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  2. I am willing to make the tags. In the past I believe we've met at daily at 5PM.
  3. When you say 4* you are really saying 4*BTDC, I hate for someone to see your reply and be upset when their 560D runs like crap at 4*ATDC.
  4. Great looking dozer.
  5. Ummmm, YES. I read the original post multiple times as H186! But yes, 15.5x38 6 ply or 8 ply and 7.50x16 frts. A few got the Motor Wheel 5-spoke steel disk wheels and 18.4x34 tires. Both the 15.5 and 18.4x34 in R-1 and R-2 and 6 or 8 ply were ordered as tubeless tires. Royal pain in the butt, even with brand new tires and brand new rims tubeless tires suffered slow leaks at about five-six times the typical rate of tube type tires, which meant every morning there would be a 686 or H86 or two out of the 14-15 built sitting on a flat rear tire out in the west yard that needed a new tire&rim before it could ship. I tried a couple times to change the engineering specs on the tires to add the inner tubes to reduce rework but got shot down every time. All front tires were tubeless, they were quick and easy to replace thankfully. Guess the engineers never rolled a front tire off the wheel in the middle of a turn on a headland. Sorry about the mix-up with all the Hydro 186 stuff.
  6. Been a lot of heat on that clutch pack.
  7. Drove my first combine a N5 home about 100 miles. Can't say it was uneventful but I have a few stories now to tell people now. I got it home in one piece after 5 hrs.
  8. I think I know which one has the problem 😩 Sure is nice to see the old 50 series transmission will still bolt up to the rearend housing ? Danny
  9. The thing of someone concept of history is it's their concept. If you pay attention to what's going on in the world of history is that much more research is going on and that facts mean more than concept. It's kinda like "A Corporate Tragedy". One persons concept. Sure a knowledgeable person but still a concept because the needed records to turn it into a factual history are lacking. Now if all the records become available it may prove the authors concept to be 100% accurate but it may prove them to be 100% wrong too. Or the 560 debate. To claim it killed IH you would have to be able to prove that JD wouldn't have grabbed the market share they did without the 560 issues. No way to prove it as most of the guys who bought JD when the new tractors came out are long gone so they can't be interviewed and few kept journals. Rick
  10. You guys are doing a great thing there.
  11. No. You still need to get something to pull the tractor up the hill to relieve the pressure on the transmission so you can shift it to neutral, then you need to let it down the hill and tow it to a shop where you can split the tractor and figure out what broke.
  12. Actually the gentleman never really farmed. He owned a farm but leased the ground out. I'd say he bought the equipment to pay less taxes on his off farm income. He had a 4166 with something like 6 hours, and a 4 wheel drive 1997 f250 Ford with very low miles on it. I live a few miles from his farm and everything there was old new stock.
  13. I had not been following this thread and just discovered it this morning. Mader, you and your wife and all the others helping out there are truly an example of what being a Christian and being a farmer is all about. We all need to try and follow an example like this. I have been considering some sort of mission trip this winter and just googled Fellowship of Christian Farmers. Very inspirational and thought provoking. Looks like a really good organization. I signed up for their newsletter. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
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  15. install a tee fitting where the super charge line connects to aux valve stack , that oil flows to the mcv pump steve
  16. brake pressure
  17. Point Break
  18. I have restored a couple of ih wagons. One with a 100 gear and 14 International knapheid bed. The other was a 52 gear with an earlier McCormick bed. Both have hoist. Still have a 140 with a McCormick hoist and a 12 ft international bed that is unrestored.
  19. The development of the Farmall is very interesting indeed. I am not familiar with Grey's history, I will have to check it out. The Farmall was indeed a totally new concept, and the path they took was a twisted, winding road. I think they knew that they had to get it right and thankfully they and the company had the persistence to stick with it.
  20. point taken
  21. Well Guy, we could visit more about this. It is a very interesting subject to me. If you read Gray's history of the Farmall you may see where I get some of my ideas. I do believe the engineers knew they were on the right path once they got there but had not realized it beforehand. If they had known what they were doing they never would have developed the backwards motor cultivator. Gray states, You have to remember that in 1920 these guys were horse men. They had grown up with horses, likely owned horses. They had never driven a self-propelled combine or an articulated loader. You and I have the benefit of growing up with machinery and operations all different configurations. We can better understand what happens when operating mounted or pulled implements. These men could only think pull or push. What they ended up developing was an entirely new concept.
  22. I have an 76 1086 I want to run a hydraulic drive hay rake with it. How do you plumb a return line in to the hydraulic system. The rake is as ih 35 I know that the 1086 is overkill for this but my asthma and allergy are getting worse and I need to be in the a/c more.
  23. These are the 4 clutch packs and the variator that changes the speed.....
  24. I drove my 1460 35 miles and a friends 6620 over 50 miles. Both trips were uneventful and in the case of my 1460 got me used to how it handles and where everything was located.
  25. Try Rochester Clutch and Brake
  26. People here on the east coast of Australia would be asking $15000+ for it, sell for easy 10. Small dozers are worth a fortune over here right now. There was an old btd6 not running for years ( and looks like it's been chewed on) dozer for sale here the other day priced at $10000, ( totally dreaming sell for $3000). Another, "just needs a water pump", however you can see in the photo the engine is all pulled apart, rusted and the machine has been sitting so long it's sunk into the ground and also in the weather and wants $6800, ( dreaming again sell for $ 2000, parts). Your machine looks good, works, has rebuilt bits, original and 4 in one bucket, might get $12000 sell price here. I really have to start looking into importing quality stuff and see if it adds up. I have seen from my journeys around the world better quality older machines scraped than I can buy here.
  27. Mike Links (Triple R Tractors) has agreed to have the meet&greet for forum members at his vendor trailer again this year. Is there a time that we want to plan to meet? Would anyone like to volunteer to make name tags? Please voice your opinions. I will work with anyone who would like to help with this. I am the outdoor vendor chairman for the Roundup and Mike's booth will be on the grass on the SE corner of the Varied Industries Building. Thanks, Aaron
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