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  2. I like home made peach or vanilla. I make a batch once or twice a summer for gatherings and thats about it. Tastes good but terrible for you. Last time Dad was going to be at a small dairy that he does vet work for and got me some Jersey cream. The ice cream had a frothy head on it. WOW was that good.
  3. I have a dog that has suffered from everything health issue in the book and she just keeps on truckin`. Gonna start calling her nybill o. Glad to hear the news sir!
  4. That's about how I see it. Funny but related. My #2 son's wife expressed that view without knowing my daughters husband insisted in getting a 1 ton diesel that my daughter drives back and forth to work at the hospital while he drive OTR! My SIL drove in with about a half an hour after she made that comment! He keeps talking about a 5th wheel trailer but I haven't seen one yet! We did pull my fishing boat with it a couple of time, 18 foot side console aluminum that you can pull with an explorer sized vehicle! Heck our Suburban has pulled bigger loads that "his" truck with big tires and a lift kit. Rick
  5. the banks (that run the govt) do some research (it is out there)they have nearly bankrupt alcoa and anyone that they supplied ,where alcoa and now ppg are changing the business they do rather than be totally absorbed by the bank these banks own/control the mineral the supply chain the retailers the distribution and ALL the infrastructure ... look it up...they buy 90% of the aluminum scrap controlling the price and all aspects then owning facilities and warehouses stock pile it then play hide and seek ,rationing ,closing mines and setting the price they will sell it back to make new beer cans all the money funds that produce nothing do this shell game as the only way to profit shale gas will not be back until ALL controlled by < 10 players we are still on LOI > 2020 grandfathered under <'14 law to go ahead including next two layers . traded/sold 3x before LOI and several after, currently, whom we would not sign with(rape and run)+ they will virtually OWN 80 acres for free we retain liability
  6. The 8-bolt front wheels are different than the 6-bolt, and I'm thinking don't even have holes for wheel weights. I'd definitely look for a way to get more iron up front.
  7. What could go wrong?!!!!
  8. I'm looking for some pics of main frame carts,stands that you all use to hold the main frame to put in a new reverse gear. I have always borrowed a homemade one in the past but now want to make one for my self. just looking to see how other peoples carts are built before I start building. thanks every one. 706-282
  9. It is 70% water and 30% urea. There is a pump that evacuates the lines when you shut off and a heater on the tank for it. ECM lets engine run up to operating temp then def is able to flow.
  10. EPA was proposing farmers had to contain dust to own property a couple years ago
  11. The DEF froze?!! I thought that stuff wasn't supposed to freeze. How do people run tractors or trucks year round?
  12. I had a test ride in a friend of SON's '93 F-150 Lightning pickup. It had a pro-built 598 cid NASCAR engine with a 104 mm turbo pumping 20+ psi of boost into it. Conservatively rated at 2000-2100 HP @ 7000+ rpm. It drove around town like a stock EcoBoost F-150, but when he finally got on a deserted country blacktop and stopped, then planted his right foot almost to the floor, the tach needle swung to about 8 grand, trans shifted 2-3 times and the tach needle didn't budge, but was doing something like 108 mph in just a bit over 1/8th miles. And yes, he could haul groceries, landscaping supplies, mulch, potting soil, even tow a trailer! In fact, he towed the big block truck with a 357 Windsor turbo powered truck that was less than 2 seconds slower in the Quarter than the big block truck. We discussed the merits of pickup box caps vs tonneau covers on ET's at breakfast at Bob Evans. That ride was over ten years ago, the big block truck has been sold. Not sure where it ended up. WAY over $100K spent on it over the years. But it just kept getting faster and faster! SON's '93 Lightning was much more stock, ran low 14, high 13 second quarters, hey, it weighed over 4500#! It had better weight distribution than a '93 Mustang Corbra R, SON embarrassed a couple sporty cars that the owners though handled well and thought they were good drivers. Plus those Gen 1 Lightning's were great towing trucks. They even had a heavier frame than a standard F-150, frame rails were thicker, same thickness as 3/4 ton F-250 frame rails. Yeah, I can completely see a new 750 HP pickup you can drive off the dealer's lot!
  13. some of those Delco starters for diesels had a flat spot machined in the body for clearance with the bolt heads
  14. Hol day olds $10, jersey knocked in the head here
  15. Yes I use to make it every weekend. But I haven't made it in years. When found I had diabetes all the sweets had to go.
  16. Sherman's Dairy Vanilla.
  17. Today
  18. So I am dairy farmer and we raise a lot of Holstein steers also. we sold bull calves a year ago , year and a half ago for $600.00/head. now we are still getting $125-$150.00/ head for them now off the farm. Jersey bulls are $50- $75.00/ head. When prices get this low on veil calves you need to start selling them to veil buyers. Meaning they will go to slaughter as baby calves. Its something to look into. Most packers have no problems with Holsteins. However a lot of your beef breeders and beef organizations (lobbyist) have really pushed the packers away from dairy steers. It is harder to get dairy steers fully finished to start with. and Beef raisers hate the competition. Your so called reg black angus beef, the animal has to be 51% black the rib eye has to b so big in diameter. now most Holsteins meet the first requirement. They however do not meet the 2nd. This is why a lot of commercial beef raisers get upset with dairy steer raisers. Packers however do not like jersey steers because even finished out all the way they are still light weight animals and it is harder to get rid of that meet for them. They want uniformity to their product. The other is when pork is down and chicken is down beef has to come down because people stop buying it and it they buy pork, and chicken. there is so much that goes it to this. I hope maybe this is of some help
  19. OMG, Mom used to say "Fer cryin` in a bucket"! But we were poor and didn`t have a sink...
  20. Ah. The tiny dick crowd. Sorry , can't relate to those people and what they do in life in any way.
  21. The cheap grainy stuff full of ice crystals. It reminds me of the stuff my parents bought us as kids. After that, DQ or most any soft serve.
  22. Great news Bill!
  23. Great!
  24. Right on, Glad to hear the good news
  25. A lot of black shoe polish!
  26. Some wheel weights for the front are a good idea. Would the front wheel weights be the same for like a 560-1586 and everything in between or are there a bunch of different sizes? Don't see very many front wheel weights around here.
  27. The spoonful that is in my mouth----- Mike
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