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  1. The Grand Caravan is still available. Only the Town and Country got discontinued.
  2. Correct. It was introduced on the 706/806 series tractors.
  3. I was busy this weekend and didn't see your thread. I also have a '41 H. When mine was rebuilt, I was told that the high dome pistons were the only ones available anymore. That was 4 years ago.
  4. Howdy FarmallFan,

    Here is a link to my restoration thread on my H.  Please include it in the progress thread if its ok.

    Thank you for your help!


    1. fbh31118


      Pardon me I posted this in the incorrect location.  Please delete as you see fit.  Thank you.

  5. All 16 are still intact.
  6. If there wasn't the sentimental attachment to Grandpa's 186 I'd go for it (I'm trying to figure out how to pay for getting that one restored) . Your 3488 is a real looker.
  7. I'll get back to you later tonight. Been busy.
  8. No, I went with Max to get one for Tim and was just seeing if he still had it. Maybe he needs another one?
  9. Do you still have yours?
  10. Case was a partner to Cummins in CDC and helped with the development of the 3.9L and 5.9L engines.
  11. The large RAM letters are only on the Limited and Rebel trim levels.
  12. The 6.7 was developed by Cummins. Cummins had a joint venture with Iveco (now called Fiat Power Train). It was during this time the 6.7 was developed, thus the similarities.
  13. PM sent I can email if needed.
  14. Exactly! Spot on!
  15. Devon's tractor parts sells wraps to put around new filters and have the original look.