8. Where did it come out of new? Did they reband the pipe on or is that original?
  9. We have about 10 cows left to calve out of 200. So we get a newborn yet once in a while. The pastures could use some more rain hopefully get some this week or next. The little water on the ground is remnants of the .75 we got last Monday morning. This pasture we are putting a pipeline in to move water a 1/2 mile to the center of the section. This is real sandy hilly pasture we are trying to cell graze it and run 75 pairs on it instead of 50 we do now. We have 480 of pasture and 160 of crop that is wheat as soon as wheat comes off next month we will graze the stubble and odd spots in that field. The next section north is all crop but we have it perimeter fenced with electric so when that crop comes off we can graze ,feed cattle on that. We have a system in place we bring about another 60 pair that are all on the west side of the hi way and graze them on the crop land as long as we can into the fall. The cows on the east side of hwy go home onto some more fenced crop land in the fall. Then when winter gets bad we hop the west cows across the blacktop into the east cows only to start process over in spring.
  10. pastures are totally brown here the ditches are green yet the pasture is shot there is 3 quarters not far from me the guy hasn't put his cows into it and wont now, I'm still surprised by the amount of bales the hay guys has pulled of it more than I expected the price of bales will probably come up abit looking at the radar last night all the rain went north of us again so we missed windy but cooler here today I gotta head to town for the first load of combine parts nothing to serious just small things this year which is nice
  11. From a quickie google search the #10 and #15 are pretty close in design, so I am looking for some adjustment information on them. The previous owner must have only used it to load on a flat rack wagon because of the way it was set. The variable speed idler pulley was missing leaving it in the slow position and they put a 4" TSC pulley on the rear so it would just poop the bale out of the rollers and land nicely on the deck of the wagon. I have fixed the variable speed mechanism and that works now. My questions are this, what size pulley is suppose to dive the rolls in the back? It has a 4" one on there now and at the highest speed it will fill the wagon half full, so I am assuming it's suppose to be larger. Is there a way to increase the spring pressure on the variable sheave? The drive belt is visibly loose and if I'm running the baler at capacity after about 3 bales the thrower slows down significantly; so much in fact I have to stop for a few seconds and let the thing speed back up. With the baler off I can take my fingers and pull the movable sheaves apart, so my thoughts were the spring under that front cap needs to be tightened up. Any thoughts?
  12. Them Agcostars were kind of rare.
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  14. Yeah, don't think they knew what they had. Hope I can find the LP tank for it but going to be hard. First thing will be to get the loader off of it.
  15. The farm shop has pretty bad concrete, all cracked up, any one have a recommendation for a good low creeper than rolls across uneven, cracked, chipped concrete? I'm thinking it almost needs large rubber wheels.
  16. Most excellent, I wish I could think that fast, instead of coming up with an appropriate, and suitably caustic, response much later, and further down the road.
  17. Coming from a consultant who had been a Drilling Foreman for Shell in the Gulf of Mexico, makes it all the better. It appears that I did learn something in all those years.
  18. That's devious! I like it!
  19. Looking good. How is the grass and pasture holding out? So dry here that there is little to no re-growth happening. Only in the low spots around the (gradually drying up) sloughs. This is one year I am glad I only have a few cattle to pasture. These past wet years they could not begin to keep the grass chewed down. This is a shot of most of my "herd" last week when I spotted this little new calf had joined the herd..
  20. This 66 Series is setting in one of one of Coleman's 'upscale' neighborhoods (I had never noticed the post pounder on it, until just now) The 706D sets about a quarter of a mile east of my house at another 'clean and neat' business establishment, which used to be an upholstery shop. The 88 Series is at Rowena. The one missing the grille and tin is at the M-F dealer (Waldrop's) in Comanche. And, I found these in Abilene, the AGCO sets on Business Hiway 80 over by the old Western Star truck dealership, and the International Hydro sat up on the 'S' Curve on Treadaway (?) near the intersection with Ambler Rd
  21. I would say a 9 or 1083 cornhead.
  22. i am trying to figure out what combine it fits
  23. Dang...1 of 13 & the previous owner treated it like that
  24. That's a nice looking original tractor! Talked to Jim quite a bit about that tractor at the RPRU.....real fun guy to chat with!
  25. I had never thought of it that way I guess Tony. He wasn't retired a full year
  26. This was Larry procession this past Saturday. Birkeys here in town pulled out all the stops for this man & great local farmer support took Larry out in style. A bunch of local farmers brought their tractors to town to make this special.
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